[1.2.2] 13 Aura Low Life Support Culler | BM IR 20K Armor 6K ES 500IIR

Purity of Ice, Fire, Lightning. Discipline. Anger. Wrath. Hatred. Haste. Vitality. Clarity.

Posting the current state of the rework in case anyone wants to provide feedback and help shape it like we did the last one.

Example defenses with 11 aura version no alphas howl at only lvl 83 on a shadow (inefficient way less ES) and not perfect recoloured gear etc.


Example defenses with 13 aura version with alphas howl at only lvl 83 on a shadow (inefficient way less ES) and not perfect recoloured gear etc.



So I have been playing with a new version of the build.. my goal this time around was to try to use BM with IR and get the shadow evasion nodes. What I have ended up with after testing on my witch and now my shadow is this 107 Point build:
107 Point

Currently I am doing as I did the last league, and running a solaris larica summoner variation of that build until I can farm a shavs, I will run this tree:
105 point

And back out of it once I get shavs and am ready to go PURE support.

Using pretty much the same uniques.. difference is I can run 13 auras now, including determination and grace using alphas howl.. and have 24k armour and 4.3k es with just a shavs, around 3k using a tabula rasa (so this could be lars solarica viable). I am pretty stoked with what this has ended up like. The build has a lot of wriggle room for dual curse and less ES, taking off alphas howl instead of running purity of elements since ice/fire/lightning is more than enough once you get full gear.

I also can run herald of ice/fire in solo with dual EK totems and end up with about 13K EK damage, which is plenty to do solo runs.. on a 83 shadow (bad start path with none of the great es start nodes.

This build can be heavily tweaked, depending on if you want to run 13 or 12 auras. You can run 12 auras with all offensive ones on generosity using your 5/6L with a 4 link incinerate. Or you can 6L incinerate with reduced mana to bring it to 15 life cost, at lvl 83 I have 16. Which is perfect. You regen instantly thanks to vitality and picking up hybrid life/es nodes.

Run down on current 13 auras for group play:
- Purity of Elements, Ice, Fire Lightning
- Discipline
- Determination
- Grace
- Vitality
- Haste
- Anger
- Wrath
- Hatred
- Clarity

Defensive stats are awesome!:
- 25K armor
- 81% res across the board (+40 extra or so of each)
- 4.3K es at lvl 83 (at lvl 90 i expect this to be more like 5.1k+)
If you remove alphas howl and purity of elements and put on a rare helm you are at 6100+

You can run a 4 link incinerate cull with offensive auras on generosity or 6L incinerate:
- Spell Totem -> GMP -> Faster Projectiles -> Item rarity -> (Faster casting -> Reduced mana)

Without some adjustments you will struggle to have a 5L incinerate.. without reduced mana it costs 22 life, but with 20/20 reduced mana it goes down to 15, which at my level is perfect. Maybe in the upper 90s you could get by with 4L with life on ammy or ditching alphas howl for a es/life helm.

So no official build post just yet, before I do that I will break down the possibilities.. right now although alphas howl is neat, I think the best version HANDS DOWN is rare ES helm with 11 USEFULL auras (no clarity or purity). Having 6K+ es and 20k+ armor with max res and 4 offensive auras on generosity will make you a mapping monsters. But alphas howl is nice to run purity of elements while you work on getting a gg amulet to pay for the res penalty on andavarius's. And again the EK low life read beak pain attunement possibility makes it really nice for solo farming when friends aren't around. I'll post an official update with my exact plans/links if anyone still is interested in this sort of build/play style.

Currently leveling it in rampage using a summoner setup, this build can run some absolutely devastating zombies for a pretty small price, since you can get a lot of max zombies without deviating from the core path.

1.0.6 10 Aura Low Life Support Culler - Archive

I kindly ask you do not PM me
I get more PMS then I do replies to the thread, I kindly ask that you start bringing those discussions here so others can benefit from the outcomes. Thanks!

Hello, I have been getting lots of requests from friends and people I party with to link my build and setup somewhere, so here it is.

This build was planned over the course of a few days before 1.0 release and backed with fairly in-depth theory crafting and calculations. I believe it to be pretty solid in its current form but am open to any derivatives that look good so feel free to post them.

