[HC 2.6] Witch explosive arrow NO GMP / Lvl 98 & 100 with Aeiko

EDIT 2.6 Build still updated
I would use the new flask "The Wise One" instead of the fire flask

Here is my current EA build. Tried EA on a marauder until level 95 and wanted to check how good it could be with the elementalist ascend.
Since I'm mostly killing through conflux proc and prolif no need for GMP in EA setup which is a huge dmg boost.


Quick gorge run, I will add more later
Crematorium map, boss speed/dmg, vuln, poison, monster life, totem.

+Very nice clear speed
+Better single target DPS than most of regulars EA builds
+Not that expensive, considering a Kaom is around 5ex and a 5L quil rain (which is more than enough to map) is around 45c.
+You can run ALL map mods (including no regen) except elemental reflect.
+You can carry a 4 man party in T12+ maps
-Can be tricky to reach the dexterity requirement for the gems
-Need to care a little about reflect mobs in maps
-That's all!!



Additional arrow rearguard is not mandatory, neither +1 frenzy charge bloodance.
Avoide flat fire dmg on gear for EE




For the jewels you want %life, fire dmg/area dmg/projectile dmg/%dmg and resistances/dex
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Think you can post a quick guide on how to level with that tree
Nice build. How much does elemental conflux actually impact your clear speed? I'm playing an elementalist (caster) and it seems most trash mobs are dead anyway. Looking at your vid I see no difference to an Occultis EA, and a Chieftain EA character. Though to be honest Gorge isn't exactly a great place to show the power of a build. :3
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I will try to post a leveling tree quick and others videos of high maps.
As i said in the intro I tried before this build a regular EA marauder berserk until lvl 95. Witch EA elementalist is just superior, your dmg is not even comparable (no gmp, so no penalty and you shock everything with complux), and the clear speed is way faster. Another nice thing is your single target dmg, higher also.
I would say in tier 12+ maps my clear speed is probably 2/3 times faster, same for boss kill speed.

PS: posted a gorge clear cause most of guides do the same so you can compare builds on the same map. Even if gorge is not a high tier map ;)
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video added
0.2% damage leeched as life?

Likely to die
dude, I have 9.3k life, about 1k life regen per sec and I one shot packs. I could run this build with no leech at all ;)
^^ u can always put a low lvl warlords mark on cwdt if you want life leech,

I tried the build seems good, (tbh i get a bit tired of ea in mapping) def better dmg then my scion ea, was taking out things like garden ruin boss before he even showed on the screen.
How does Elementalist compare to a Chieftain for EA?
Well it's much better, first because on chieftain you will proc EE on fire dmg with Hinekora, Death's Fury which obv you really dont want, and EE is a great dmg boost, moslty for bosses.
Second with elementalist and shaper of desolation ascend you have conflux which means you shock everything. Liege of the primordial new buff is very nice to have on EA and beacon of ruin allows you to switch for no GMP end game without lossing dmg with a prolif gem. on top of that if you dont want to prolif you can spec into paragon of calamity to have a 50% reduced ele reflect and a sybile lament with a 30% reduction and you are almost imune to reflect.

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