[2.3] Animate weapon SIX AURA of GLUTTONY

*The build have a unique and powerful conbination (6 auras being 3 of them curses + blood of corruption), that way you can do pretty much every map in the game quite easily (LAB it's the only thing that can be very difficult due to the lack of weapons that you can have at the boss BUT very good for atziri and uber atziri, although it can be a expensive build.

Necessary Items

Current Gear
You can look at the gem setups on the items

you don't need a 6L Queen's escape, actually a 5L Femurs of the Saints will do just fine, if you want a better clear speed summoner i recommend using a Queen's escape, will do just a little bit less damage than Femurs of the Saints but with the high movement speed that Queen's escape gives the minions will get to the target a lot faster doing a better clear speed.

Curse setup

Animate Guardian gear
for the animate guardian weapon you'll be looking for dying breath, the rest of the gear you just want lot's of life and elemental resistances.

Current Jewel
If you don't have at least a enlighten lvl 2 gem the Conqueror's Efficiency it's the only jewel that can do the job, for the rest of the jewel you'll be looking for %life and minion resistances.
you can have a hard time with dexterity so do whatever you like to manage that.

The way that this build resist it's not by evasion, dodge, block, armour or lots of life, the combination of (20%Q)enfeeble, (20%Q)temporal chains and (20%Q)blasphemy plus 20% increase effect of your curses from the skill tree make the monsters become useless, very very slow and lots of damage reduction plus 75% of elemental resistances, and last but not least BLOOD OF CORRUPTION

This item gives you a vaal skill called ''GLUTTONY OF ELEMENTS''(Taking elemental damage instead heals you and nearby allies) i highly recommend using this amulet, it's very important if you want to kill higher tier map bosses and NOT lose your weapons in the middle of a boss fight, it stays about 10 seconds, enough time for you to melt the boss.

Resistances CAP

If you want to improve you damage and survivability you should look for 20% Quality gems, every 20%Q gem improves a small amount, but all together will make a lot of a difference.


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