The build will make use of 10 Auras to maximize your role in groups, you will stack massive IIR and have enough ES to survive end game maps in most situations. You will reserve all but 1% of your life and all but ~7% of your mana. This will leave you with just under 50 mana, but this is all you need to chain cast spell totems and throw out curses. We will use a level 1 incinerate with quality of 20% to keep our mana cost cheap. We will have just enough mana to cast elemental weakness on a quality reduced mana gem. We push this build to the max, so we can maximize our potential.

Build Strength
The primary goal is that I wanted to maximize my role in a group, this build has succeeded in doing so. I am constantly invited to map groups, sometimes I am offered tips just to come cull. It's pretty awesome. People really appreciate having you in their group. The bottom line is you bring more to the table across the board then any 1 player can by themself. On top of all this you can run around 529 IIR / 34 IIQ! Some group stats:

Added Group Defense
- 77% To All Resistances (Purity of *)
- 7% To All Maximum Resistances (Purity of *)
- 592 To Maxmimum Energy Shield (Discipline)
- 3% Of life regenerated per second (Vitality)
- 9 Mana regenerated per second (Clarity)

Added Group DPS
- 30% Attack Speed (Haste)
- 30% Cast Speed (Haste)
- 64% Of Physical damage added as Cold (Hatred)
- 167-277 Added Fire Damage (Anger)
- 32-501 Added Lightning Damage (Wrath)

Added Group Magic Find
- 500+ Improved Item Rarity
- 34+ Improved Item Quantity

Added Group Mobility
- 16% Movement Speed (Haste)

Build Weakness
This build is not for efficient solo play, I have slowly specialized my build to make me viable in end game maps at the sacrifice of solo play. My RBBBGG 6L setup does allow one bonus that you may at any point use dual EK totem to help a friend or do something quickly on your own, but I have stripped all the spell power from the tree to maximize survivability in end game maps.

Gear Requirements
* Shavronne's Wrappings (Occultist's Vestment)
* Heartbreaker (Royal Skean dagger)
* Prism Guardian (Archon Kite Shield)

I killed all the bandits, the only thing I could see doing instead is maybe helping alira normal for 40 mana but not really required.

Leveling Up
Use EK, FP, any of the standard spell damage stuff, I personally used zombies myself but you can do whatever you would like. Below are some more in depth tips for newer players courtesy of Michaelangel007.

In-Depth Leveling Tips

I've leveled a Scion from level 1 to 77 following the skills verbatim (yes, verbatim) as I wanted to know _exactly_ how good / bad it was to level. (Ok, maybe I was a little _too_ masochist, but it was all in the name of Science =P ) Anyways, it _is_ possible to speed up leveling this build and remove some of the monotony of grinding -- even with a Tabula Rasha! But I'm getting ahead of myself ...

= Leveling =
As you level up make a beeline for every node that "Reduces Mana Reserved." This will help you run 4 auras off mana until you get to Level 68 and can use your Prism Guardian where you sustain even more auras with Blood Magic.

Info: At level 68 you can realistically sustain 7 auras until your Reduced Mana gems are leveled all the way up. Recommended auras with level ~17 Reduced Mana Gems for an all spell caster party are (since Anger, Hatred, and Wrath only benefit melee not spells or minions):


* Purity of Fire
* Purity of Ice
* Purity of Lightning
* Purity of Elements
* Discipline (w/ Blood Magic from Prism Guardian)
* Haste (w/ Blood Magic from Prism Guardian)
* Vitality

Once you start doing Piety runs with Melee you will want to add in these one at a time when you can sustain them ...


* Wrath (w/ Blood Magic from Prism Guardian)
* Hatred (w/ Blood Magic)
* Anger

The astute reader will notice that Clarity is missing from the list. I found that one of the other party members can usually run a higher level Clarity. Hey, you're providing all the resists. ;-) If another party member can't run Clarity then you can always swap out of melee auras above (such as Hatred or Wrath) and run a level 3 to 15 Clarity.

If you want to run 10 auras (Clarity instead of Anger) with Level 17 Reduced Mana Gems this is what I do with 70 Life, 286 Mana remaining.


* Helm: Purity of Fire, Purity of Ice, Purity of Lightning
* Shield: Wrath, Haste, Discipline ((w/ Blood Magic from Prism Guardian)
* Boots: Hatred, Clarity (w/ Blood Magic Gem)
* Gloves: Vitality, Purity of Elements

You will need 4x Reduced Mana gems; with 5 being optimal. I leveled them up along the way so don't worry if they are all level 1 when you start.

