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Hello and welcome to my guide for Summon Raging Spirits in 2.0. I am constantly making updates and improvements to this guide, ranging from adding in Magic Find options to Uber Atziri!

I am currently running this build in WARBANDS league, however with a larger focus on life this build is definitely HC Viable.

Cheap and Self-Found OK.
High base damage revolving around skill gem level and NOT gear.
Relatively safe due to range.
Atziri Viable. (On a 4 Link with all white gear O_o)
Scale-able to UBER with moderate investment.
Benefits significantly from Gem Level and Quality.
High clear speeds with 2x or 3x Vaal Hastes.
Easy to roll your own jewels for Leadership.
Can clear all maps with all map mods.

Very little defensive investment outside of Life and being ranged.
Does not invest in +Max res.
Its still a summoner :(
Moderate currency investment required for Uber, specifically staff and gems.

In summary, this build is highly effective for very minimal to NO investment in gear. The main premise of the build is to have your SRS gem in a +1 or +2 or even a +3 staff, and maximize your cast speed and minion damage through the passive tree, and socket every jewel slot you can with minion damage. It is important to note that only modifiers that EXPLICITLY STATE MINION will effect your minions. Other things like spell damage, attack speed, crit, etc will not impact your minions, only YOU. Cast speed is the only thing that directly impacts your DPS while not effecting the minions, because the more SRS you can cast on the field at once means the higher your damage can go.


Norm - Oak for Life
Cruel - Passive (Dont get baited by Alira)
Merciless - Passive

Currently Flame Totem is the best leveling skill for any build and any class hands down no contest. Because of this, I invest in a few totem nodes early and this keeps the damage and clear speed high until SRS begins to over-take the totem.

23 Points

Go out the mana regen nodes, head up towards your top minion nodes. Run a clarity and use fire trap + flame totem.

45 Points

At this point, you should have Herald of Thunder + Herald of Ice + Clarity. You should be leveling fast and probably have little to no need for mana pots. Flame Totem + Faster Casting + Faster Proj. Fire Trap + Multi Trap + Trap Damage. Herald of Thunder + Herald of Ice + Curse on Hit + Curse of your choice. (Flammability or Ele Weak or even Ass Mark)


68 Points

You should still be breezing through content at this point. From this tree, you will have grabbed all of the leveling dps you're going to need, and you should be setting yourself up to transition in the next 15-20 levels. You should still be running dual heralds, and leveling your clarity up as much as possible because youll need it for SRS. Just make sure you leave yourself enough mana left over for totems. After getting down to Shaper, I suggest going directly for Ancestral Bond (2nd Totem). Traps will still do damage even with this keystone =P



You will use around 15 of your free respecs depending on how closely you followed this. You'll take them out of totems and put them into Jewel Sockets. You will put minion damage (Leadership Prefix) Jewels into each socket, and SRS will come to life! You will be using Elemental Equilibrium along with an Arc Totem to set mobs vulnerable to Fire and Cold. If you prefer, you can cross the tree through the ES wheel instead and get to Leadership and Charisma faster than exiting Witch start and respec it later. This might be better if you are trying to run Hatred Haste and Clarity earlier rather than later. You will want to aim for at least 4 Jewel sockets, both Sovereignty and Charisma, both skill duration clusters, and all minion damage nodes.

Working up to your transition it should look close to: https://goo.gl/VwQE3g
You should use 15-16 respec points, and your unspec'd tree should be: https://goo.gl/D5vjmN
After you respec, your tree should be: https://goo.gl/kUfdwz

** Please note this is the time to buy a 5L white staff with item level 55 minimum. This is normally a couple chaos on poe.trade. Use alts until you get +2 fire gems, then regal. Master on cast speed with Catarina. **

105+ Points

Beyond here you can put points wherever you like. Minion damage Jewels and Cast Speed nodes are worth the investment. You can go for more life, or consider other options if you prefer. If you went through the ES wheel, you should respec and exit the Witch start to be optimized.



This picks the last remaining jewel sockets that are only 3 points away. Beyond this, you can invest in more life as you need, there are also a couple additional Jewel sockets you can reach. You can also invest in the cast speed at the witch start.


