[2.5] Summon Raging Inferno ( 6L flame golems) - atziri 5L - 5 curse support!


This is a build for the witch - Necromancer- and uses FLAME GOLEM as the main skill.

Updated for 2.5!! (if you liked the build before, well be prepared for LUDACHRIS damage)

Mandatory items:

Ideally, the new Primordial Jewels will significantly augment the build.

Check out the sample vid: (This is before the golem buff in 2.5)

This build can be fairly cheap - requires a 5L and heretic's Veil

How it works:

-6L flame golem with appropriate talents and gear does insane damage, which is supplemented by curses and offerings, and high burn damage. (im currently using a 5L in the videos)

-Defensively, the build has about 4-5k life. 75% block chance can be achieved with rumi's + bone offering, thus giving the build "aegis". We gain hp back by blocking and through potions.

-Can go either Hybrid ES/life or MoM EB

-MoM redirects 30% of the damage to a large energy shield pool (Eldritch Battery) which we also use to cast spells. Life regen applies to ES using Zealot's Oath.

2.0 version - 2.5 changes : pure damage. Flame golem receives 140% increased base damage, and with the new jewels, we can summon up to 2 more (total of 5!!!!)


Remember cast when drinking?

Well, this is kill while walking the dogs.

once your golems are up, its just a matter of casting the occasional offering spell, Abyssal cry, and ball lightning. Ball lightning is used to apply elemental equilibrium.

If the golems are in a bad position, use convocation to bring them to you.

If the map feels easy, use flesh offering for faster clear speed!

Or, if you are one of those people who walks their dog while riding a bicycle, you can just apply swift potion and run to the end of the map. Screw using skills.

Leveling Section


Items that are exceptionally good for leveling:

-Tabula Rasa
-reverberation Rod (easy 4l with +1 skills)
-armor/energy shield 4L items
-Rings/amulets with dex/ strength
-helmet with +1/+2 to socketed minion gems

Gems to pickup when you can:

Summon Raging Spirit x 2 - for leveling at earlier levels
Clarity x 2 (keep a level 1 clarity in your stash for later use. You can level the oter clarity for early leveling)
Spell totem (earlier leveling)
Controlled destruction
Greater Multiple Projectiles
Spell Echo
Flame golem x 5 (level as many as possible - vaal them at level 20 to get level 21)
Elemental Weakness
Assassins Mark
Temporal Chains
Bone Offering
Flesh Offering

Level 28

Skill tree is quite linear, grab life nodes and pickup minion nodes. Note that I do not get the jewel off the start, but later on spend a few respec points to change the pathing very slightly.

To level, you will be using Summon raging spirit and zombies. Work towards a 4l with the following gems:

4l SRS - added fire/ melee physical? - minion damage - melee splash

Zombies do not need any support gems.

At level 8, you can make a spell totem in ADDITION to your self cast SRS.
SRS - Spell totem - minion damage - melee splash.

If you find a level 1 clarity while leveling, KEEP it and dont level it. You will need it later.
You will also want to level Bone offering.

*try to get rings/amulet with attributes that you need (str/dex). *

Level 30-40
Level 40

Pick up a ball lightning gem from act 3 clarissa. Use this to proc Elemental Equilibrium (-50 fire resist). Golems do NOT trigger EE.

Look for a +1 or +2 minion level helm for your SRS.

At 34, you can purchase flame golem in act 4. Buy 4-5 and level the extras in your offhand (you will vaal them at level 20).

you can use blasphemy with flamability to add some damage.

Ascendancy skill chosen: Mistress of Sacrifice

Level 40+
Skill tree

At level 41, you can use 2 x clayshaper. Once you have clayshapers, its time to switch your gems up. Put the flame golem in a 4l helm with +1 or better to minion gems. You can either keep self casting SRS, or use the spell totem for them.

Flame golem - Greater Multiple Projectiles - minion damage - spell echo.

Make SURE you have a 4l, and these exact gems! They will melt everything!

Maintain gear with dex/str/life/resists and focus on life nodes on the tree. You wont need to focus on ES until much later (70+? I'm not there yet though)

Ascendancy Skill chosen: Commander of Darkness - note that this was because my resists were low. Blasphemy does NOT count for this, so you will have to run a level 1 clarity aura (NO HIGHER)

Example Gear:

Level 58

Character name:


Late game:

There are really two main choices to make for late game.

1) use the MoM EB setup to run 5 curses and be semi support (but you will be limited to about 6k eHP)

2) Go hybrid - which means you may have to drop one or two curses. Hybrid allows for massive HP - with decent gear you can achieve 4k+hp and 6-7k es.

If you plan to farm end-game content (shaper/guardians) - Hybrid is the better choice.

My Character: 5 curses


Animate Guardian (AG) uses Dying breath, Bringer of rain, and Zanhdethus' Cassock.

Additional curses:
-Assassins mark - 9% additional crit chance, and each powercharge grants the golem 200% crit chance. At max charges, thats close to 40% crit chance.

