[2.3] Tichel's Elementalist Detonate Dead or Flameblast

My character profile: https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Tichel/characters

So the reason I made this build guide last league was, early on, very few people saw the strength of Elementalist. Well now Elementalist has just gotten buffed especially the way I play her but with chaos nerfed I decided to go Detonate Dead for Prophecy, at least until the playstyle forces me back.

Pretty much the same tree but with a focus on fire damage and no spell damage and some Dex. Level Firestorm of Explosive arrow with desecrate and detonate dead in offslots. I was able to get 90 really easily self found last league, don't expect this league to be any harder. Reflect will now be easier to deal with if you stay pizza or EA.

Tree: poeurl.com/FEv

As soon as I saw Elemental Conflux and the free Elemental Proliferation I knew I wanted to roll an Elementalist. When I played Prolif Flameblasters back in the day I always wanted to proliferate Shock and Freeze too but couldn't ever find a reasonable way to make it work. Now with Elementalist it's easier than ever and the damage so far is insane. This build will have two versions; one beginner/budget friendly and one chaos version. A Flameblaster can definitely be a strong starting character. I am playing this on Perandus HC so it is definitely HC viable.


Their is almost no gear requirement for the beginner version of this build. Buy or find a 3-link normal or magic rarity crystal sceptre at ~lvl 15 and craft it into a +1 fire gems sceptre using the recipe. Cap your resists and maximize life on gear. You will eventually need a 4-link. A Searing Touch should be a pretty cheap and useful weapon. A +1 to curses like a Doedre's Damning Paua Ring is useful. That's pretty much it for gear though things like Tabula Rasa or Elreon's Rings can be really helpful.

Chaos Version
For this version of the build you will want either two Consuming Dark Fiend Daggers or one Consuming Dark and an Infernal Mantle Widowsilk Robe. The two Consuming Darks are much preferred because of the 100% chaos conversion and no drawback from the Infernal Mantle. I am running a 5L chest but a tabula rasa or a 4L work too. A +1 to curses somewhere (Doedre's, Windscream, Corrupted Amulet) will help damage or defense a lot too. Elreon's Rings are really useful for mana cost.

Beginner Version
So for this build we prioritize Area of Effect, Cast Speed, Fire Damage, and Mana. Defensively we want Life first, Energy Shield if you have gear, and Curses.
Endgame tree:
Forum tree poeurl.com/AfS

For Leveling I would get Elemental Overload and the Templar tree first. Curse node way later. Grab life if you feel squishy otherwise prioritize damage.

Chaos Version
So for this build we prioritize Area of Effect, Cast Speed, Fire Damage, and Mana. Defensively we want Life first, Energy Shield if you have gear, and Curses.

Endgame tree:
Forum poeurl.com/zm6


My bandits are:

Normal: Oak.

Cruel: Kill All. Alira for cast speed also works but slows down your build

Merciless: Endurance Charge. I went Endurance Charge because my build is slightly squishier than I would like for HC but grab whatever you want here. Kraityn is probably best if you have a way to get Frenzy charges.

Beginner Version
4L/5L/6L: Flameblast, Increased AoE, Fire Penetration, Controlled Destruction/Faster Casting/ depending on playstyle. Have Concentrated Effect as a swap for Inc AoE for bosses or if you have a gem slot you can use it.
Defensively my setup would be Arctic Armour, a Decoy/Flame Totem, Enduring Cry. In a 4L use Herald of Thunder linked to Curse on Hit, and two curses of your choosing. I'll go through the curses in a later section.
Clarity for mana.

Chaos Version
4L/5L Flameblast, Increased AoE, Controlled Destruction/Faster Casting, Void Manipulation. Conc Effect as a switch in. Not sure for the sixth but I used Added Chaos for my Tabula.
Defensively my setup would be Arctic Armour, a 3L Wither, Spell Totem, Faster Casting. A Decoy/Flame Totem can also work. Use Enduring Cry for charges. In a 4L use Herald of Thunder linked to Curse on Hit, and two curses of your choosing. I'll go through the curses in a later section.
Clarity for mana.

Beginner Version
If you need more damage use Flammability, Elemental Weakness, or Vulnerability in that order. For survivability use Enfeeble/Temporal Chains. Temp Chains increases duration of your burn. Herald of Thunder will have almost 100% uptime but if you have three curses, Blasphemy one of them.

Chaos Version
Use Enfeeble/Temp Chains and then Vulnerability if you can fit it in. Herald of Thunder will have almost 100% uptime but if you have three curses, Blasphemy Enfeeble.

Not only can this build go Fire or Chaos but it also can go in any myriad of different directions. For example for defenses you can cut curses for Mind over Matter if you have the mana for it or go hybrid or low life. For offense you can cut some cast speed and Overload and grab crit. You can go machine gun casting or ten stack. This build's core mechanic of maximum shocked prolif will shine in any build.

