[2.3]FoxTactics Hellfire Arc build [Full conversion fire arc] Vaal righteous fire one shot

Here we go again..

Main acendancy node of the build has changed since i made this build, might still work but not as effective.
From Path of Exile: Version 2.4.0 (Atlas of Worlds) Patch Notes:

Shaper of Desolation now grants different Confluxes over a ten-second cycle: Chilling Conflux for three seconds, Shocking Conflux for three seconds, Igniting Conflux for three seconds and then all three together for one second. Each Conflux means that any damage causes that Status Ailment. Elemental Conflux was too powerful. The new version requires more strategy (and doesn't need a kill to get started).

This change also removes the need for writhing jars, but tripple elemental status at all times is a big nerf. And rightfully so imo, elementalist has been silly for a while now:
\ Fox



Full conversion arc that still has the ability to perma shock everything while double dipping into heavy duty fire damage witch makes arc basicly a splash damage attack where the highest arc chain proliferates the most dmg since arc has such a high range dmg, and a one shot vaal flameblast or vaal righteous fire for bosses. Yep sounds good.

and the best part? Good defense vs reflect, its fire damage right? Rise of the phoenix or arctic armour now viable choices.

Explanation & Elementalist Passives:

The build uses the Shaper of desolation* "which procs elemental conflux*" and Beacon of ruin "elemental proliferation" subclass passives, when the arc hits a target with conflux up its 100% ignite, shock chance which proliferates before it even starts chaining, then the arc chain through the pack and the highest hit from arc will proliferate the pack since arc has such a low and high range in dmg, so it works like a dmg maximizer, or splash arc.

* Shaper of desolation: 20% chance to gain elemental conflux for 4 seconds when you kill an enemy
(While you have elemental conflux, "ALL" damage from hits will cause chill, shock and ignite.
It doesnt matter what dmg type it is, its all damage types.

The reason for taking as the third subclass passive Paragon calamity is for additional reflect defense but also reducing incoming elemental damages
Important note also with this passive is that, if you are wearing lightning coil, it counts as you are taking lightning dmg from a physical dmg monster which boosts your lightning dmg, but since this build converts all 3 elements into fire, ANY ELEMENTAL THAT HITS YOU BECOMES A BOOST TO YOUR FIRE, and this is additive so it stacks, in theory if you get hit with all 3 elements it gives you a 40% Lightning + 40% fire + 20% cold "Cold is only 50% conversion here" which results in Increased 100% fire damage boost,
Tested this with different setups, a taste of hate and a lightning coil to simulate taking both lightning dmg and cold dmg from a physical monster and confirmed boosted my dmg by quite a bit, "still wouldnt recommend taste of hate on this build for the 50% conversion reason"

THE CONVERSION: uses a tag system so the 100% fire arc is achieved through Avatar of fire + Call of the brotherhood ring + Cold to fire gem to make it 100% fire arc.

205%+ life through passives + 7 jewel slots, only 3 with life % so far, so final build will be 240-250% total increased life making this build hc viable for sure.
Lightning coil
5-6 Endurance charges
Saffels frame for increased max resistances.
leech from doryanis scepter, warlords mark on blasphemy, "and soon leech from boots"
7000 life achieved, gonna push it a bit more.

SO WHY FIRE DAMAGE? Just for reflect? Well fire is more easily mitigated sure but: wiki explains it better than me:
A character which utilises burning damage will benefit the most from increased fire and elemental damage nodes, because aside from increasing burning damage directly, they will also increase the damage of the initial hit which causes the burn. And since conflux makes your fire dmg both chill and shock you might aswell take the advantages a pure fire build has to offer.
And this is the reason behind why doryanis catalyst is the BIS instead of a scepter with more castspeed and spelldmg and flat fire, the double dipping.
A dagger could be used if you cant live without whirling blades + you get fortify, but you loose a lot of elemental dmg, and i wanted to bring lightning warp back to the play, and i love going up&down ledges :D

The vaal flameblast or vaal righteous fire "i like this one better, easier to manage" takes advantage of all the increased fire damage used for arc, "Keep in mind the double dip burn" when fighting a boss you make sure the 100% ignite\shock is up from conflux, and elemental overload passive, the worm jars makes sure this happends. then you one shot the boss, making him either: Die from the actual hit, or from the burn caused by it.

are instant hallowed hybrid flasks with 700 life and 200 mana, they are not bad flasks overall. Fair deal since its insurance "along with the adds that is usually around the boss" that every boss gets oneshotted, When running the labyrinth with vaal pact extra life flasks are allways welcome, they also help a lot giving you conflux when fighting izaro since he takes some time in spawning adds. It also gives you conflux inbetween packs firing your arc on a new pack of monsters making them go down way quicker. They also chain the arc additional times on heavier mobs, i mean i can prob think of more stuff, you have to look at it from different perspectives, not just 1.


