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Yo, what happened to your build guide? I just read the Google cached version, and it looked pretty solid. I ran a Doryani's Fist Ice Crash build at the beginning of the league with similar ideas, but was always thinking that swapping to Brain Rattler and mace scaling would massively up my dps. The only couple recommendations I have would be to try a CI/VP version and to use an Atziri flask. Being almost perpetually on 10k es does wonders for survivability, and gaining 35%-40% more damage plus leech isn't bad either.
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Out of curiosity, what reason would you have to remove it if no one reads it anyways?

That Inquisitor tree you linked is pretty interesting, but I've never really done any melee crit builds. One thing that always worries me is the need for accuracy. Can you get enough to consistently hit?

The tree I was thinking of was something like this.

My old build (Doryani's Fist) was only hitting ~44k tooltip dps + shock from Vinktar + 75% lightning pen (no ele weakness, used warlord's mark and enfeeble), but I was still clearing low red maps pretty well. I imagine Brain Rattler is a lot better.

Also, do you think it would be worth it to run CotB instead of phys to lightning? That way we get 75% of phys as lightning instead of 66%, an extra gem slot, and if we run ToH, we'd get some of that bonus cold as lightning. The only issue I can think of is that in a CI build, the ring slot is a bit competitive with Valyrium and Dream Fragments.
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