2.4 Nuros Elementalist - ShatterRain Ranger

Hey, I decided to make a build using a unique noone else seems to use, The Nuro's Harp Unique bow.

The elementalist has a pretty neat thing going with the Mastermind of Discord ascendency for the witch, where if you use a fire skill (in this case Blast Rain), you can penetrate 25% cold res. Using this, frost bomb, a curse on hit frostbite setup, and the available cold pen on the passive tree, you can hit 94% cold pen with a 5L. Due to this cold res, you will generally be able to freeze most mobs, including uniques allowing the first Nuro's passive to place frozen ground more often.

I also use southbound gloves in order to make it so enemies only die when they shatter, allowing the other Nuro's passive, consecrated ground, to always proc on kill.

These two passives allows a Nuros Ranger to kite rather efficiently, while being able to regen after clearing a mob or on boss adds.

Since I was fairly close to it, I also got the dual curse, allowing more damage to enemies around shattered enemies, and this tends to make them shatter in turn, often causing entire packs to explode after a single blast rain barrage.

While a weak point of this build is that we are entirely cold damage base, and therefore vulnerable to reflect, we can take care of this with the other elementalist ascendancy, paragon of calamity, allowing use to run reflect maps with ease.

I havent yet gotten the uber lab on this character, but I will choose Liege of the Primordial for the bonus cold damage and crit chance/ accuracy from the ice golem, and the added attack speed from the lightning golem.

Due to the skill tree, it allows you to level up to where you can use the bow with any cold skill. I personally used glacial cascade til this point, and was easily clearing content while leveling.

Bandits: Oak, Kraityn, Alira

Main links:


Blast Rain:Faster Attacks, added cold damage, weapon elemental damage, increased critical damage, hypothermia/ cold pen they tend to add the same damage

Frost bomb, increased aoe, Inc duration, blood rage

Herald of ice, curse on hit, frostbite, assassin's mark

CWDT, inc duration, immortal call, Vaal haste/ grace depending on preference

I use my last 4-link for ice golem, lightning golem, blink arrow, and arctic armor, but arctic armor and your golem other than ice is your preference.

Tree at current level (80)

Finished Tree


Only gear I would say is necessary is Nuro's harp for obvious reasons, and the Southbound gloves, which are extremely cheap. Both provide damage and excellent survivability as well as their synchronization which I explained above.

Other than that, everything is up to player choice, but life, weapon ele dmg, flat cold dmg, crit chance, and crit mult should be gotten on gear (in that order of importance)

Carcass jack is what I use for the chest, but that is mainly for the inc aoe, which is super fun, especially when pendulum of destruction is up.

This build also comes with 4 jewel sockets, which can also help alleviate the dex requirement if you need it to. I recommend jewels with Life, attack speed, crit chance/mult with fire skills, global att speed, global crit, and cold dmg (in order of importance again) These jewels can really help with damage, and the attack speed is sorely needed to make the build a little more enjoyable.I personally have 34% attack speed with jewels, which works nicely (can see jewels in the lvl 80 skill tree link).

My personal gear is

Bad video due to cutting off and random static, but what happens to the exile is what usually happens to bosses


I really enjoy playing this build, and hope you do too.

If you have any improvements or thoughts about the build, please leave a reply.
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Any videos showing clear speed of red maps/vs bosses etc?
IGN shdowe
The build is currently level 80, and I have awful internet. I just recorded a t8 with 60 cold res and endurance charges I had sitting around, and I think that should approximate the clear speed for those maps.

As you can see, the gear still needs work, so you can expect a better optimized character to do more.

Ill try to upload the video ASAP, but according to YouTubes estimates, it'll take about 2 hours. (the lag actually almost killed me in the bit I recorded, unfortunately it cut off for some reason before the boss, but he was dispatched quickly due to his summon skulls exploding)
Here's the video, sorry for the static, mike was off, don't know what that is

Also, none of my gems are 20/20 so that will improve dps as well.
Thumbs up for an interesting build. Nuro's Harp gets a lot of criticism so it's nice to see a build using it. I may even give this a try!
I have a great interest in trying this after looking at the gear requirements and gameplay. Will look into playing this soon!

If I was to choose The Perfect Form as my chest piece to run the free AA that it comes with, then of course which herald or aura would you then recommend to replace AA in this build? as I am seeing Grace to be a strong contender for further defensive purposes since we don't pick up much evasion or go for Acrobatics on the tree.
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Sounds like a good idea, this build was obviously made before the perfect form was out. It would end up being more defensive at the cost of some aoe from carcass jack. The build is meant to be pretty flexible, and I hope to see it evolve
I hope it's ok that i am replying a month after the last post >_< This build seems fun and i really wanting to start a bow witch in the new league. What skill should i use till i can start running blast rain at 28? I have a silver branch right now so maybe ice shot? I watched the video link you posted and it was pretty nice looking clear. thanks for any help.
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