[2.3/2.4]Dragon Jooced - Support/SRS Necromancer


This is a build guide for my Dragon-Jooced Necromancer Support/SRS


With the changes coming to 2.5 this build will still work however Spell Echo will likely be dropped in favour of Elemental Focus or Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance as the 6th link.
I will be starting next league with my RighteouSplosion Berserker update, following that I will see what other changes can be made to this build.

The passive tree for a level 88 version of the variant I am running in essence league(the version with more armour mentioned in alternatives) Thanks to Warcrime1331 for reminding me to post this

I have added more info to the levelling section based on my experiences levelling, I can't stress how powerful the clayshaper is enough(it doesnt require links, just 3 sockets with minion damage+multistrike+minion speed) and it completely destroys content up to mid merciless even with just the witch start minion nodes. From level 35 you should be looking for gear with Strength to accomodate them(Heavy belt+Citrine Amulet+Haku str craft on gloves worked for me)

While levelling during Essence League I have opted to run Prism Guardian while I boost my chaos res, reserving only half my life and a large portion of my mana, its inconvenient to cast when vaal clarity is down, but it does make us survive chaos damage better. Additionally one should use
on Amethyst Rings for better clear speed if necessary.

Fairly easy to make something useable

Also these Spectral Spirits are quite a nice alternative to the 2nd golem. they come from "Essence of Insanity" which is corrupt-only(you corrupt the top tier(purple) to get them)


Video Guide
Essence Update
Essence Update 2
Uber Labyrinth


We use a necromancer to support our party or our Raging Spirits with massive Damage boosts, the increased damage is well over 100% and the cast/attack speed bonuses end up just shy of 100%, this allows us to solo with ease and support our friends when the situation calls for it since not many people enjoy partying with a summoner. We opt to use Vaal Clarity/Stone Golems for mana sustain, try to keep vaal clarity up as blood magic stops our energy shield from recharging


+ Cheap
+ Great damage and aura support for your team.
+ Can Solo and Support depending on which you feel like doing.
+ good way to make friends and still be forever alone?


- Requires chaos resistance
- Not as tanky as a Guardian Support
- You could probably be a stronger support or slightly better solo if you weren't doing both.


The regular version
The Armour version from Essence League

From there you may choose to grab more ES for a larger pool, Minion nodes for more solo damage or life for greater healing effects from Spirit offering/Dragon Jooce or even some curse effectiveness if you want to focus on support more.

Ascendancy Points: Mistress of Sacrifice, Spirit Eater, Commander of Darkness, Beacon of Corruption

Bandits:Help none


During the early levels you should be keeping an eye out for:
A Bone spirit shield(for vendor recipe) These start to drop at level 15.
Recipe:Any life flask+bone spirit shield+transmute = minion flask

A 4 Linked Blue Blue Blue Red Helm(to recipe into the +1 minion helm) These start to drop at level 25.
Recipe: Minion flask+magic helm+alteration = +1 minion helm

Just level with SRS in a +1 fire wand into reverberation rod, at level 41 you can dual wield Clayshaper for some insane golems and vendor recipe yourself a +1 minion helm.

You will need to use a mana flask until you spec blood magic unfortunately.

you are aiming for trees similar to
Level 25
Level 45
Level 65

Remember to pick up minion nodes when you feel your damage is lacking, though these are the trees I had while levelling it is also worth noting that I had the level 12 Golem from level 41.
As for auras we start with hatred and clarity then add purity of elements(if we have resist issues) discipline(when we have enough ES scaling to make it worth using) and haste. the other auras will come when we equip the prism guardian or start using blood magic.


We are basically scaling our life and energy shield somewhat in tandem to gain maximum benefit from Spirit Offering while at the same time grabbing all the aura nodes and a few minion damage nodes as well as Blood Magic and Mortal Conviction(Save up 4 points and grab these 2 together), the jewels don't hurt us either as we can swap in defensive options for support and minion damage jewels for soloing with ease.


We use jewels with life/ES/Minion Damage as well as a conqueror's potency to give our auras a little extra oomph.




Dragon Jooce!
Our most important flask, this will allow us a decent amount of ES heal on demand and can also be used when we are sustaining massive amounts of chaos damage(though I never had to use it for this)when used in combination with the next flask we completely negate its drawback.

IMPORTANT!: Do not use the Dragon Jooce while taking degen damage with no energy shield. you might survive, but you probably wont!.

this heals our entire unreserved life pool after using the Coruscating Elixir and can also be used to heal up in "Panicked Flask Piano" situations
IMPORTANT NOTE: get into the habit of using this immediately after coruscating elixir otherwise chaos degens will kill you extremely quickly in no regen maps.

the other flasks should be selected situationally based on what you feel your largest weaknesses are...

I use mainly quicksilvers as I prefer running to movement skills although stibnite flasks with curse immunity or freeze immunity would be welcome as we have a lot of evasion from grace.