This is the order of the skills I took as I leveled my Scion:


* Shaper
* Path of the Savant
* Harrier
* Mana Geyser
* Charisma
* Clear Mind (optional)
* Sovereignty
* Ancestral Bond
* Body and Soul
* Elemental Adaption
* Reduced Mana Reserved (bottom left of Marauder)
* Arcane Vision
* Deep Wisdom

TIP: I recommend not taking Arcane Vision until you have some ES gear. You will need it once you start adding your Blood Magic auras around ~ 68+. I took it after all my "Reduces Mana Reserved" nodes were done.

I then recommend taking Influence, as all those "Aura Effect" with their "increased effect of Auras" skills will help to really make your auras shine! There are also 2 by Sovereignty, and 1 at the very far bottom left of the Marauder tree which is adjacent to the "Reduced Mana Reservation".

Around Level ~75 you have some interesting choices. Do you spend the

* 10 points to get "Whispers of Doom" (for an extra curse) or
* do you make your way to the Templar tree to take "Vaal Pact" and ES or
* Finish off the Witch nodes for more ES, ES regen, Mana, and Mana regen, or even
* Take some chaos resist nodes (if you don't have Shavronne's yet)

If you are undecided about the 2nd curse, you can always try out the Windscream boots to see if the 2nd curse fits your play style.
Going deep into the Templar tree will give you more ES and Resists which I found wasn't really needed if you have a good ES armor (such as the inexpensive Infernal Mantle.
The Chaos Resist nodes adjacent to Method to the Madness, and Purity of Flesh are extremely valuable until you have your Shavronne's Wrapping.

This was my skill tree at level 66:


Leveling up solo will mostly be an exercise in patience / extreme pain until you can get to Cruel Act 3 -- by then you will have two totems doing damage so it won't too bad for DPS. Highly recommend you group with a party for (faster) leveling.

So how do we actually kill things with this build? Believe it not we CAN solo Merciless Catacombs 67 when we are Level ~64. Use a combination of 4 things:


* "Blowtorch" Flame Totem
* Bear Trap
* Summon Skeletons
* Spectre (optional but recommended)

Someday I'll write the "Art and Science of Totem Trapping" but here is the general idea:

* Place your 1st totem out in front -- this will be your "decoy" to pull the mobs.
* Place your bear trap about 3 ft in front in between your totem and the mob(s).
* Curse the mobs (Flammability)
* Place your skeletons in between your traps and totem.
* Place your 2nd totem
* Spam traps and skeletons as needed until the mob(s) are dead.

Tip: Kill those necros (Death Bishop) that summons skeletons by placing your totems on either side of him and bear trap him. You will have to juggle moving in/around his summoned skeletons but killing him ASAP is your first priority. Once he falls, it will be relatively easy to kill all the summoned skeletons.

These are the skill gems I used while leveling ... if I were to do it again I would switch to Flame Totem much sooner.

= Normal =
Levels 1 - 31. I used Spectre Throw -- grab the highest DPS 2H weapon you can use.

= Cruel =
Levels 31 - ~ 50: I used the classic Spork build -- a 4L chest is all you need with gems in this order: Spark, Fork, Spell Totem. Optionally add: Lightning Penetration, LMP/GMP, Added Critical Strike, Added Critical Damage. Swap out Crit's for "Added Chaos Damage" and/or "Reduce Mana" if you want higher totem DPS or more efficient mana usage.

= Merciless =
Levels 50+: My guild-mate (Thx Parker!) coined it my "Blowtorch Flame Totem." What the heck is that you ask!?


* Added Chaos Damage (blue)
* Faster Casting (blue)
* Faster Projectiles (green)
* Fire Penetration (red)
* Flame Totem (red)
* Greater Multiple Projectiles (green)

Yeah, Flame Totem has high mana costs :-( Swap out the " Greater Multiple Projectiles" or "Fire Penetration" for a "Reduced Mana" gem if the totem cost is too high, or do what I did: only run 3 auras instead of 4 until you have enough of a mana pool / mana regen rate until you finalize on all the auras.

