[2.2] The Gravelord Nito build

Hey guys with the new Dark Souls coming up I thought to make a build for my fav char from the series Nito a.k.a the Knitted Horror in our game ( its my first build so if something is not optimised we can fix togheter ).

The build is BUDGET you dont need any expensive uniques if you dont want to use them. Also fairly safe and you can run it in HC.

Pros :
+lots of summones
+high evasion
+good clear speed
+can use all the new flasks because its a CI build
+fairly easy to execute you just sit and wait for your dudes to beat people up
+has 2 golems
+uses a shield

Cons :
-slow to level if you try straight up summoner
-some bosses your summons will glitch out because of bad AI
-socked hungry
-requries gem levels to do good

The passive tree :

For bandits :
3 passive points

Ascendancy points :
Beacon of Corruption,Flesh Binder,Soul Weaver

Uniques that you will need :
Dusk blade and Bones of Ullr. The blade provides nice ES and you dont need a weapon in a summoner build and the boots provide you +1 spectre and a zombie. Another unique to consider is Obliteration wand which provides nice explode damage if you dont need the ES.For me I decided to use Clayshaper for the extra golem.

Gear :
For gear you want Hybrid ES+Evasion on all your slots except boots this is where you gonna use Ullr boots. I dont think many builds use that setup so its fairly cheap to acquire. You can spend money on decent Unset Ring to free up space for Flesh Offering spells or other gems. You can also get +2 minon gems helm which will boost your Zombies but its not necessary. You want an Onyx amulet for the stats and ES rings with some mana regen. For belt you want Heavy Belt for the stats.You might want to get Army of the Bones jewel plus Dead Reckoning and Energy from Within ( EfW you really need) or if you have good minion jewels just get the EfW only. For Flasks you need Sulphur,Basalt and remove freeze,curse flask rest is up to you.

Gems :
Auras :

Chest :
Raise Spectre+GMP+Poison+Minon dmg+added chaos+Minon life/Resist

Helm :
Raise Zombie+Bloodlust+Minon dmg/life+Poison

Weapon :
Genorosity+Haste and on the 3rd slot Whirling Blades

Unset Ring #1 :

Unset Ring #2 :
Flesh Offering spell

Shield :
Summon Chaos Golem+Vaal Summon Skeletons+Minon Resistance

Boots :
Spell Totem+Summon Skeletons+Minon damage+Void Manipulation ( if you use the Dead Reckoning jewel )/Minon Life

Gloves :
Vuulnerability+GMP+Essence Drain+Curse on hit

Videos :

This is the basic structure so on the fun stuff. The way you fight is by using your Raise Spectre plus Zombies and Skelies. For Raise Spectre you will need Knitted Horror or basicly your Nitos with our chaos+dmg over time setup they deal alot of damage. Your Zombies will start swining on whoever gets Punctured and deal bonus dmg with Poison ( which double dips ) and Bloodlust. The skelies are your easly desposed foot slodiers that you plant down with Spell Totem and when they die they will make a Chaos field from our Beacon of Corruption ( which is not alot but still some DoT dmg for the big boys ). You in the mean time shoot ED and curse everything with Vulnerability which makes every enemy take more damage from your minons.

Thats the guide if anyone has any questions be free to ask i will soon post videos.
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Would it be possible to show the gear, flasks, rings, etc. visually as opposed to just writing it all in text? That would be great! It helps a lot to see the gear / sample gear in the spoilers, like other build guides do! =D
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