[2.6] Pure Chaos (CI BV Occultist Obliteration) Shaper & Uber Atziri

*** NEWS FLASH ****
2.6 did not bring any significant changes to this build.

Qarl wrote:
2.5.1 Patch Notes Dec 21, 2016 11:22:51 PM
  • Blade Vortex's "More Damage per Blade" modifier has been changed to apply only to spell damage instead of all damage types. This will remove a double-dipping effect that should not have been occurring.

How does 2.5.1 affect this build?
The more damage multiplier worked on both poison and decay. In path 2.5.1 the double dipping effect of the blade vortex gem itself has been removed. Other double dipping effects are still working.

This removed BV more damage mechanic was especially helpfull against bosses. It hurts loosing this. Especially since it happened mid league; you've been trying hard to improve your character little by little, and then "poof" progress is gone. It hurts because the biggest end game boss fights will take twice as long. You will still swat normal bosses like flies.

So something was removed that was not supposed to be there in the first place.

No worries; this build still shines clearing maps in big purple explosions.
Whole breach spawns will still be deleted from your screen.
This does have huge consequences for shaper, you'll need better gear for that, so it'll take you more time to prepare.

WATCH 10 Min End Game Variants versus T16 Minotaur Guardian
WATCH 4 Min VS Breach League
WATCH 5 Min VS Shaper & Uber Atziri (gear setup can be found below PRE NERF)

Short Summary
The corpse explosions from the Obliteration Wand and Profane bloom clear screens of monsters. It's a blast to play.
The purple carnage around you, is enabled by the OP skill bladevortex giving you good clearspeed and single target dps. Breach league monsters spawning and swarming you are the perfect explosion target. Breach fun = guaranteed.

-Budget build that can develop into an end game monster.

-Weaker versus the biggest bosses compared to pathfinder CI BV,
-Explosion chain reactions can cause lag.

Build Origins

I learned from this build from Eleziel:
(Marauder, berserker) BOB, Trivialize the game on a budget - beginner friendly
This build was one of the (if not THE) first to compleet 40/40 challenges in the SC essence league. I copied it, and tried it out on the essence HC league. It was awesome. I reached level 91 and died to a one shot. The berserker's weakness (take 10% increased damage) made me look for an alternative using energy shield. Since the occultist has a similar obliteration explosion on the ascendancy skill tree, it would be a solid option.

When playing the build, I'm choosing to specialize in the explosions, and would never use fewer then 2 sources to keep atleast 40% explosion chance. Playing with 20% chance to explode feels way too irregular to me. By gaining an extra source from occultist, it would enable many build variations whilst keeping atleast 40% chance:

(60%) Akimbo obliteration wands,
(40%) 1 obliteration wand + shield
(40%) 1 obliteration wand + rare wand (essence league: Decay)

I've tested all these options on the the SC essence league.

While playing the occultist, a friend pointed to a player named Ghudda, who had made a clearspeed monster variant with that:Speedy Decay Build

One awesome option is enabled by the Essence League:
a rare wand with Decay.

Essence of Delirium is used by a wide variety of builds and is overpowered as shit.
I find it very unlikely its going to return in it's current form after the essence league.
If the essence league is incorporated into the core game at all.......

*******NEWS FLASH: In 2.5 decay is going to stay with 25% less dmg. WoW still amazing! ****

Even without Decay, I've had much succes and fun with the build.
Reason anough to make this build guide, for all to enjoy in the future.

If you're frowning apon me blatently using other players posts, I can say this: Path of exile is sucha big game, it would take ages to explore all the aspects alone. Most succesfull builds have been sparked/triggered by other peoples brainfarts. Multiple players working paralel on similar builds, works for the greater good. More idea's will yield optimisation and more good stuff for YOU to choose and learn from.


Gear & Tree

High evasion & Dual curse variant

Link to 114 pnt Tree -killed all bandits - Malediction - Wicked ward - Void beacon

Enchants from Labyrinth

Enchantments can make this build really shine:
gloves: Commandment of Blades on Hit

These random projectiles that periodicly shoot out are capable of killing white monsters causing explosions. Their range can reach monsters offscreen. This enchant competes with the corrupted gloves implicit, like vulnerability/temporal chains on hit. Since profane bloom requires cursed targets it's really good to be able to curse on hit with explosions.
These two can be combined on the cheap option: unique asenath gloves.
boots: 0.6% Mana and Life leech on kill

Next to Atziri's Promise flask, one of the few sources of life leech. 0.6% doesn't seem like much, until you realise the explosions damage provide leech as well. Mana leech enables you to run NO REGEN map mods.
For the helm:

Any bladevortex buff is nice. But popularity has increased it's price dramaticly.
Anything beneficiary will do.