= Recommended Leveling Jewelry & Gear =


Amy: Atziri's Foible (mana mana + mana regen)
Ring: Perandus Signet (max mana + mana regen)
Ring: Dream Fragments (max maxa + mana regen)
Helm: Chitus' Apex (for XP) or Alpha's Howl (for auras)
Gloves: Aurseize (for resists)
Boots: Goldwrym (mana regen, move speed)
Helm: Alpha's Howl (+2 auras, Can't Be Frozen, 8% reduced mana reserved)
Chest: Infernal Mantle (+3K ES)

In the Standard league, the Infernal Mantle can be bought for 1-3 chaos without 6 sockets. For the most part you don't care about the 10% Increased Spell Damage. That is just gravy if you are using Flame Totem. What you do want is a high ES. I would say anything 220+% is preferably for Piety runes. Buy the cheapest one you can afford; it is relatively inexpensive to get 4 socket and 4 link on it.

Another great helm is Alpha's Howl for its +2 to Level of Aura Gems. It's CBF (Can't Be Frozen), and 25% Avoid Being Chilled is super sexy.

= Bosses =

Bosses you will run into trouble with:


Normal, Act 3, Dominus: You shouldn't have any problems, just kite and have a tank. :-)
Normal, Caliga Imperetix Her multi lightning trap is a total pain.

Cruel, Act 2, Vaal: Just kite and you will be fine.
Cruel, Act 3, Caliga Imperatrix: She is extremely annoying with her multi trap lightning. Keep your distance, spam bear traps, skeletons.
Cruel, Act 3, Dominus: With 2 Sporkers this was an nightmare of a fight. For the first phase just kite. The second phase you need a high DPS party member otherwise expect to die a lot. Recommend you be at least +5 levels above.

Merciless, Act 2, The Weaver: The problem here is getting the adds under control as they are constantly being spawned.
Merciless, Act 3, Piety: You will want +3K ES. Keep your distance, kite, and keep a Topaz Flask on hand.
Merciless, Act 3, Dominus: TBD.

I was still using Spork at this point and wished I had switched over to Flame Totem sooner.

For gearing you want to aim for very high IIR/IIQ, with a priority and focus on IIR. You can ignore a lot of defensive stats like resistances and energy shield thanks to a beefy discipline and very strong elemental resistance auras. The key here is IIR/IIQ, groups will love you if you cull for them and it will ultimately lead to a lot of currency. See my gear for more information.

Run 10 Auras, turn off Anger aura to increase mana pool and spam curse when you hit Distilate to get full effect. Pick up loot.

The idea of the tree is to pick up all the aura nodes as efficiently as possible and have as much end game ES as you can. While leveling up you are going to be picking up spell damage nodes to ease the pain of leveling, also feel free to diverge from the core passive path to make leveling easier, you can always regret/refund later so it's not a big deal. Once you get 80 you will be ready to start doing the harder maps.


88 Point - You now have most of the core stuff and are ready to start mapping at level 68! You won't be able to run 10 auras for while but should get by fine.

98 Point - Core Build. Ready for 10 auras. (When gems are leveled)

108 Point - Finished build - Got the shadow ES cluster, from here do what you would like.

110 Point - Level 90 Grab mana for quality of life and more flexibility on your 4L.

120 Point - Level 100 You could go dual curse if you wanted to.

The links will make heavy use of auras and use a quality level 1 incinerate as your primary spell.


My incinerate cast time after haste is applied is 8 per second, so you get extremely reliable culls which means MOAR loot! Also note this setup should use a heartbreaker, if you don't have one then swap GMP or Faster Projectiles with culling strike.

3L RRB Reduced Mana -> Blood Magic -> Wrath
3L GGB Prism Guardian -> Hatred -> Discipline -> Haste
4L RRGB Reduced Mana -> Purity of Fire -> Purity of Ice -> Purity of Lightning
4L RRRB Reduced Mana -> Anger -> Clarity(LVL3~) -> Vitality
4L RBBB Reduced Mana -> Summon Skeleton -> Lightning Warp -> Curse (Ele Weakness or Vuln)
6L RGGBBB Spell Totem -> Incinerate -> GMP -> Faster Projectiles -> Faster Casting -> Item Rarity

My Gear - This is a good idea of what your end game gear should look like. I could def. have a better helm and amulet, but this gives a good idea of what to shop for.


- Begin 1.2.2 rework since I am playing again.

- Updated leveling tips courtesy of Michaelangel007.

- Added some leveling tips courtesy of Michaelangel007.

- Gear requirements now a bullet list(Michaelangel007)

- Reroute to last aura cluster under maurader
- Add level 90 and 100 build suggestions
- Oops, don't take totem damage node, take totem life node (rem6775)

- Build revamp

- No changes for 1.0.4

- Do not pm me text added

- Build revamp, ditch supporker and swiss army attempt, be what you are, a support culler

- Relinked spec, updated guide
- Updated title, 1.0.3c viable of course

- Added back the video that was lost in an edit.