Gearing Your SRS

SRS is quite easy to gear because there is very little requirement beyond the +1 or +2 or +3 staff, depending on your current gear level. It is important to itemize life and resistances through gear since we no longer have the ability to run a purity unless we sacrifice a significant DPS aura. Getting cast speed on rings and amulet is a really nice pick-up and will provide significant DPS. Atziri is capable of being farmed with gear you find yourself, you buy off poe.trade for a couple chaos. If you have the currency, then running a Belly of the Beast is a really good choice, but be aware that it now drops less frequently and has become more expensive.

As far as flasks are concerned, you do not need any flasks that heal your minions at all. Also, they will not benefit from the Atziri flask and neither will you. I tend to run 3x Healing 2x Speed, or 1x Speed and 1x Granite. Resistance flasks are not necessary for Atziri because you will most likely get 1 shot regardless if you cant dodge. On this note, it is important to get at least 20%ish movement speed on your boots so you can dodge :)

Current Gear

I cam currently farming Atziri on Warbands like a breeze with the following mostly self found gear. The gear I did buy off poe.trade was a couple chaos tops.

Progressing gear beyond this level can begin to be expensive, particularly the acquisition of a +3 Fire staff since that is the biggest DPS upgrade you can achieve. Prior to using Belly of the Beast, I used a Rare 6s 4L/2L chest I found on the ground and alched to kill Atziri.

Now With Magic Find!

After playing a significant amount on this character, I have come to the conclusion that running MF gear is far superior for income generation than not running it. While it make cost you life and even resists if you cannot get good MF stuff, the amount of gear that will drop more than compensates for a death here and there. With Rarity on my rings and necklace, and item rarity gem in my links, I am able to hold 200 rarity very easily. If you have access to Greeds embrace and Aurseize, you are able to push 300+ IIR without any issues except for a lower life pool. I am able to MF farm ATZIRI with 2700 HP and the amount of loot is just insane, just be ready to die here and there if you make mistakes.

Magic Find Gear


Many changes have been made to the support gems that SRS takes advantage of, specifically the changes of MORE multipliers on Melee Physical and Minion Damage. This elevates these gems into T1 supports, with Spell Echo and Multistrike being the Core supports. The usage of Melee Splash is no longer recommended unless you cannot get a hold of a T1 support gem for some reason. You may prefer it for mapping however.

Spell Gem - SRS
Core Supports - Spell Echo and Multistrike (3L)
T1 Supports - Melee Physical Damage and Minion Damage (5L)
T2 Support - Empower (6L)
T3 Support - Melee Splash (Use as needed, but its not as strong for single target.)

Core Gems:

There are a few core required gems that are used to greatly increase the DPS of your SRS.

Flesh Offering - Massive DPS and Speed boost to minions.
Desecrate - Allows you to pre-cast corpses for using flesh offering BEFORE you engage. This gem can be held in inventory and swapped in if you have a socket issue.
Vaal Haste x2 or x3 - This is extremely effective in giving you massive DPS boost. Because you can link this to increased duration AND we take all duration nodes in the tree, it lasts a long time and its very very important to include this in your setup. For Atziri, you will want to have 1 for each split phase until you are confident and comfortable with the fight.
Vaal Summon Skeletons - Important for Trio Fight and any other fight where you need a limited distraction. If linked to Increased Duration, these will last almost 60 seconds.
Vulnerability - Increases the Phys damage taken by enemies from your SRS.
Flame Dash - Movement skill. I love this skill.

Core Links:
2L - Arc + Spell Totem
4L - Increased Duration + Vaal Haste + Vaal Haste + Vaal Haste / Vaal Summon Skellies
2L - Hatred + Generosity
4L Defensive - Cast When Damage Taken + Arc (For EE) + Enfeeble + Summon Skellies - This link will auto EE, auto enfeeble, and drop 2 skellies for distraction. It is important to note that if YOU are enfeebled is does NOT decrease SRS dps at all.