The Flask Dilemma

1) Quicksilver: movement is needed since you cannot whirlingblades nor shieldcharge with a wand.

2) Basalt flask: Reducing physical damage is mandatory. The alternative taste of hate is awesome, but
you might want to go easy mode and stay away from any elemental damage source.

3) Atziri's promise: leech and damage.

4) Witchbrew flask: A free vulnerability curse in combination with a huge chunk of damage over time. The evasion and blinding smoke is a nice bonus.

Increased Area of effect scales both bladevortex and the chaos explosions.
For the explosions to be able to cause chain reaction the monsters have to stand close to eachother.
There more AoE you got, the more frequently these screen clearing chain reactions happen.
5) The unique flask Dying sun is king. but is gated behind the shaper and thus has a big price tag.
The only alternative is the skill tree increased AoE located near the templar.

Vinkar -shock & leech(it's hard to remove shock with so many unique flasks for a non pathfinder)

Rumi -block

Build requirements

Obliteration Wand

Anti-Stun mechanic:

Eye of Chayula


To get buy items from other players I used this website:
Link to website poe.trade
While playing you can have a tab open, and now and then refresh your searches.
Contact the seller with the Copied default msg, by clicking on [PM_Whisper].
Sellers will be annoyed if you do not tell them Beforehand you are going to pay something other then the posted price.

Uniques can have variable stats.
Take the obliteration wand for example:
Gain (13-15)% of Physical Damage as Extra Chaos Damage
This build gains alot from having the perfect 15% rolls.

Breach League lvl 86 - Life - pre conversion to CI

Life & Quad curse variant

Explosions vs breach are awesome.
Corrupted rampage gloves into temp chains on hit. Activating endurance charges with warlords mark. I went Quad curse for funsies: Blasphemy enfeeble & warlords mark. Tempchains on hit. Vulnerability with a flask. 5.xK life is a bit low. I originally planned to link bladevortex in the gloves, but found the size of bladevortex too small for trash clear. Especially with the new map mod that reduces your AoE. Originally planned on using
for more life.

Might have to use that setup for the bigger bosses. Gathering gear to convert to CI, but won't do it until I have all rdy. currently working on

Link to tree - killed all bandits

Breach League lvl 92 - CI - triple curse ***Shaper & Uber Atziri DOWN***

Link to tree - killed all bandits

Still finetuning gear. Overcapped my resistances, but I'd like to get more ES, either by dropping the +1 curse ring or resistance skill nodes below the scion. I'm still looking for ES boots with the leech enchant.

SHAPER & Uber Atziri SETUP lvl 94

I recoloured my vaal regalia into Essence Drain setup. Respecced, bought 20/20 gems etc etc. But was disappointed with the result. I went back to Pure Chaos, and used a Skin of the loyal (since I messed up my vaal regalia) and I used a shield. Vinktar is needed, and the timing is crucial, since you can only use it once each phase. First attempt I RIPPED all portals, it needed practice. It was months ago in essence league I last attempted shaper. Second key set I died in phase 1 from a slam. One shot slam. After that I didn't die. Killed shaper with 4 portals remaining. I'm Happy with that result. So by finetuning your character, you can do shaper with your pure chaos build. goodluck.

Tree lvl 94 DPS_skillnode_Heavy KilledAllBandits

Compared to shaper, Uber atziri was a joke. Did a deathless run.

note: I was missing some cold resistance and a bleed flask. better vulnerability uptime can be achieved with a setup: BV-curse on hit - vulnerability instead of a brew flask.