- Added a example 114 point low life build.

- Added flasks.
- Clarified use of heartbreaker.
- Explained bandits.

- Adding first version of build.
- Changed the shield/helm links, to make solo play better by having anger off.

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nice guide mate, bump 4beztcullstarEU
This looks like exactly what I was seeking. An extremely versatile witch that can cull for groups, or reliably solo MF. How do you recommend leveling it? Just FP/ST your way up and then swap to totems for damage when you get ancestral bond?

I'd love to see the CI variants, as Shav's is out of mine and probably quite a few other people's price range.

Thanks a ton for posting this! :)

EDIT: one other question. Are there any changes you'd make for HC/Nemesis? or do you consider it survivable enough as is?
Last edited by Lajiskin on December 6, 2013 5:52 AM
Lajiskin wrote:
This looks like exactly what I was seeking. An extremely versatile witch that can cull for groups, or reliably solo MF. How do you recommend leveling it? Just FP/ST your way up and then swap to totems for damage when you get ancestral bond?

I'd love to see the CI variants, as Shav's is out of mine and probably quite a few other people's price range.

Thanks a ton for posting this! :)

EDIT: one other question. Are there any changes you'd make for HC/Nemesis? or do you consider it survivable enough as is?

For leveling I actually followed a "Auramancer" variation of it here[1]. I later regretted some of my paths once I was geared enough to go low life. However instead of doing that, you could follow the build I made, and just pick up all the zombie nodes along the way, it's really convenient how close they are to the main path.

The reason I didn't continue down the path of "Auramancer" is because although solo play was absolutely amazing for fast cata/library clears however I had two problems 1) I didn't have any real reliable culling, using a 4L for flame totem coulda been a possible option, but my mana and links were tapped from summoner dependencies.. and 2) Once you start hitting 72+ maps certain situations whipe out your entire army in a matter of moments and it's annoying as dick. I was using snapshot mechanics and tabula rasa to 6L zombies and 5L spectres before i finally 6linked my shavs, and having your army die mid map and having to go resummon is pretty annoying.

So yea, the TLDR is that summoner is great for solo farming library/cata/pre 70 maps, but once it's time to join partys you want to back out of those nodes, get some es and utility and go full support for mapping.

As for nemesis: I don't think a culler like this is nemesis safe to be frank. You would need to ditch any spell damage nodes or cast nodes and go pure ES, and also change gearing a bit.

Hope this info helped man, I really enjoyed this build thus far, maybe you can make your own variation of it to fit what you enjoy. Take it easy.

[1] http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgMBB2MRUBGWFdcXLxmKGmwajxzcHRQdqiSwKPoqmCymLL8vbzQKN2Y3gzvhQ2NGcU25VdZWY1crWPVakVv0ZOdmnmqsa9ttGW-ecLtxTXNTfRh_xoCkgseDCYVghq6G0YhAj0aQM5Mnms-boZu1na6dxKKjpqym66cIpyuofarEsHe0DLcxuJO71r-XwcXB88M6w23JPcpKzLzQ0NP714bZC9kT4Yji9-aB6rrr7uwY7IryHvba99f6gPrS-wn-SQ==
Auramy? Typo or inscrutable wordplay?
Added to the build list anyway.
Witch Builds List: www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/549763
Scion Builds List: www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/821224
Completed 2 ChallengesBada_Bing wrote:
Auramy? Typo or inscrutable wordplay?
Added to the build list anyway.

Inscrutable! Hardly! Best name ever.. okay maybe not.

I updated the guide with different links, I didn't like having Anger on 3Link with prism guardian because you don't need anger in solo play. Now I run 9 auras fine solo play with a good mana pool since I ditched anger.
Nice guide, exactly what I was looking for!
iCubie wrote:
Nice guide, exactly what I was looking for!

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This may seem like a silly question but I'm new to the game and wondering how you can ever have any high level dex/str gem with so few actual dex/str nodes. I run out of attributes really fast (except int of course). Do you get them via equipment?
this build looks really good will give it a try

but my main question is how do u cull without culling strike effectively in groups? people spam skills so fast(like blender) that you can effectively cull what about getting a heartbreaker as a main hand ? but i think it will decrease your damage output very much

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