[2.2] Necromancer - Dual totem SRS EE + 9 Zombies and 3 Specters


Hi folks, this is new guide I've decided to make, since I ditched my previous Tri totem SRS build (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1117719).

So, I ditched third totem and skeletons, instead I took Elemental Equilibrium (EE) and Arc on selfcast to proc EE. Since we are using Hatred and Anger aura, EE not only buffs our SRS but Zombies and Spectres too!

This build is very dynamic since we cast a lot of spells, I find it funnier and more interesting than my one button gladiator cycloner kill 'em all.

This build IS NOT HC viable! And for Atziri, I haven't tried her, but I guess it can be done somehow, but it is great for map farming.

- high damage output of yours minions
- high mobility, you don't have to stand in place to cast raging spirits
- relatively cheap, only requires Soul Mantle unique and 4 links, 5 are optimal
- big meat shield between you and mobs
- 50 SRS (max number of them), 9 Zombies, 3 spectres and golem at all times

- high aoe damaging bosses can wipe your minions
- must have flask or two for removing curses
- can't do blood magic map mods
- sometimes is hard to see what is happening on screen due to sheer number of minions and effects

Changes from 2.0:

+ Zombies now attack faster. They also now have an area of effect slam skill and 30% greater stun threshold.
+/- Summon Raging Spirits duration has been increased from 3.5 seconds to 5 seconds. The mana cost has been reduced from 6 to 5 at level one and reduced from 15 to 12 at level 20. The cast speed has been reduced to 500ms from 800ms. The damage dealt by Raging Spirits has been substantially reworked and is lower at high levels. Raging Spirits are now more likely to target enemies who are attacked by fewer Raging Spirits, except when enemies are close to the caster
+The penalties to the life and energy shield of Summoned Spectres have been halved at all levels.

Generally you want to have as much life as possible, elemental resistances, max mana and mana regen, faster casting if possible. Soul Mantle is mandatory!

My Gear:

Gems and links:

SRS + Melee Phys + Minion Dmg + Faster Casting + Culling Strike + (Empower for 6l)

Zombies + Minion Life + Minion Dmg + Minion speed - put this in +2lvl to minions helmet

Spectres + Minion Life + Minion Dmg + Stone/Chaos golem - I prefer Stone golem, because we have 9% physical reduction from ascendancy talent

Vulnerability + Increased Duration + Flesh Offering

Generosity + Hatred + Anger + Enlighten

Arc + Spell Echo/Faster casting + Chain

Passive skill tree

Actually I forgot to equip my lvl 3 Enlighten gem during recording of video and I didn't have any mana problem. So I guess we can ditch 4% aura reservation node at Shadow tree (3 points), and take more life (15% more) at Scion wheel.


Firstly we go to Flesh Binder which gives us 9% reduced physical dmg since we have 9 zombies. After that we are taking Mistress of Sacrifice with these increase nodes our totems lasts 20 sec and they can easily sustain 50 SRS at the time, also Flesh Offering is affecting us also, giving us 30% more run and cast speed for 20 sec - awesome! And lastly we are taking Commander of Darkness node, it gives us some aura effect increase (at least I hope it does).

I haven't taken Spirit Eater node, it is nice 40% boost to minion damage, but it is pain in the ass to maintain it, we have to destroy corpse every 4 sec. So instead of having +55% to minion damage for 4 sec, we have +45% increased minion damage whole time without doing anything.


Oak (Kill 'em all!) / Kill 'em all! / Kill 'em all! \m/

T11 Precinct Map
This is my first time trying Windows 10 built in recorder, so video may be crappy, if that is the case, I will upload new one recorded with another software.

That would be all folks, if you have questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to post!

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