Breach League lvl 96 - CI - Challenge hunter

Most notable changes:
* Overall better gear. comfortably sitting on 11k ES without a shield.
* Aqcuired a +1 curse amulet so I could drop the doedres ring. Took me roughly 60 vaal orb tries.
* To pickup some extra speed to compleet the 10.000 map tier challenge I needed to change my flasks. To prevent deaths I could not drop anti bleed and anti freeze on flasks, so I had to drop a unique flask to get extra movement on a flask. That meant dropping withbrew. Vulnerability is now only applied in the cwdt setup. Clearspeed is superfast. I hardly pickup loot, just running through maps where half the monsters die behind me off screen. Killing maps while vulnerability is not triggered is no problem at all.
* Resistances are still nicely overclocked for elemental weakness maps.
* I've coloured the vaal regalia by using vorici 3 green sockets for 125 chromatics. I aimed for 4G + X and stopped at getting 4G 1R 1B.
* Mana: I've opted for the mana regen route instead of vaal clarity. So I'm running a mid level clarity and have some mana regen on the rings. With rallying cry up, I can spin to 17 BV stacks before a boss fight.

Link to tree 96 - killed all bandits

My priorities:
1) I prefer having 8% energy shield over damage mods.
2) One damage mod that works on everything: % Damage or % AoE damage.
Physical damage is nice too, but it's handy to have multi purpose jewels. When you make another character that deals elemental damage you can swap over your jewels.
3) Fine tuning both overcap %resistances (roughly 105% in merciless) and ability requirements.
4) Second damage mod. 4 stat jewels can be very expensive. One of the cheaper second damage mod can be spell damage while dual wielding. very few builds have use for it. Spell damage does not double dip on poison, but does increase your damage, so all extra mods are welcome.

Gem Setup

BV -Poison -Void manipulation -Concentrated effect *swap* Increased Area of Effect.

Solid 4link base setup. Double dipping poison mechanic is OP.
When I first played this build on a berserker, I always used Inc AoE support.
Mostly for safety. With the occultist I feel running around with concentrated effect
is the preferred option once you've aqcuired the dying sun flask. Small BV is no issue, since the explosions clear your screens. Extra AoE is needed for those, either from the templar AoE and/or the Dying sun flask. With concentrated effect you can run around with less stacks of BV to kill monsters.

-Increased duration *swap* Life leech / empower
- Rapid deacay *swap* added chaos / controlled destruction

By dealing low direct damage while keeping up high DoT damage, reflect becomes less of an issue.

Extra damage:
-Wither -spelltotem - faster cast
-Vaal lightning trap (no vinktar's)
-Rallying Cry (fire and forget. it has a 20 second duration)

extra option:
-Flame Golem

-Grace (can be swapped for blasphemy-enfeeble and or AA)
- CWDT- immortal call
-CWDT - Vortex (chilled monsters with temporal chains hardly move)


Vaal clarity to prepare for a boss fight; spin up 20 BV stacks.

Explosion mechanics

-Increased AoE makes for bigger explosions
-Damage does not scale up in parties by increased monster life
-Damage can be scaled by: increased damage / increased chaos damage / increased AoE damage (rallying cry / flame golem)
-Damage can crit
-Damage cannot reflect, but CAN proc corrupted blood from nemesis rare and bloodmagic packs.
-Damage provides leech for your character.
-Explosions remove corpses. Defensively a positive effect; think of porcupine monsters for example.

Explaining from the view of a berserker:
WATCH Basics Guide (berserker)


For early progress there's always:

A pseudo 5L can be gained from the gloves Wyrmsign.

Rampage is good and maximum endurance charges is gained by the gem Enduring_Cry

Rime Gaze also supplies concentrated effect, but the 50% slower start of Energy Shield Recharge is counter productive for this build.


Curse & Aura's:
-Blasphemy Enfeeble
-Arctic Armour
-Tri Curse

WATCH X Min End Game Variants versus T16 Minotaur Guardian

Leveling Skills & Gear & Tree

Start Life based. Do not convert until you can reach a decent amount (6k?) of energy shield.

You can use any solid leveling skill. firetrap / lightning trap / Firestorm / bladefall where spells can be linked to trap gem. Leveling skills trees are usually very similar. I'm no expert on the leveling department. Try search for a "racing" guide, there are some very good ones out there.

I leveled up by going from the witch increased AoE to the Templar increased AoE
and finishing at the scion increased duration and life wheel.