We use Clayshaper for soloing as the Stone Golems do a pretty decent job of killing when they are not being lazy

For support we use Advancing Fortress as this gives us a free fortify link as well as some evasion, energy shield, life and block chance.

Not Required but will add 1 more aura for us

If you do not have/want a Prism Guardian you can drop 1 aura and grab a life+ES shield instead(Rathpith Globe fills this role quite well while giving us additional spell block).


We can use Alpha's Howl to maximize our auras.

Alternatively if we need ES we use The Vertex

However any rare ES helm with chaos resist and potentially life/mana would likely be far better
There is also mention of an Essence that will allow us to craft reduced reservation on a rare, a hubris circlet with this mod and some extra life will most likely be best in slot, I will update this if that is the case.


Infernal Mantle

Decent ES and +1 Level of our Raging Spirits, additionally we don't need that many resistances and since we are blood magic the drawback doesn't apply.

Rare ES+Life Chest

Since we're Dragon Joocing we Don't need Shavronne's Wrappings, we may as well take advantage by using a hybrid Vaal Regalia.


Rare gloves with life/ES/Chaos Res/Dex are great here, its nice to be able to craft Catarina's Minion Damage on them too


Much like gloves but we like movement speed here for good positioning during fights where our team is separated.


a Rare amulet with %ES and Life as well as filling in any stats/resists we need(we wont need many).


I like life+chaos res coral rings here although flat ES is pretty great here too. While Supporting we also have the option of 1 or 2 Doedre's Damning for extra cursing potential.


Life, Energy shield, Chaos resist and Reduced Flask Charges Used so that we can use that Dragon Jooce more! this belt has none of those and is therefore a bad belt!

LINKS AND GEMS(in order of priority)

Chest: Summon Raging Spirit, Spell Echo, Melee Splash, Minion Damage, Melee Physical Damage/Multistrike
4L: Increased Duration, Spirit Offering, Vaal Haste, Vaal Clarity.

4L: Summon Stone Golem, Minion Damage, Melee Physical Damage, Increased AoE alternatively the supports can be swapped
for Desecrate+Spell Echo if you would like to generate your own corpses and be able to resummon both golems at once.

4L: Grace, Purity of Fire, Purity of Lightning and Discipline

the order of these is dependant on the helm you use, if you have alpha's then put the auras in there
Shield: Hatred, Haste, Wrath(if Prism Guardian)
Weapon: Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Purity of Ice or Leap Slam + Faster Attacks + Purity of Ice.

Aura Setup
In my Setup I have Purity of Fire, Purity of Ice, Purity of Lightning, Hatred, Haste, Wrath, Grace and Discipline but feel free to use whatever your party needs.

Stone Golems for the life regen to sustain your skills when Vaal Clarity isn't up

If you have any further questions,comments or suggestions you can comment on one of the videos or just leave a post here!

Armour alternative
If I were doing the build on Hardcore I would likely replace Wrath with Determination and spend some points grabbing Iron Reflexes and Unwavering Stance. Perhaps its a good idea to also replace the "Spirit Eater" Ascendancy with Flesh Binder and run some zombies with a minion life gem. this should boost our physical defense quite substantially and also prevent stun. I will be testing this version of the build later in the league and will post my findings in the update section of the guide.

I'll be adding more alternatives once I have the build good and sorted in Essence.

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Confirmed that the tree does still work and the patch notes don't really affect the build.
Hey - just wanted to thank you for the build! I'm following it for Essence league. I've always wanted to play an SRS :)
tynen wrote:
Hey - just wanted to thank you for the build! I'm following it for Essence league. I've always wanted to play an SRS :)

You're most welcome, just a quick note, the minion speed on Jewelry from Essence of Fear is very useful for boosting our clearspeed, I have just been looking for Amethyst Rings in maps and applying it to them like so:
Very useful, makes our golems more active too.
Added my first Essence league update of at least 1 :)
Are you aware that using flask maccros can get you banned?
ZePample wrote:
Are you aware that using flask maccros can get you banned?

lol, if I was i'd be more efficient no? I CONSTANTLY use dragon jooce and the healing flask in the wrong order leaving me on low life, perhaps you dont know this but

puts you on 1 life and
heals you back up again, thats the only reason I can think that you would make such a ridiculous accusation.
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I have added more info to the levelling section based on my experiences levelling
Hey man - i've really been enjoying the build. I do have a question though, how the hell do you kill Izaro???
tynen wrote:
Hey man - i've really been enjoying the build. I do have a question though, how the hell do you kill Izaro???

Normal/Cruel Izaro can be killed incredibly quickly with Clayshaper's level 12 stone golem
Merciless Izaro can be killed relatively easily at around level 70 by entering the arena, immediately casting desecrate then spamming SRS till the fight starts and popping Spirit Offering. same story with uber Izaro, you just need a bit more damage, I have some clips of the Uber Izaro fight which I guess I'll upload to clarify a little(I wasn't going to as something went wrong with the recording and its incredibly laggy xD)

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