Things used in vids:
Wyrmsign + Vaal righteous fire + Controlled destruction + lifeleech + Fire penetration
Wyrmsign + Vaal flameblast + Controlled destruction + empower + Fire penetration

Twinned t14 palace one shot, -% max res + enfeeble: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9jl1nETtKI

You can also oneshot conservatory with 30% life map mod with vaal flameblast, but flameblast require more effort to pull off due to timer on flameblast and conflux combined, the life is from before i fixed it, dont worry :D
VID: https://www.twitch.tv/foxtactics/v/56339052[/b]

Vaalrighteous fire oneshot, t14 conservatory while being cursed with enfeeble:
VID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxsGDLdk0Uo

Oneshot t15 kaom while being cursed with enfeeble: will find the vid for this soon

Concept is final.

Bandits i took was

Normal: Oak
Cruel: Alira
Merciless : I'd recommend going with the endurance charge, if not then a passive for an extra life node.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Im using a 3b 3r lightning coil because my empower is lvl4, but trust me when i say that a 3b 2r 1g coil has pretty much the same dmg, the difference is in the +1 chain from emp, added cold gets a 30% dmg boost from the cold to fire support gem in the same link, so dont worry. i was testing with a 4b 2r coil aswell but, id rather take the higher base dmg for the burn instead of the castspeed, the limitation is not in the arc animation but in the lightning warp speed, usually one arc is enough to burn an entire pack down anyway.

Short gear Reasoning:
Doryanis "scepter": BiS, cheap, high elemental damage that doubledips burn, castspeed.
Lightning Coil "armour": High physical mitigation.
Saffels\Rotp "shield": Reflect, max res, block.
Wyrmsign "Gloves": High life, gives concentrated effect to a 4l making it a 5l, -44% more damage-, gives you rampage.
Call of the brotherhood: Need to make the 100% fire conversion

All of these unique items are pretty cheap in my opinion except the coil, could swap that for cloak of flame if you are on a silly cheap budget, still recommend a 5l coil if anything.

Helmet: Life, res, armour, enchant
Ring: Res, castspeed, life
Amulet: Res, castspeed, life, -fire damage if possible but rare-
Boots: Ms%, armour, res.

VERSION 1: Without Vaal pact, not because of reflect but because it wasnt needed, the other version uses vaal pact for its ridiculous single target capabilties, "if this wasnt crazy enough"

example jewel

VERSION 2: This is the one i use, and it uses vaal pact for ONE SINGLE REASON, Vaal righteous fire. Trust me when i say its broken, im doing a one shot boss challenge on my stream right now, and its so easy to wipe bosses off the map, t13 wasteland voll? one shot, there seems to be something wierd with the equation of how vrf works, you never reach 1 life if you leech. so there is no risk involved unless you miss. but you can use vaal immortal call as a failsafe but its not really needed.


The wyrmsign corrupted is from the other version, and doesnt do much in this version, will swap it out for enchant or anothe corruption.
Example jewel


Gonna put my personal setup here aswell. My setup differs a bit from the guide due to me having lvl21 arc and better gear which means i can drop more damage nodes than you might need. A special case wyrmsign that are corrupted with elemental weakness on hit. This allows me to drop flammability, and blasphemy warlords mark and opens 2 gemslots for enlighten, and herald and moving some gems around. On my setup ive also dropped heart of flame cluster due to not needing the 2 mana passives below it, "cause of the enlighten that i couldnt fit before" You see its like a chain reaction from a bunch of things, anyway here it is incase someone wanna go the full mile.


Special thanks to muffin, doro and bishop for random stuff and build name :D
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hypetrain 9000
Cool build for who think Elementalist is weak sauce compared to Assassin cit caster or Inquisitor crit resits ignorer... One of arc weakness was only hitting 7 like popping a strong box took forever to go through them compared to many builds. Not anymore. This turns Arc into an aoe spell like ice nova or discharge.

I actually played fox's build in STD just to see what is was all about. Very cool.
Prolif arcer 2.2
Git R Dun!
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Nice build, one question tho:

How do you Shock when 100% of your damage is fire?
Shaper of Desolation applies shock freeze and ignite to all enemies hit by any damage. Beacon of Ruin spreads those status effects (it's basically prolif on steroids).
Git R Dun!
Aim_Deep wrote:
Shaper of Desolation applies shock freeze and ignite to all enemies hit by any damage. Beacon of Ruin spreads those status effects (it's basically prolif on steroids).

Whoa, I really underestimated Elemental Conflux. Thats sick! Thank's for clarifying.
Hi. Is this build doable with a 5l Lightning Coil ?
Would it be possible to write down the gem links you use please? Your gear is missing gems so I have no idea what you are using.

Also, bandits choices and some leveling tips would be appreciated.

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