Elementalist Firestorm Witch 2.3 - Blood Magic




Jewel: Clear Mind Cobalt Jewel


Oak - Kill - Kill


Main - Firestorm - Increased AoE - Concentrated Effect - Fire penetration - Controled Destruction - Iron Will

Still need to test - Innervate and Faster Casting

Leap - Faster Attack - Fortify

Cast When Damage Taken you can run two or Vaal Gems
CwDT - Immortal - Inc Duration - Enfeeble
CwDT - Molten Shell - Golem (Or you can just hard cast)

Other Spells
Enduring Cry
Decoy Totem


So Far I'm lvl 90
Solo play or with a friend. Challenges are 34/40 with twins done
Atziri normal done / Uber Lab done

Build is loads of fun

Started Leveling with ZiggyD - Path of Exile PROPHECY: League Starter Elementalist Builds - Firestorm & Flameblast
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Video of gameplay please?
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I'm also running Ziggy's firestorm. Since 6L Carcass jack is so expensive, and 6L is essential for getting good dps, i switched to Armor&Hp setup after hitting 85.

I've ran maps up to t13 without any problem, also done Uber Lab easily few times. Good clearing speed up to t12, and easy bosses thanks to Decoy totem. T13+ maps taking some time because of DPS, but i think it can be a lot easy with upgraded gear. Armor&Hp is good enough to survive maps and bosses but DD Totems/Chests or Multiple freeze mines can still 1 shot this character though.

Current Gear (Extremely Cheap)

6L Carcass + %Crit Change +%more hp&ES gear would be a lot better. Also Flame Surge can be exchanged Firestorm in main link with enough %crit change and %cast speed gear, for single target.

Atziri Run Video: http://plays.tv/video/578bcb5873f730a8f4/deathless-atziri-run-ziggyds-firestorm-build
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