2.6 CI Ignite Flameblast by Waldgaist - very good starting Build and decent Shaper farmer

Hey Guys
im Waldgaist and im a big fan of Flameblast.
Alot of people told me that prolif Flameblast sucks after the Shaper of Desolation changes. So my Goal for this League (Essence) was to kill the Shaper with my very own Flameblast Build.
I killed him last night and figured why not share this awesome build.

If you have any questions please let me know and i'll try my best to answer them :)


29th March 2017 - Changed some phrasing across the guide
29th March 2017 - Changed the Spell vs Fire/Ele Damage section into a double dip section
29th March 2017 - Updated Dual Curse Tree
2nd March 2017 - Updated level trees :)
2nd March 2017 - Updated single and double Curse trees
15th December 2016 - Added FAQ Section :)
15th December 2016 - Added a Dual Curse Version of this build
15th December 2016 - Updated Gear Section
12th December 2016 - Added 2.5 Shaper Kill Video
30th November 2016 - Updated Passive Tree and "how to level this build" section for 2.5.0
29th November 2016 - Added Changelog section :)

2.5 Deathless Shaper
2.4 First Shaper Kill - It's a stream highlight, so im speaking german in this video. Sorry
2.4 Deathless Core Run

Pros and Cons
- good EHP due to CI
- very good Single DPS
- good Clearspeed
- fun to play
- 160%+ Fire Penetration
- Shaper viable
- Single Reflect Mobs don't kill you because of your large EHP Pool
- low budget

- Can't run Ele reflect Maps
- Can't run No Regen Maps
- Bad DMG against Enemys which are Ignite immune (Atziri/Uber Atziri, Phoenix Guardian)
- Not for new players because of CI !!!


Norm : Kill all Bandits
Cruel : Kill all Bandits or help Alira
Merc : Kill all Bandits

Dual Curse - My current Setup

There are only two must have uniques and that is the Doryani's Catalyst Vaal Sceptre and an Eye of Chayula Onys Amulet.
Also im using the Energy from Within Jewel for the Melding wheel and another one for the Witch Socket in my Dual Curse Tree.
You will need two -8 Elreon Rings to solve your mana problems while using the 6l setup!

2.4 Essence League Setup

2.5 Breach League Setup

Gem Setups
Single Curse
1. Flameblast - Faster Casting - Controlled Destruction - Fire Pen - iAOE/Conc - Chance to ignite
2. CwDT - Tempest Shield - Inc Duration - Immortal Call
3. Flamedash - Faster Casting
4. Orb of Storms - increased Crit - Curse on Hit - Flammability
5. Discipline - Arctic Armour - Clarity - Vaal Discipline

Dual Curse - My current Setup
1. Flameblast - Faster Casting - Controlled Destruction - Fire Pen - iAOE/Conc - Chance to Ignite
2. CwdT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
3. Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Elemental Weakness/Flammability - iAOE
4. Blasphemy - Flammability/Temp Chains
5. Vaal Discipline - Increased Duration - Clarity - Discipline
6. Lightning Warp - Less Duration - Faster Casting - Rapid Decay

Keystone/Asscendancy Explanation
1. Chaos Inoculation: I played Life based with MoM and wasn't really satisfied with my EHP Pool hence i decided to switch to CI. Best decision i've made with this build.

2. Ghost Reaver: I am using the Doryani's Catalyst Vaal Sceptre which gives me 0.2% of elemental Damage leeched as life. I can leech up to 20% of my maximum ES per second if i 10stack a large mob group. The leech Doryani's offers this build is a lot of the time a life safer!

3. Zealot's Oath: Since this is not a leech heavy build i wanted a bit more ES sustain. My character currently has 429 energy shield regen per second because of this which helps quite a bit with burning ground and other anoying things.

4. Elemental Overload: This is pretty much a no brainer. It's always up due to Orb of Storms and provides a 40% MORE multiplier.

5. Elemental Equilibrium: Okay the real fun begins here. Versus white and blue packs this Keynode is pretty much non-essential. But against tough Rares or Bosses it's a great help. We basicly cast Orb of Storms which procs our Ele Overload and curses the Boss with Flammabality and also procs EE so our initial Flammblast gets 50% increased Fire Pen. After hitting the Boss or Rare with Flameblast he gets +25% Fire Res for a short timeframe and our Orb will proc EE shortly after again and so the intial DMG and Ignite DMG are penetrating 50% Fire Res.

6. Shaper of Desolation: In my opinion the current Shaper of Desolation is better then the old one for this build. A Stack 10 Flameblast is oneshotting every white and blue pack up to t16 Maps so our clear is not affected by this change. For bosses this change was awesome! It's now possible to time the engage with the Boss perfectly. We want to hit the Boss with Flameblast as soon as we see our Elemental Conflux Buff (the 2 second duration one) is up.

7. Beacon of Ruin: Not much to say here. Better than prolif. No less multiplier and with Flameblast's huge AOE-Radius the prolif radius doesn't matter that much.

8. Pendulum of Destruction: To be honest i just picked this because it's a necessity to pick Mastermind of Discord. It gives us sometimes a little DMG boost which is nice to have i guess.

9. Mastermind of Discord: This needs to be NERFED! It synergizes so god damn well with EE it's absurd. Everytime we use a Lightning Spell our Damage penetrates 25% Fire Resistance. Hence we are casting Orb of Storms anyways to proc EE and Overload + Curse so basicly we get 25% Fire Pen without any effort.

