[2.2]Elemental Earthquake (Avatar of Fire)

Base idea:

Convert damage to fire till win. Basicly I'm using
+Avatar of Fire.

It's possible to use Cold to Fire gem, But it's another socket while Pyre ring gives us 100% Convert and some burning deeps. This combination of gem and stuff gives us 100% Convertation to fire of Physical,Cold and Lighting damage that we have.

Our Weapon -
Kongor's undying rage gives us ability to never miss without loosing chance to crit which is very important for our Elementalist because we using CWD + Ice Spear + Multi Prog for proc of Elemtal Overload. It's very easly to get an Elemental Overload in such way and it works.


Enfeeble + Ele weekness Shipyard



Damage Screen Shots

also Aftershock vave gives us 80% more damage so it's pretty solid fire damage


- You can Smash and Ignite at the same time
- Enjoy burning enemies
- Easy lvling


- Can't Run Elemental Reflect maps.
- Not for begginers (maybe)

Skill Tree:

Passive Tree (For level 85)

Pick up Avatar on fire after you get atleast 5l Kongor's

Ascendancy Points: Shapes of Desolation, Beacon Ruin, Pendulum of Destructin(possible to take Paragon of Calamity for more defence)

Bandits: +Life, Kill, Kill or Endurance Charge


The main problem for witch while you git lvls it's to get a melee gems,you can trade them or pick up from other charcters.
LvL 1-28 - any AOE elemental skill, Tabula would be great
LVL 28-56 - Get
and buy Earthquake somehow. Get Hatred and Herlad of Ash. Gem links - Earthquake> Melee Damage, Added fire Damage, Less duaration> Faster Attack
LvL 56-67 You should get Mahori erqi, Easy to use even 4 link and fast progress till 67.
Pick up Avatar on fire after you get Lvl 67 and atleast 5l for Kongor's

How to ignite:
Kill stuff > Get Elemental Conflux, it's possible to use Writhing Jar if you are out of ads at boss, but literally we got one shot stuff with one first ignite and few att.

Gem Setup:

Hatred, Flammability + Blasphemy

CWD+Ice Spear+Multi

5L - Earthquake>Melee physical damage>weapon elemental damage>Physical to lightning>Less Duration
6L - Conc Effect/More Aoe/Fire pen
Current Gear:
our core item
we got enough aoe so I prefer more defence against Carcass Jack
Other stuff should have enough fire res for maps with elemental weekness and also som DEX if you wont waste points in tree.
I found this belt very usefull, enemies are chilled almost every time + hp

Deeps :

20k without buffs, 35k with

Defence :
6000hp, recommend using Taste of Hate flash or Block flask
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Any ideas?
Go full physical damage with increased burning passive nodes?
Grab free proliferation, all aoe nodes, 5% inc aoe mace node and enjoy huge proliferation aoe? You will get earthquake's aoe, with proliferation aoe added on the outer edges.

My plan is to go ES ( Because of which start ) + Ghost Reaver + Zealoths Oath + CI + Life Leech to survive. Vulnerability + blasphemy for double dip burn damage increase and more stuns.

PS: WTF Beacon Ruin + Pyre?
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Was it successful? This league i want to make something interesting with new mace - Brain Rattler. Currently making planes, but should be the same 100% ele convert.

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