I realized I had not made a section dedicated to jewels, and they are the most important thing for this build. I take as many jewel sockets as I possibly can, and highly suggest taking at least 5 if not more. While we take all the damage nodes possible, jewels can roll the Leadership prefix which is 14-16% Increased Minion Damage. Additionally they can roll with cast speed, mana regen, life, es recharge (if you go lowlife) and much more. I alt-aug-regal'd most of my jewels and the rest I just bought off poe.trade to suit my needs. Currently I need % reduced mana cost over cast speed because 6 linked lv21 SRS is very expensive to cast.
Current Jewels


Because of the Aura changes, it is a bit more difficult to get all the auras we like. You will definitely need Clarity for this version of the build. I highly suggest Haste, because this gives you a cast speed increase and it gives your minions an attack speed increase. It also gives BOTH of you a movement speed increase, which impacts their DPS and your survivability. Although at lower levels anger may pull ahead of Hatred in DPS, once your SRS gem is leveled and in a +2 the % scaling of Hatred out-DPSs Anger.

If you link Hatred with Generosity, this provides an even larger DPS increase for your SRS. It is important to note that the mana multiple associated with Generosity has been REMOVED. Its FREEE!

Core Auras - Clarity and Haste
T1 Aura - Hatred
T2 Aura - Anger


Since creating this Aura section, I have added in the unique helmet Alpha's Howl into the build. By doing this, I am able to link Generosity-Hatred-Anger together with an unlinked Haste (So me and the SRS both benefit) and run these all on mana @ 31% reserve each. Additionally they gain the benefit of +2 from Alpha's Howl. I also decided to run Clarity-Blood Magic in my gloves, allowing me to reserve a very small amount of health (~300ish) and maintain my mana regen. The addition of this extra aura really pushes the build over the top, making the current game content entirely trivial.

I cannot stress enough how much of a difference making this small change has turned out to be. It really breaks the build.



As I have been playing this build, I have made many changes and variations in addition to discovering a lot of new tweaks and options for the build. Most recently, I invested a bit of currency into the build and successfully completed UBER ATZIRI in Warbands.

Uber Atziri Gear

Tips and Tricks for Atziri


I suggest standing behind your arc totem and spamming SRS. Flesh offering as needed and Flame Dash out of bad situations. Trash might be slower at lower gem levels (16-17) but clear speed will greatly increase as your gem level does.

Double Vaals

Double Vaals is probably the easiest fight in the zone for SRS. Use desecrate to place corpses between the 2 Vaals as soon as you trigger the fight. As the first one begins to rise up, place down a totem, pop flesh offering, and spam SRS. You ideally want to have 18-20+ SRS on the field by the time it pops, so get the timing down accordingly. As soon the first one is up, immediately pop Vaal Haste and move to the second location. Begin casting SRS on top of the second location, the first ones will kill the first vaal and join you. The second should die before it goes down, if it does not, just keep casting until it repops and run around like a retard until your SRS kill it for you. After completing this a couple times you'll have it down pat.


Trio is probably the most fickle fight in the zone for SRS. It comes down to practicing the execution and having high gem level to make the fight go faster. The PULL is the most important part of the entire encounter.

I place vaal summon skellies on the left side by the dual striker before rotating to the right pillar and casting desecrate towards the middle of the room. Vaal Skellies will NOT trigger the encounter, but if you move too close you will by accident. I cast 20+ SRS, place down a totem towards the middle of the room, and then Flesh Offering the corpses. I then step forward to trigger the fight, and cast SRS constantly. If the cycloner spins at you, side step it and continue to cast SRS. I tend to pop vaal haste after I engage the encounter, and I try to position in such a way that the SRS get the benefit as well. The ideal kill order is Titty > Dual Striker > Cloner, but any kill order is viable for SRS.

This fight can get really wrong really fast, especially if you have not practiced. However once you get the pull and the encounter down, you should be able to do this flawlessly no matter how south it goes. Be prepared to kite and cast, as well as flame dash + cast, if you do not kill all 3 quicky. The cloner is easiest to kite, but the dual striker can be kited as well with 20%+ move speed on boots and a speedy flask.


I enter and place down desecate before casting up my SRS. I pop fresh offering and place the totem before stepping forward and engaging the fight. SRS will auto-attack her, and most likely she will heal off the bat. While she is in her main phase, simply dodge all the things, and cast SRS as the windows of opportunity arise.

The split phase is quite dangerous for SRS, and once mastered becomes significantly easier. I like to always attack the split closest to the door, even if it is the mirror as the damage is reflected to the SRS minions and not me. You should precast as many SRS as possible while she is disappeared and avoid standing ON the split image so the first flame blast does not demolish your spirits. I tend to stand in the corner, cast until they fully appear, the pop a swiftness pot and run out of the first flame blast. As soon as you have dodged a flame blast, you have enough time to cast 1 or 2 casts of spirits. Avoid all the things on the ground, heal with remove bleed flasks as the spear chucker hits you, and you should get the split down.

