[2.4][SC/HC Viable] Detonate Dead SSF - cheap, strong and new player viable (Video)

Hello there!
I think some familiar builds was here. But I want to show you my variation with real cheap gear. That build can farm red maps with 5chaos gear and feel so good with this. I playing with Detonate dead in prophecy league, but nothing changes, and new elementalist shaper of desolation only helps us.

Current farm
Really easy farm tier 13 maps with gear that cost less then 5c all

My gear

Yeah, with this garbage I farm tier 13 maps
With new essences you can craft way more better gear for this build...but overgrown ruin...with this crap :)

Better gear




Detonate dead - chance to ignite - increased Aoe - fire pen (+conc effec - increased burning damage)
Against enemies with immune to ignite use elemental focus and faster casting gems
Desecreate - faster casting - orb of storms - increased crit strikes
Auras Arctic armor - blasphemy - temporal chains - clarity
Others Flame dash - summon flame golem - summon chaos golem - vaal summon skeletons
Situational Enduring cry and CWDT-immortal call - increased duration (against spiked bastards)

5500 hp/75+ all res

Before cruel lab you can leveling with firestorm or flameblast. After taking Beacon of ruin take DD



Before leveling desecreate in 19lvl that grant lvl100 corpses) I recomeded you dont farm maps tier 12 or higher. When you get it - time to fast farming

Cons and pros

Really cheap and easy go for SSF
High level maps just boost your damage
Safe and HC viable
Immune to reflect
Can one shot most of the twinned bosses :)
Big aoe damage


Enemies with immune to elemental status really hard
Maps with chance evade elemental status almoust skipped
Uber lab not very easy (but generals and gargoules detonate can one shot Izaro :))


Guide only in Russia, for check gameplay, just turn off my ugly voice :)

My channel
Added some informations
Video with red maps Hype!
Shaper can be ignited! Hype!
would you be willing to add a leveling tree for up to 50 or 60 points?
IGN: hyrenfreak
Added lvl 60 tree
You should get the special essence that grants 30% more elemental damage for gems in helm. 30% more damage that hopefully double dibs should be way stronger than inc. aoe in links.
Kaninsurma wrote:
You should get the special essence that grants 30% more elemental damage for gems in helm. 30% more damage that hopefully double dibs should be way stronger than inc. aoe in links.

Thing is that Inc AoE scales the prolif radius, so you would gain a lot of damage, but still lose out on clear speed. But it would double dip if you want to try.

Tip against ignite immune bosses: you can switch out Chance to Ignite for Elemental Focus for more damage. They are still hard and should be avoided tho.
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This build is so much fun, thank you for writing this guide! :)

I did alot of testing, was using a 5-linked Searing Touch first but prefered the safety of a shield. Therefore i bought a Doryanis Sceptre and even tested the Obliteration wand for extra explosions. Doryanis Sceptre is best for boss kills, ignite hits hard, but for clear speed Obliteration seems almost better.

For better defences i put points into Unnatural Calm and Arcane Focus, together with some Energy shield gear i have 5k life and 2.4k shield now at lvl 87.
To push it further i run Disciple which brings my shield to 3.2k.

Since we can use 2 curses i was experimenting alot.
I prefer Enfeeble and Flammability over Temporal Chain and Arctic Armor.
Therefore i am using Flammability with Blasphemy.
Should i need extra defences i cast Orb of Storms, together with Curse on hit it puts Temporal Chains and Enfeeble on mobs.

Vaal Summon Skeletons is a fun skill and can distract bosses easily.

I feel pretty safe now with all the life and shield and i enjoy playing it. Its hard to go back to boring 1 button spam builds after this.
Hey man, im new to poe and im loving this build, i have a question which might seeem stupid but what exactly points do i max in her ascendancy?
Would it be doable as CI on occultist with tricurse? Unfortunately ele prolif will be needed:/
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