[2.2] Spectacular Spectres - Ultimate Utility Guardian (No SRS) with videos. Low-Cost

Hey Everyone. I decided to make a guide for this build. I like it because there are so many interesting things going on making one ultimate clearing machine.

Key Notes:

• Multiple synergies with Animate Guardian.
• Several offensive party member buffs.
• Free to choose main casting spell. (I use Arc Spell Totem to proc Elemental Equilibrium)
• High flexibility with potions for Zombies and Spectres.
• High damage, high clear speed, less tanky for exciting game play. ^.^
• 5 Spectres and 10 Zombies
• Low-cost

Gear setup

Core Uniques

All three of these items provide us with an extra spectre. A 5-link Vis Mortis is definitely ok. When I was linking mine, it skipped 5 and went straight to 6 otherwise I would have stopped. If you use a 5-link, leave out Elemental Focus.

Other Uniques

These three items are optional, but I would highly suggest using them.

• The Vertex gives us a HUGE amount of base ES, along with chaos res (very important with life reserved from midnight bargain), and the +1 to gems for Auras and Enlighten is great as well.
• Victario's Charity is awesome when combined with the keystone Necromantic Aegis. This gives everyone in the party Power and Frenzy charges, all allies spectres zombies and you etc.
• Umbilicus Immortalis gives this build another level of excitement. Flasks no longer effect you. I know the first thought is, "ok im going to die and for what? to heal my zombies which are tanky anyway?" Well here's the thing, you dont use your typical summoner flasks, you use offensive flasks like you're playing coc build or something. The constant up-time with offensive flasks, flesh offering, and vaal haste turns your zombies and spectres into beasts.

Example Flask setup with Immortalis

Other Items

These 4 items are where you get most of your resistance. It is very important that both of your rings are unset, and you must get dexterity and strength anywhere you can.

Jewel Info

You want all rare jewels. This is probably the most expensive part of the build. Here are the mods in order of importance:
• Minion damage/health (every jewel needs both of these.)
• %Max Health
• Dexterity / Strength
• Resistance
• cast speed

Animate Guardian

This may be the most exciting part of the build. At first glance the skill doesn't seem that great, and more of a hassle at best, but used with the right items your guardian can provide some awesome buffs to your team. Think of your guardian more of a utility tank than another dpser.

Guardian Items

• Dying Breath gives your army and nearby party members 18% increased damage, and curses have 18% increased effect on nearby enemies.
• Death's Oath makes your guardian deal constant chaos damage to nearby enemies. You dont have to worry about him taking chaos damage from killing things due to Southbound, and on the slight chance that it does happen, hes got so much hp and regen from passives it wont matter.
• Leer Cast gives your army and all nearby party members 15% increased damage.
• Southbound gloves make is so your guardian doesnt kill things, activating the degen from Death's Oath. The %life increase is nice too.
• I have not found any great boots to use with the guardian. I decided to use this slot for some nice defensive rare boots. Anything will work.

Enchants on items do work with your guardian, so feel free to take that extra step to make him even better. Enchants like dodge or cast on hit work great.

Please be aware that if your guardian dies, you will lose all of his items. Dont let this stop you from using it though. All of the guardian items cost about 1 alch - 1 chaos each. You can resummon the same guardian when you log off etc so no worries there. It's also worth noting my guardian has only died once.


Passive Tree at 80

Passives Order:
1. Head straight up to Death Attunement
2. Fill in with Alchemist, Arcane Focus, Heart and Soul
3. Head down to Necromantic Aegis, but get Melding and Leadership on the way
4. Go across scion to Gravepact and Elemental Equilibrium
5. Bo up and get Puppet Master and Herd the flock
6. Go down to Sanctity
7. Go back do to the scion area to get the final resistance nodes

It worth noting I used Purity of Elements instead of Blasphemy/Elemental Weakness until I was able to cap my resistances with the scion passives at 80.

I use Arc Spell Totem to direct my army around, which procs Ele Eq making the fire damage from the Spectres insane. This is up to you. You could ignore Ele Eq and self cast a curse or something to direct your army instead. You pretty much have a free 4-link to decide what you want to do.

The play style end game is basically running as fast as i can non-stop with flesh offering and vaal haste, Self casting something of your choice (curse in my case) to direct zombies to large packs, and spamming flasks along the way.

Final Notes:

• Be sure to read everything. There is important gem and gear information all over the place.
• I would suggest waiting to use Immortalis leather belt until maps.
• You want to use Flame Sentinels for your spectres. You can find them in the Solaris Temple, or in these maps: Temple(73), Colonade(73), Necropolis(77), Crematorium(78),
overgrown ruin(79)

Enjoy the build!
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hey one question, does the spell totem-arc apply EE? didnt know that
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Hi, just started working on this build, but I didn't notice anywhere you mentioned your bandits?

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