This is a guide for 2.1 and 2.2 Eldritch Battery SRS , from my experience and reasoning, This is the absolute best version of SRS, including low life. I created this version immediately after the release of 2.0 which launched the new EB. In this guide i will explain how EB works with SRS, why it is so advantageous for our build, and show you how its working for me.

The results I have gotten have been fantastic so far - I am able to do any map mods, but BM, on any T14 without deaths, and with very few problems on T15s as well. I recently moved this version from my scion to my lower level witch for the simple reason of the Necromancer subclass in the upcoming expansion. In just a week or two I've got my witch up to level 94 with very very few deaths in the 90's.

Passive Tree - Currently Level 94

Why EB MOM ZO and how it works

One of the many great things about SRS is its ability to do nearly all map mods. In wanting to maintain this, I wanted a version which could also do lower recovery and zero recovery maps. The ONLY mod i currently cannot do is BM.

Low Life and Hybrid versions of SRS use Mana to cast SRS. This often lends to people going with pledge of hands rather than the supperior +3 Fire Staff. +3 Fire is a very large increase in your SRS damage and life pool, they hit harder and last longer in the midst of a bosses aoe. In addition mana versions of SRS have to invest dozens of points in mana/mana regen passives, concern themselves with not casting "too fast" of which there should be no such concern, and concern themselves with using mana efficient supports rather than the absolute best.

Instead of using mana, EB gives me juicy Energy shield of 3700 es to cast from !! More importantly it does this with 0 investment in mana passives and very very little es , nearly all of which are incidental because of their placement on the tree ( they are the best path to where i needed to go anyway, or are combination life nodes). I have absolutely no concern for the mana cost of my SRS, I get to look forward to vaal haste + acceleration or echo shrines! Energy shield is just the superior casting medium. Not only is it very easy to get a gigantic pool without having to invest in mana nodes, it recharges on its own very rapidly without any investment in regeneration passives. The only passives i take are roughly 3% worth of life regen and zealots oath (about 5 passive investment) and this can be reduced at higher energy shield pools.

On top of the casting advantages EB provides it allows me to take MOM and get fantastic mitigation to ALL damage types. This is something nearly all SRS builds lack, hybrid and low life may have more EHP but their life/es gets shredded as they have no reduction to incoming damage.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, with EB we can reserve all our mana allowing us to run the three auras that provide the most DPS for SRS. While Low life can run even more auras than EB, the only additional auras it runs in comparison with this version of EB are auras needed to sustain Low life. While I run hatred anger and haste , the former 2 on generosity, Low runs the same 3 + clarity and discipline. In otherwords low life gains auras only needed to run low life.

Our Goal for Gear and my gear currently

There are Three absolute must haves and are the main focus of our budget - 6 linked +3 fire staff, Level 21 SRS, and Empower 4. Level 20 and Level 3 can be used to start but you will notice big differences especially in 2.1 for each level you lose. On our armor we want 2 things. Number 1 - LIFE - Number 2 we want this life on items with the highest ES we can get. ES obviously is our mana so our survival comes from getting the biggest life pool we can with 30% mom giving us some nice protection, cwdt IC giving us time to flask when we get overloaded, and with rumi's non legacy up to 48 block if you are lucky enough to get an 18 block staff like i have.

Flasks are very important, I cannot tell you the difference i noticed when i started using these 3 together. The Rumi's does not just provide us with block, it gives us 3000 armor and then the very important Iron suffix on our resists flasks boosts that even farther when used together. The goal is to use rumi's and both resist flasks or just 1 resist if you know what element you are dealing with

Aura Setup on calculator

Gem Links

The setup i always used in the past was :

Map Clearing: SRS - Minion Damage - Echo - Empower - Multistrike - Splash

Boss: SRS - Minion Damage - Echo - Empower - Multistrike - Melee physical damage

However, lately I have been playing around without Multistrike and I believe an argument can be made for ditching Multistrike. I began to do the experimenting after reading something about the duration each srs has to lock on 1 target when it uses the extra attacks as well as the 30% less attack damage SRS gets with multistrike. In otherwords in some situations it would be better for the SRS to 1 hit and run with maximum damage on that hit. If you want to try this on your build use Melee physical in place of multistrike and keep splash for clearing, but this time bring in added fire or melee damage on full life for bosses.

Other Important setups:

Hatred - Anger - Generosity - (optional enlighten, can save u 1 reservation passive)
Haste - Vaal haste - Inc Duration - Optional enlighten
CWDT - Inc Duration - Immortal call - flesh offering (does not run off of cwdt)
spell totem - arc/spark/ball lightning - appropriate supports (gmp/fastercast/added light)
chaos golem - vaal summon skelly if you have space

Jewels !!!
Because there is a finite amount of minion damage on the tree and on gear the way we really push our dps in srs is jewels, more jewels then more jewels. I currently have 9 and some argue we can get even more. The absolute best stats on a jewel for this build are:

Minion Damage > Life > Cast speed

Minion damage jewels with life can be pricey currently I have minion damage on all my jewels with most also sharing cast speed and either resists or dexterity/strength.

Ascendancy Class and Subclass

This build can be done on scion or witch because they both have access to the 10 jewel slots i use however witch has access to the clear choice for ascendancy - NECROMANCER.

My plans for Ascendancy are to take Mistress of Sacrafice (offering spells affect you - holy shit thats amazing) Spirit eater (40% damage boost after flesh offering ) and finally Commander of Darkness ( 6% damage and 2% attack / cast to you and allies per aura you cast )
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Looks very interesting, but I'm a little confused about why you have flesh offering on CWDT. Don't you want to be able to keep it (or bone offering) up at all times?
If you look carefully the flesh offering is lvl 19, so cwdt can not support it as it is way too low level to do so. My question is, when will you update the tree for 2.2?
Are you using no curse? I just noticed that
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Hi. Is this build HC viable? How much HP do you have on end game? And why no curses?
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Is haste needed with all the cast speed from the necro tree? Could it be subbed in for anger instead?
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Only 124% life, with eldritch battery, a little glass, no?
I felt this was kind of glassy as well, also how are you getting mana back to regen?
Recon775 wrote:
I felt this was kind of glassy as well, also how are you getting mana back to regen?

He's using EB + ZO.
OMG a better build than xexe's no way?! ;o

Hey everyone thanks for the responses. The best way to be less glass cannon is life/minion damage jewels which is what i had initially but they are very expensive. This has 9 jewel slots so u can get a TON more life i was near 5k with just 4 or 5 of these jewels. It definitely is a glass cannon but srs tends to stay out of harms way. one of the big advantages of this build is how it engages most bosses, nearly offscreen. I just finished leveling from 93-94 with 1 death tops and I run t14 maps with difficult mods.

feel free to keep asking any questions . =)

As to the other questions I do already run anger , along with hatred and haste. Haste is a fantastic aura for srs even if you have nice cast speed without it.

I use zealots oath and a little life regen to fill my ES(mana)

Lastly I use EE with a lightning spell on a spell totem to set cold and fire resists constantly low for my srs which does physical fire and cold ( from the anger and hatred and naturally 50% of srs physical is dealt as fire)
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