-Projectile Weakness - More damage multiplier for golems.
-Ele Weakness
-Temp chains

Gem Links:

6L Flame golem - GMP - controlled destruction/empower - spell echo - minion damage - conc effect
4L heretic - TC - Ele weakness - proj weakness - flamability
4L Ball lightning - CoH - assassins mark - GMP
4L faster attacks - leap slam - animate guardian - fortify
3L desecrate - blood magic - level 1 clarity
3L - bone offering - convocation - increased duration. Can replace duration with empower

Skill Tree


Level 93

6 jewels

Summon Raging Inferno

Bandits: 40HP - skill point - skill point

Ascendancy Points:

Mistress of Sacrifice
Spirit Eater
Commander of Darkness (use a level 1 clarity with blood magic)
Beacon of Corruption


look for minion damage and life. Stats are also usefull - specifically dex for gear.
Primordial Harmony
Primordial Might
The Anima Stone



4-5K hp
1.8-3k ES
5% es regen

75%/ around 50% spell block with rumis + bone offering

350% increased minion damage (which also applies to ignite)

100% mana reserved for 4 curse auras

30% increased curse effectiveness from tree.

2-hand staff variant:

by using 3 primordial jewels and the Anima stone, we can forgo the need for clayshaper and still run 3 golems.

+ Using a 6L +3 fire staff, we can get a level 28 flame golem.

+ Curse on hit can be placed in the 6l chest to apply 3 curses. (got the idea from SteKrz)

+ That means we only reserve 50-60% of mana with blasphemy - can either use an aura, or drop EB

+ By freeing up mana reserve, Heretics veil can be replaced with a high es/life/resist helm.


+ instead of doing a 6l CoH setup, you could also do a 6L SRS setup in addition to the golems. GG



Breach league: level 43 4L golem

All videos here are old/outdated. Patch 2.5 more than triples the damage.

6L (2.2)

https://youtu.be/Raw7Xy_qwDU 6l - 5 curse - channel map

https://youtu.be/N_5JQD7S7bc 6L - 5 curse - with support animate guardian

https://youtu.be/7qhEFHhwQ58 6L - 5 curses - tier 11 map

Videos showing 5L (2.2)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrLW9HACW6Q full atziri - 5 link

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUq3qdtMsdk&feature=youtu.be - testing 5L spell echo in Gorge

https://youtu.be/DgccqD_Jseg Canyon map - earliest version of build

Oldest versions: (energy shield based)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuZ477Ob0cw&feature=youtu.be Sample vid

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UvSmMcYzIQ&feature=youtu.be quick map


December 3, 2016 - The new armor - Skin of the Loyal can be the best in game slot for the build. A vaaled +1 skill gems one could provide a level 28 flame golem!!!

March 22, 2016 - 6L setup is now optimized. Flame golem - faster projectiles - GMP - min dmg - empower - spell echo. This setup was tested and appears superior to other gem variations.

March 21 -2016 - gained a new amulet with +1 curses, farming chroms then I will use windscream boots for another +1 curses.

There have been some very suggestions that may influence the build. For now, the version I have currently posted is cheap, does high damage, and has excellent defensive capabilities. I would recommend the build as is. However, if you can afford better gear, then thats when I would be good to start adding in additional curses with CoH, and possibly dropping unwavering stance if you are comfortable with that.

-Have not tested controlled destruction instead of empower 3

-Spell echo is very powerful, better than chance to ignite.

-Looking to get a +1 curse amulet, then running a 4th curse (assassins mark) to partially make up for removing chance to ignite gem.

-5th curse - projectile weakness

To see my other builds, look here:
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
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Probably will try this build just for lulz, seems nice.
Any plans on using that brand new '+1 to maximum number of Golems' unique mace in 2.2? Like having 3 golems at the same time instead of buffing just one golem using +3 staff?
Last edited by panda285 on Mar 3, 2016, 3:27:52 AM
OMG yes!

3 x flame golem
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
I believe I will be playing this as the necromancer, and I will get 5 of the small 15% minion dmg nodes + spirit eater.

I may consider Occultist if vile bastion works when minions kill enemies.

-Ill upload a vid once I acquire 2 shapers
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
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updated build guide with skill tree!

added another vid

So much fun

Cant wait to get a shavs
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
other build that i need to try
no queen rules forever, my daughter
well to be perfectly fair it's a lvl23 golem. And the required items... Not even remotely thinkable in league. Tho with ascendancy golem node why not(if it works).
this build wont win you any races, but it can be done on new league, you just wont have a shavs ring. I have run several maps without shavs ring. a level 3 empower is easy to obtain, and flame golem is very cheap to buy leveled ( i bought one last in talisman for like 10 chaos fully leveled/quality).

Yes, you will eventually need at least a 5L shavs, but most of my current gear is easy to get.

For reference, my character in Talisman used a 5L flame golem and 3 link SRS, and I leveled him casually to 86.
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
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as an alternative for low life shavs you could also run EB/Mom/Zo. You would have to drop the dmg aura though..
Artasqweroldy wrote:
as an alternative for low life shavs you could also run EB/Mom/Zo. You would have to drop the dmg aura though..

thats an excellent idea actually! for the new league its probably the best way to do it. Using Belly of the beast and a decent amount of jewels can net a decent hp pool. Ill try to include a skill tree and suggested items for a life version within the next couple days.

Actually Geoffry's Sanctuary might also be a good choice as it gives life, es, resists, and saves a few points on the skill tree by granting zealots oath

Heres a tentative skill tree for an EB life based version using only 3 curse auras:

has 107% max life, 5.3% life regen, and 7 jewels.

7 jewels = can net easily another 40% + max life
Belly of the beast is also another 30-40% max life, unless using Geoffry's Sacntuary, which saves us 2 points but grants substantial more es and a flat amount of life.
Main characters: Deep_water - AnomaIy - Artica
Build guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1602863
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