Aura's: Herald of Ice & Lightning into: Hatred & Blasphemy warlord's mark.
Special: You need dexterity on gear to meet the requirements of Bladevortex.
leveling Skill Tree 71 points Witch AoE Templar AoE Scion duration

A better option might be to skip the templar and go for the shadow phys dmg nodes,
before grabbing the scion duration and life wheel.
Special: You need strength on gear to meet the requirements of the increased duration gem and rallying cry.

leveling Skill Tree 72 points Witch AoE Shadow Phys dmg Scion duration

Whatever you do, there will be alot of respeccing to do before you can go CI.
Do not let a respec cost of 40 regret hold you back,
For this build it'll be comparable to a speeding ticked for a millionaire.

As for bandits:
killed all bandits
As for Ascendancy I took them in this order: Malediction - Wicked ward - Void beacon
Bandits and tree is not set in stone, feel free to personalize.

preferable leveling items:
Chest: Tabula_Rasa
Tabula is overpowered, but a 4L is more then anough to level with, especially since you need special Elreon jewelry to reduce the mana cost of a 6L.

Helm: Goldrim
Boots: Wanderlust


For any non pathfinder the shaper fight is really sketchy with bladevortex and without perma uptime of vinktar's leech. Heavy customization is needed to overcome mana issues and maximum output of DPS. Without optimisation the chance is high you'll run out of portals by the time you're fighting in phase 3. This is certainly not hardcore shaper kill viable. With practice of the fight you should be able to kill shaper with ease using small changes in the pure chaos build. Check the breach CI spoiler in this thread. ("lvl 92 CI breach")

There's another blade vortex build out there using unique Ming rings. (XX% extra chaos damage as physical). You can always copy a similar style to confront shaper by specializing in chaos damage.

Since the tree is very similar to essence drain, you could always opt to swap some gems for the occasional shaper. A bonus: It might be refreshing playing something else for a while at this stage. Do not undertake this conversion lightly, I've tried with semi good gear and failed.

For the poison immune guardians: Hydra & Chimera you need to swap some gems as well. Use more direct damage with empower / added chaos / controlled destruction in place of increased duration, rapid decay & poison.
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I've watched the vids! I'm excited for this guide and where this build goes in the future :D
Interested to see the full 2.5 patch notes but hopeful this will still be viable. This looks a lot of fun and atm thinking will. Try this for new league start.
ign: Kza_Taza
I'm thinking about life-based version of this build as a league starter (don't like to play with ES as a main defense).
87 lvl build

What do you think about it?

can u link ur socket jewels?
Nice build!

Would it be a good option to get an

and then running with

and Blasphemy with (Enfeeble + TempChain) then u could swap for better gloves?

Would it be a nice option to Vaal Orb an Obliteration with Culling Strike?

What about running Lab and Atziri with this build?

Gratz. Ty for the build :) Looking forward to Breach.
Last edited by WildDachs on Nov 28, 2016, 7:15:35 AM
Do you think this could work with kinetic blast and barrage for single target?
Nice build. Hope it will still work in 2.5.
IGN : Bible_Black
Whitedondi wrote:
I'm thinking about life-based version of this build as a league starter (don't like to play with ES as a main defense).
87 lvl build
What do you think about it?

I messed around with it, I think I would drop acrobatics for flask effects and jewel sockets.

WildDachs wrote:
Nice build!

Would it be a good option to get an

and then running with

and Blasphemy with (Enfeeble + TempChain) then u could swap for better gloves?
Would it be a nice option to Vaal Orb an Obliteration with Culling Strike?
What about running Lab and Atziri with this build?
Gratz. Ty for the build :) Looking forward to Breach.

+1 curse ammy would be totally awesome!
and heretics veil is OPIE!
Vaaling obliterations can be smart. (perhaps hungry abys is an option too.)
running lab with life is bad, since this build has trouble with degen.
with ES you can run a couple labs, but farming would not be efficient.
Atziri is just fine.

escoi wrote:
Do you think this could work with kinetic blast and barrage for single target?

Obliteration wands have been succesfully used with kinetic blast, afaik that's the first big build with the wands. For barrage single target you kinda need free extra projectiles. very expensive items. I have not tried. Let us know if you do!

xzid12345 wrote:
can u link ur socket jewels?

Last edited by MinstrelShadrak on Nov 29, 2016, 12:32:57 PM
Looking good for 2.5

It'll be interesting to find out how exactly the new "hits" from BV will work.

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