How to level this build
1. Use any Spell till you get to The Caverns of Wrath
2. Go back to town and get Firestorm from Nessa and proceed with Firestorm
3. Buy or find a magic/blue Sceptre and a Ruby Ring, then sell those two items with an alteration orb to any vendor so you get a +1to socketed fire gems sceptre
4. As soon as you are in Act2 kill the weaver (big spider) as soon as possible
5. After killing the weaver go back to town and get Faster Casting and Controlled Destruction
6. 3 Link your Sceptre and link firestorm with Faster Casting and Controlled Destruction
7. Now complete act2 like you would usually do
8. After killing General Gravicius (Act3, Ebony Barracks) go back to town and get Flameblast
9. Swap out Firestorm for Flameblast or use Firestorm till Dried Lake Merciless

After getting Flameblast you can play through the rest of the game like you would usually do. You can use that +1Sceptre all the way till merciless act4. You should level as a life based character and switch to CI as soon as you hit maps if possible.

Life Based level tree:
86Points <-- Lvl 65, transition to CI now if possible

86Points CI based transition tree
You need 24 Orbs of Regret to transition from the 86Points Life Based tree to the 86Points CI tree

How does double dipping work
Double dipping is an unofficial name for a game mechanic when the same damage modifier applies twice to a single damage source. This build utilizes the ignite mechanic to deal most of the damage. We increase our initial hit with flameblast which passively increases our ignite damage and we also actively increase our ignite damage all from one source/stat.

The following damage stats will double dip our ignite:
1. Increased Damage
2. Area Damage
3. Elemental Damage
4. Fire Damage

Spell Damage, Burning Damage or Damage over Time wont double dip our ignite damage which is why we try not to get one of those on our jewels.

Read more on Ignite
Read more on double dipping

Defensive stats without Flasks

Defensive Stats with Granite and Basalt

Offensive Stats

Offensive Stats with Conc

Offensive Stats with Conc and Ele Overload

Which Ascendancy should i get first?
Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin -> Pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord

Should i use elemental weakness or temporal chains in the dual curse version?
That is purely up to you!
If you want to map safer i would recommend taking temporal chains. If you want to kill the Shaper i highly recommend elemental weakness tho.

Which Helmet Enchantment is the best?
I do believe in Flameblast Radius. It will enhance your Flameblast Radius and also your prolif radius.

I don't have enough STR to wear Doryani's and my Gems what should i do?
Try to get STR on your Gear for example on your Belt or Rings. If you can not afford such gear you will have to pick one or two big strength nodes.

Why am i being stunned so often?
Because you are not wearing an Eye of Chayula. Try to get on asap!

Why am i dying so often in breaches even though i do wear an Eye of Chayula ?
Because either your ES is not high enough or your flask/leech management is not that great. Try to have a 100% buff uptime on your bleeding, granite and freeze flask while doing breaches. Also if you have a Doryani's and Ghost Reaver make use out of the ele leech and 10stack a lot to get as much ES leech as possible (20%of max ES per second is the max).

Can this build farm Uber Lab?
Yes it can. If you want to kill Argus swap out Chance to Ignite for Elemental Focus because he is Ignite Imune. Izaro himself is fairly easy with this build.

I can't afford a Doryani's Catalyst which alternatives do i have?
Buy a rare Opal Sceptre or Void Sceptre with increased fire damage and cast speed. If your rare Sceptre does have an open Prefix you can also mastercraft "1% of Fire Damage Leeched as Life" on it which requires a lvl 6 catharina.

Are the Gem setups listed in the Gem section in the right priority?
Yes, they are.

Can you kill all Breachlords with this Build?
Yes. I killed all five of them with ease.
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nice build, bro :)
I really like the EE, Orb of Storms, Ignite interaction, very nice and very powerfull, gj!
noobatplay wrote:
I really like the EE, Orb of Storms, Ignite interaction, very nice and very powerfull, gj!

Thanks a lot :)
Edit: Removed
"Good thing they nerfed the carto, it wasn't fun to find one in every map." - Haborym
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Currently i am playing a spell totem flameblast occultist. Like your build a lot. Just one question. How do you survive elemental reflect mobs?
pls cut the shitty Sirusboss out of the game
I survive Ele Reflect because of my huge ES Pool. I have 11K ES. Also as soon as i see a reflect mob i just hit em with a stack 3-5 flameblast. the burning dmg will kill him under a second :)

I never died due to reflect with this build.
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Aren't rare wands like
better than doryani's catalyst?
No. The double dipping of Doryanis is stronger than one wand. Dualwielding is not that good for this build because we wanna use a good ES Shield as our offhand. This build does not lack dmg which is why one weapon is good enough.
waldgaist wrote:
I survive Ele Reflect because of my huge ES Pool. I have 11K ES. Also as soon as i see a reflect mob i just hit em with a stack 3-5 flameblast. the burning dmg will kill him under a second :)

I never died due to reflect with this build.

Then you may want to update the Pros section in your OP to say:

- Can run Ele Reflect Maps (with care)

Other than that, nice Build.
When game developers ignore the criticism that would improve their game, the game fails.
Just because a game receives a great amount of praise vs. only a small amount of criticism
does not mean to call it a day and make a foolish misplaced assumption that it is perfect.
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