If you are struggling on any portion of any of the fights in the zone, I highly suggest watching videos of others doing it. I will most likely produce one at some point.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to post them here or come watch this build in action live at:


I will be more than happy to answer any and all questions on stream if I am live at the time!

I really hope you enjoy this guide and enjoy SRS!

EDIT: Fixed the skill trees that decided to break. Made revisions to the trees slightly as well as added information on exactly how I level including gems, links, and the transition into SRS.
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Bump! :)
I don't understand what's the purpose of the +2 (or +3) fire gem support on the staff when there are no fire gem placed into it? Also, why Elemental Equilibrum is useful if there are no fire or cold dmg gems or passives in the build? As far as I see neither the +level nor the +% ele dmg with weapons are utilized on the staff.

Woudn't be a 1H+shield combo better for defense (higher block, higher res) while keeping the +attack speed on the weapon? Yes, it would require the chest to be the 5L, but with this gem allocation it isn't a problem.

I saw the white 4L atziri video, it's very impressive, but I don't understand these parts of the build.
SRS is fire and they are op at lvl 23. So you need staff, the more +fire levels the better.
Going to attempt this - Thanks for sharing - No doubt be asking some rather silly questions along the way.
Couple questions:
Can I make this work on a templar? I've got a level 79 one I want to respec into this. I've come up with this tree, with 45% mana regen, 25% more life and a bit less maximum mana. The downside is only 1 jewel socket instead of 5, I'm not sure how big that is (Not that I can't drop some points to pick jewels or anything). This is my current tree, any suggestions for improvement?

Second question: Isn't 70% life (Or 95% on my case) a bit too low? Do you survive things? What is your total life? (I have a belly I can use, btw).
Last edited by joseca on Jul 18, 2015, 3:54:57 PM
From my tests Multistrike now offers far less damage than Melee Physical damage so I'd put it above Multistrike. If you are usually on full life you'd probably even want to use Melee damage on full life over it.

Else a nice guide.
What u think about taking ancestral bond and adding 2 srs totems for longer fights?
very nice guide, its kind off sad that i didnt read it before creating my own SRS Char :P
I think your lifepool is pretty low? Not sure how you can make this work...

I hope you guys can help me to improve my build and setup.

My Tree

It is not even close to the tree you suggested, but im currently level 81 and it somehow works out:)
I tried to combine as much minion-dmg and life nodes as possible to be able to survive and still deal sufficient dmg. The jewels i have are nothing special mostly quest and magic ones. I hope to improve them as soon as i can. But im honestly not sure what to look for. (Priorities should probably be Mana/Manareg/Miniondmg/Castspeed...or ill run more of those Conquerers Efficieny Jewels ... will take a while^^)

Another Problem is Dex. I have to use an Alphas Howl to be able to run Hatred, Clarity and Haste.

Here is my current gear

All off my gear is from other chars i played...thats why the crafts arent optimal.
I guess DMG will come frome Gemlevels now and maybe swapping in some quality gems.
Im using Searing Touch because i had it from a firetrap char, i know that its not the best choice but i cant afford a 6L rare Staff and honestly dont want to waste currency on another 5Link :/

2 big Problems...
1. I have no idea how to continue in the tree (Im not very satisfied with the limited amount off RS i can cast due to my low mana pool...(160ish unreserved)-> can maintain 20 - 24/5 with vaal haste) My life pool is ok (4300 atm), still it feels like im lacking Armor/Eva when playing against fast mobs in maps. 1 additional curse could be nice(3 Points), or another Jewel near Scion (3Points) ... dont know
2. My Sockets arent organized at all. (Auras for example...just horrible)
I have no idea what i could do instead of my old CWDT/IC setup(...tried moltenshell but was not very impressed)
I thought about replacing it and 4 Link my spelltotem (ST-Arc-CoH-Enfeeble/Tempchains/Eleweakness) but not sure if i can cast that with my low manapool :P

Id be really glad if you can somehow help me regarding gear/gems and tree.
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what would you take as supports in a 5L with one of them being a rarity gem?

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