My Thought and Theorycrafting Process
So I didn't play a super op chaos caster last league and heard they got nerfed. I never bothered to look up Elemental Conflux until a Consuming Dark had just dropped for me. Like I said in the intro, I've always wanted a tri ele prolif build. Prolif works off of one big hit so the buffed up/no echo flameblast seemed like the clear choice for skill to use. This was perfect for me as I currently have a hankering for a nostagic flamblast build. I went chaos because of my Consuming Dark (I bought the other one) and because flameblast + reflect at least used to be super rippy. Chaos Damage ends up TRIPLE DIPPING (or close to it: Initial Hit, Poison Damage, Ignite) while preventing reflect. I haven't leveled this toon all the way up yet but it is soooo easy to level. To check the Beginner/Non Chaos version of this build I took off both my Consuming Darks. I cleared half of Merciless HAND CASTING in a 4L! I was still one shotting things so I thought I'd share this build. If Elementalist stays unchanged I will be running this as a starter.

This is my first Forum Guide so let me know if you liked it/have any critiques. Also feel free to ask any questions but don't be surprised if I just say read the wiki.
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Question 4 u. So when you kill a pack with flameblast, do you get the shock/ignite on all the mobs? Im curious how elemental conflux works in a case where everything dies at once maybe before you have a chance to proc conflux
Yeah, I ripped hard and so young. Gonna go for a fire based one soon with a little bit more health. I'm not sure how it's supposed to work, but for now it counts each mob dying in the flameblast as a chance to proc which will get mobs in the same flameblast to prolif. So you blast a pack and if any of them proc conflux, the rest of the mobs will be status affected. This might be a bug because flameblast is supposed to be instant but for now you only need one flameblast to get the mobs to prolif.
Just an update for anyone curious. I made it to level 90 in PHC League. My character is extremely tanky and able to run any map mods. I am not sure why I am so tanky but even playing very aggressively it has been hard to die. I am up to 5.6k HP and 500 ES. I leveled as fire damage with a wand and Rise of the Pheonix until Cadibro gave me another Consuming Dark at around level 80. I never felt like I did not have enough damage and for some reason was extremely tanky. I 5L my self-found Carcass Jack which, in my opinion, has been a great addition to the build. Increased area is essential because we want to boost the prolif area as large as we can which is why I avoided Conc Effect as much as I could.

The only time I was dissapointed in the build was when I was playing in a party. With my PC at 10 FPS and people stealing my kills I wasn't able to keep up Conflux which killed my clear speed. This problem hadn't even occurred to me as I almost always play solo but it is something to consider. The flipside to this is you bring multiple curses and are super tanky.
Could you post a leveling tree and video?

I actually had a hard time choosing between your build and the other flameblast prolif ele conflux build by nosrek_scirocco. I settled on this one, because the skilltrees are a little bit different, with yours getting more life. I also liked the idea of having enough life to just use a tabula, as it makes everything a bit easier for me. Currently running the build in Perandus.

Question: In a tabula (or a 6L) the links are:

Inc AoE
Faster Casting
Controlled Destruction
Fire Penetration
And What?!?

I seriously DON'T want to use concentrated effect, but there don't seem to be many good options for the sixth link. I mean for the chaos version, obviously ADC, but here, it's hard to decide. I've narrowed it down to two:

Increased Burning Damage
Rapid Decay

Please let me know if there are any other choices, or if there aren't which is the best to use out of these three, or just to use conc eff. Thanks for the build!
I am trying low life FB prolif on Perandus SC, tooltip 9k dmg with conc effect, a bit overkill for clearing, still can oneshot with chance to ignite instead. easier to maintain my mana since i don't use double elreon ring.

I wanted to try this build as Chieftain, but without the prolif (with the gem), it seems weird.
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Has the author abandoned the guide or something?
I had to take a break from the game for a bit. 6L options for the fire version are increased burning damage, empower, chance to ignite, or even added damage gems. Personally, I would avoid using concentrated effect as the prolif is really small already. Burning damage should be useful, empower is just good damage, chance to ignite is what I would probably go because the only slow down I've experienced is against bosses when Conflux is down. Chance to ignite would help keep your burn up and even out your damage. I believe rapid decay doesn't work for flameblast as there is no duration tag, mana isn't modified, letter doesn't show up, and I don't think the duration of the ignite is shortened. However, it is hard to tell exactly what modifies the prolif because some things do (such as aoe). My computer is already at a solid 20 fps so I'm scared of taking a video but I'll try and put one up.

The thing with Chieftan is you won't have curses up from HoT, the prolif gem does less damage, and without Conflux you won't cause chill or shock. Upsides are more upfront damage, can probably get tankier (although not sure for lowlife), more chance to ignite, and the prolif is much larger.

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