[2.4] Lehenaa - Crit Low Life Ethereal Knives ~500k DPS

Hi, this is my aproach on a Ethereal Knives Build:

Build Highlights:
- ~500k DPS
- Easy and fast atziri fight
- Although atziri is easy to kill, this build excels in map clearing and dealing with big mob packs
- Crit Cap
- Can run up to T15 Maps
- Huge DPS output, one shot mob packs and bosses aswell
- Amazing Energy shield regen
- 10 Power Charges
- It's a complex build, everything need's to work together
- Low Life


31/03/2016 - Created the guide
03/04/2016 - Updated the offence stats (dps doubled after grabbing all the offence nodes)
14/10/2016 - Updated for 2.4

2.4 Videos

Coming Soon :)

Before we start!!
This is not a beginners build, it requires some currency and knowledge of the game.

The ''Sell yourself to build this'' Version

Initial Stats

From the passive tree we get this offence stats:
- 375% Increased Critical Strike Chance
- +204% to Critical Strike Multiplier
- +7 Power Charges, which gives us 350% Increased Critical Strike Chance
- 30% More Spell Damage from Pain Attunement
- 56% Increased Physical Damage
- 45% Increased Projectile Damage
- 30% Increased Projectile Speed
- 14% Increased Cast Speed
- 181% Increased Spell Damage from nodes
- 28% Increased Spell Damage from the 7 power charges

From equipment we get:
- +2 Power Charges from the two Void Battery, which gives us the maximum of 10 power charges (Adding already the one from bandits)
- 380% Increased Spell Damage from the two Void Battery
- From 100% to 130% Increased Global Crit Chance (depending if you have a perfect void battery or not)
- From 20% to 40% Increased Cast Speed (for the same reason as above)
- We get that sweet mana that we'll need later
- +90% To Global Critical Strike Multiplier from Facebreakers
- From 3% to 10% Increased Spell Damage from Shav's
- Plus some more stats from the rest of the equipment, but that is different fromp person to person (not everyone has the same exact equip)

Added it all we get:
- Around 600% Increased Spell Damage
- Around +300 to Crit Multiplier
- Around 800% Increased Critical Strike Chance, what allow us to fill the rest with the equipment with defences and energy shield instead of crit chance

So the main damage comes from our crits and spell damage from those sweet Void Battery's.
There are two main problems with this build, the mana and the fact that we need those power charges up to deal damage. We generate power charges with the Forbidden Power node and Victario's Acuity. While we have the 10 power charges up we are most of times invincible since we one shot all the mobs and we have an amazing energy shield leech.

I don't know if this helped ... but I tried

(Also if I said something wrong notify me pls)

Skill Tree


Levelling:Go for spell damage, cast speed and physical damage points on the first 40 levels and then start to get energy shield and critical strike. You can consider level life based since levelling with energy shield sucks.


Normal: Kill all for skill point
Cruel: Kill all for skill point / Alira for cast speed (I prefer the skill point, we'll need them later)
Merciless: Alira for +1 power charge

Required and Essential Gear

Shavronne's Wrappings

My Gear

Facebreaker for that sexy crit multiplier

Luxury Upgrades

Skyforth, if I ever get one ....

Gem Setup

(Ignore the items on the image, some of them are outdated)

1 - Helmet: Blasphemy + Warlords Mark + Hatred + Enlighten lvl3

2 - Body Armour: Ethereal Knives + Spell Echo + Added Fire Damage + Empower Lvl3/4 + Faster Casting + Increased Critical Strikes

3 - 1st Wand: Lightning Warp + Reduced Duration + Faster Casting

4 - 2nd Wand: Summon Flame Golem + [You choose] + [You choose]

5 - Gloves: Cast when Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Increased Duration + Vaal Discipline

6 - Boots: Enlighten + Herald of Ash + Discipline + Blood Magic


Energy From Within placed under Pain Atttunement


Some of my flasks suck I know, but what's important is there.


For the '1st' boss:

For the '2nd' boss:

And for the b*tch ... I mean Atziri:



With 10 Power Charges, 3 Frenzy Charges, Atziri's Promise Flask and a Sulphur Flask, and still missing some spell damage/crit multi nodes so it goes up to 500k

Map Modes

You can do everything except Reflect Maps, or you will one shot yourself.


Care with your positioning ... I'm kidding just spray your EK and rekt everything

Leech Problems

You may experience some mana leech problems without the right gear, try to adjust the tree if you need to

Gear Alternatives, aka Budget Version

Maligaro's Virtuosity to cap the crit chance without the void batery
Rare wand with +80% Spell Damage (optimally +100%) and cast speed
Shield with +130% ES, +100 flat ES and Resists

The build will get some tweaks as I progress and discover more of it, I'm currently level 88. If you have any questions post them here, send me a private message or ask me in-game: Lehenaa

The end, I could give you a potato but we're not on 9gag.
And my english is not perfect I know
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Cool build, why do you have herald of ash AND discipline linked with blood magic? Is it possible to have them both on at the same time?
"Too much clutter" -Witch, 2013 - 2017
Is the build hardcore viable, Seems abit sketchy with only 7k es
Fernqvist wrote:
Is the build hardcore viable, Seems abit sketchy with only 7k es

If we consider the build as displayed now, I would say no. But you can always give some damage away and invest in defenses. A good option would be dropping Occultist's Dominion and Ballistic Mastery and getting Written in Blood, using only 1 void battery and pick a nice es shield. You can go CI aswell what allows you to drop shavs and getting a nice regalia (And CI gives you those additional ES nodes)
EightBitHero wrote:
Cool build, why do you have herald of ash AND discipline linked with blood magic? Is it possible to have them both on at the same time?

I use them on Blood Magic to get the Pain Attunement bonus. And yes I have them at the same time, you need the Reduced Mana Reserved nodes (like Charisma) and optionally a Jewel that reduces the mana reserved aswell
Oh, nice! I thought those nodes still wouldn't be enough to let us run both, but thats great if we can!

I'm currently level 83 with this build and it's great so far, thanks.
"Too much clutter" -Witch, 2013 - 2017
Hey i am newbee this , i consider this build cool. Can you make new one that comply "ascendancy"
Updated to 2.4
nice build.

how exactly do you maintain mana ?

i have quite a few mana mana/regen nodes in the tree to deal with it, and that's definitely hurting the build.

I believe the phy damage you get going up to the keystone node "force shaper" will give you more damage than the spell damage nodes at the start of the witch area.

71% increased physical damage AND gain 5% of damage as chaos

the nodes in the witch area only give you 58% spell damage

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