[2.4] ESC - The Pyromaniac - cheap&fun AoF, EO - AB build -> Eye Of Innocence+Mokou's

Hi guys,

i like to share with you my idea of a funny and cheap Arctic Breath build. Im not a native speker so pls be polite with me for the mistakes i do :D

I loved AB since ever and had two tries make a good build with it in earlier patches. Even if I am the opinion, the skill has potential, I was with the result never really satisfied. With the buff in 2.4 i like to give it another try.
As far as i can say im happy with the result for the amount of investment i did.

As i saw the new "Eye of Innocence" Amulet, i directly thought about this and the synergy with "Mokou's Embrace" rings.

Each time I ignite a monster, the amulet gives me up to 70% increased fire damage and more important 2% lifeleech. At the same time, I get every time 100 fire damage myselfe. This damage ignites me cause of the 2 Mokou's with a probability of 50% for 4 sec. That gives me again 40% castspeed! With about 4 aps I am ignited all the time. The fire damage is mitigated by my resists, so i only take 25 dmg every self ignite. This is nothing.

Burning all the time looks awsome...Very cool :D

In addition, the self-igniting has the advantage that the Ascendancy note "Paragon of Calamity" constantly gives the dmg buff of 40% and the dmg reduce of another 8% which is very helpful against reflect.

Very recommendable is also the enchant on my shoes, which gives in the "Ueber Lab" variant 45-68 cold damage when hit, which turns 100% into fire. Through the amulet, this buff is also active as soon as I ignite a mob.

As Auras i decided to go with AA, lvl 10 Clarity and a Projectile Weakness linked to Blasphemy and Increased Area (reserves 49 %). I found the Knockback (25 % curse and 10 % winds of change gloves) with the increased projectile damage and the pierce chance very usefull. Combined with the chilling ground from AB mobs have a hard time reaching me.


->Burning all the time is awsome :D
->decent Damage
->good survivability
->chill from AB is helpfull
->Knockback works good with this castspeed


->be carefull of many projectiles hitting you, cause you can be stunned
->no IC Setup


I use also the very funny jewel "Hotfooted", which gives max. 15 % movespeed while ignited...fits perfectly :D
The other jewels you should look for:
->fire and cold damage
->area damage
->projectile damage
->some dex is helpfull
->fill up the resists you need


5L Pledge (lvl 30 SpellEcho included)
Arctic Breath + GMP + Cold to Fire <- These are the tree stabels
I use then for 4th and 5th link:
Fire Pen + Hypothermia
For the 6th link i would use: Slower Proj or Empower or Added Cold. I'm not sure because I have not a 6-linkit yet :P
2L + 2L Head

Orb of Storms + Inc Crit Strikes ; Lightning Warp + Less Duration

This is used for procing "Elemental Overload" and "Mastermind of Discord"
4S Gloves - no links needed

Ralling Cry; Decoy Totem ; Flame Golem ; Clarity LVL 10

Mana sustain and a little dps boost. For Golem, you can also go with Stone, Chaos or Lightning. For mapping i use Fire and for Lab i use Stone.
Decoy Totem makes your life much easier in some situations. You can pull a boss in front of a wall for shotgunning with the AOE of Artic Breath or just keep hikm away from you.
4L Boots - 3 L + 1 Socket

Arctic Armour; Projectile Weakness + Inc AOE + Blasphemy

For curse immun maps i run Anger. It uses 50 % mana reserve and the curse + inc aoe uses 49 % so ist nearly the same

Actually I'm sitting at 5,6k HP and have full buffed/self ignited 46k AB tooltipp dps on a 5 link pledge, which is not bad. You must bear in mind that Hypothermia and Fire pen issnt showed in tooltipp. Also the penetration of "Mastermind of Discord", the increased damage of Projectile Weakness and the inc Area dmg from tree are not included. So the real dps is much, much higher.

Im now lvl 90 and need better life on my boots, as well as a "Dying Sun" flask for my ruby. This would be awesome.
Biggest update for shure is a 6-link pledge. Best in slot for this additional socket would be a lvl 4 Empower. Together with a 21 AB my dps would skyrocket! I'll see what i can afford until the end of the league. :)


Edit: Needs to be updated....ist now like 22500 in HO and 46k while buffed, but no flasks.

buffed tooltip dps with 5L Pledge & lvl 19 gmes

defences and hidout tooltip

Sorry guys...the screenshots do not show directly in the post. open in another tab

All in all the build cost me around 2 EX in total. 100c the Kaoms, 30 C the Pledge. Everything else only a few c each item. You can invest alot more currency as i just mentioned.Its up to you...

Hope you guys get the idea and like it.

Ty for reading so far :D

cu ingame....


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vids added
very unique build. congrats.
Thank you, yes...have tried to include something special :)
After life and resists, what am I looking for on gear? Evasion? Armor? Energy shield?

Thanks for posting the guide.
TY for your interest :)

For the helm i would take something AR/ES cause of the 3B1R Sockets you need. High armour is best cause we need to take 2 pieces that are armour allready (Winds of Change, Kaom's). In General you should avoid ES, cause you hit yourselfe all the time with the 25 fire from Eye of Innocence, so ES regen can not happen. For boots i took EV cause 4 offcolours with armour boots would be very expencive. ES/AR boots would also be fine. I just took those cause they had the enchantment i needed.

Hopefully this helps...have fun playing this build :)

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hi Jehoba, will try u build. ty
jehoba wrote:

vids added

I got 85lvl (though on hardcore).
My impression: very interesting and fun build.
I found a few drawbacks:
1) Weak lich life or regen hp
2) Vulnerability stun (do not jump into a huge crowd of monsters)
As for the pros:
1) personally amuses me this build
2) I have 6L Pledge of Hands , I tried many gems, in the end I can say that the best is empover
I have a question: how to improve lich life or regen hp?
sry for my eng
i have a question :

why do you use arctic breath over dropping avatar of fire and cold to fire and using fireball instead ? any particular reason ?
freezewindow1 wrote:
i have a question :

why do you use arctic breath over dropping avatar of fire and cold to fire and using fireball instead ? any particular reason ?

Hey freeze,

The only reason is i wanted to do an AB build over fireball was that i like the style of the skill more :)
At the end of the league i decided to try out vortex with the build and did someone minor changes. It worked very well and i have to say for Bossing it was better, because you dont belong to shotgunning. Also i fitted in EE with pyre and droped AoF. This is the tree

Hey gloomiks

Thanks for interest in my build :) 85 HC is not bad at all! GZ

To improve LL in this build you would need to fit in the LL gem. The 2% leech from the amu are allways up while you have the 100% ignite from which ascendancy. Ignite lasts 4 sec so you have Ignite up 10 out of 14 sec. And you also have Ignite chance in your own. So i felt the uptime was enough....at least for me.

Sorry for my late reply. Didn't read forum for a while

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