[2.6] CI SRS Gigapanzers (Poison*) Necromancer


UPDATE 02.03.17 - read the first entry on page 3 :) Gl in Legacy!

UPDATE 12.01.17 - minotaurus, hydra and phoenix down (1-2 deaths each, first attempts)
Chimera is hard.. ^^

UPDATE 02.01.17 - Happy new year! Added full poison setup

UPDATE 21.12.16 - added Severed Sword / descriptions
breach progress so far: killed T14 Dominus with chain, boss mods etc. Recently reached 93.

UPDATE 09.12.16 - Essence Ready, reworked gem setup for srs changes

UPDATE 13. April 2.2.2d - Information:
You can ask me any question about the build ingame.
I'll respond to forum messages, but I don't see them that often.

- added short leveling guide

UPDATE 8.11 - Version 2.4
I startet Essence league three weeks ago, with srs ofc, but another build modification.

- skill tree updated
- gems updated
- ready for essence

Hello everyone.
I have been playing CI srs since the beginning of the Talisman league and had great success with it.
It is fairly cheap, but very effective and flexible and has great potential.

- cheap starting cost
- fast map clear speed
- save to play
- Atziri viable
- very high mobility (120% movement +)
- no need for 6l chest armour (but optional for IC + Duration) / skin of the lords optional
- can run about every map mod (no blood magic)

- you need specific rings with stats and mana reg. (but nobody else use them - you can get good ones for 1-5 chaos)
- an Enlighten lvl 2 is a must have to start in order to run all auras.
- you need a high manapool to get everything going

So all in all there are no really important cons.

Feel free to ask me any questions ingame or here.


Note: In Ho, 4 Auras on, nothing else



This is my current tree with an additional curse on level 94.

Te build is completed at lvl 91 (88 with less jewel slots). Feel free to modify it, depending on your playstyle. After 91 you should aim for ES or more jewel slots (for ES and minion life/ damage).
Another option would be an additional Curse. Drop Desecrate in your body armor, add vulnerability and put Desecrate in an unset ring.


Necromancer ->
1. Mistress of Sacrifice
2. Commander of Darkness
3. Spirit Eater
4. I suggest "minion damage and life" and "minion damage, chaos resistance".
The rest wouldn't be that effective, because you don't need zombies.


Normal : kill
Cruel : them
Merciless : all :)

There is no need for cast speed or anything they give to us :)
If you struggle with mana, kill Alira in normal.


1. A granite flask with curse immunity
2. Another granite flask with immunity to bleeding
3. A basalt flask with immunity to freeze
4. an silver flask with movement speed
5. a quicksilver flask
optional: add an anti burning flask for specific map mods or Atziri

Endegame Flask Setup: (new)
1. Kiara's Determination (a must have)
2. Rumi's Concoction (good in defensive combination with bone offering)
3. Anti Bleeding basalt flask
4. quicksilver movementflask wit additional movement and duration
5. feel free to modify - i suggest another movement flask, or anti burning

You should look for:
1. increased maximum es
2. minion damage
3. stats, res , cast speed, (mana, mana reg, reduced skill costs)
4. more res, more stats, more cs, (mana, mana reg, reduced skill costs)

These jewels can be expensive. Optional you can look for minion block, mana, mana reg or reduced skill costs.

The gemsetup is not correct. I used this last ladder before srs changes.



You should get res capped at first, but with jewels and the skill nods it is much easier for you. So you can buy gear with high ES and 1 or even 1 res rolls.
With low gear, you will reach about 5000 - 6000 ES with discipline, which is a good start.
You could use a pledge or femurs, an Enlighten, and optional a +2 Minion Helm.
Pay attention to your stats. It is important to get Str, Dex and manareg via rings and amulet. You might use one +30dex node in your tree.
Also your boots should have at least 20% movement speed. I suggest Rainbowstride Conjourer Boots, for mana, res and movementspeed.
You might buy a corrupted 6l staff for 10c or use a tabula.
There is also a cardset called "The dark mage", which gives you a 6l staff. Craft +2 fire gems and modify it later. This base can be used to build a +3 staff!


I reworked my gem setup after some time. There is no need for zombies, beside some situations. Also srs changed from 50 to 20, which is why we won't need no spell echo anymore.

2 link(r-r): immortal call + cast when damage taken (survivability push)

2 link (r-g): generosity + hatred // If you have the United in Dream sword, just use generosity in it. The other 2 sockets might be used for cwdt + ic setup!

4 link (b-b-b-g): enlighten + discipline + clarity (max) + haste (aura setup)

3 link, later 4 link (b-b-b-b): curse on hit + ball lightning + ele weakness (+ vulnerability)
Optional you can use arc to shock enemies. I prefer ball lightning. Decide for yourself
Please remember: spelltotem + curse on hit won't work with curses!

4 link (g-g-b-r): vaal haste + vaal haste + flesh offering + inc. duration

no link:
- raise zombie (only optional, for hard fights/breaches)
- summon lightning golem (tanks for some situations. You might use them for breaches. Cast speed boost is nice, too.)
- desecrate

optional: vaal summon skeletton, bone offering, lightning warp (I only use lightning warp)

Be careful with flame dash - it triggers elemental equilibrium and buffs enemies fire resistance..

Main srs link: (Staff < Bow < United + Chest Combo) (+3, b-b-b-r-r-r)
SRS + Minion Damage + Multistrike + Added Chaos Damage + Meleesplash + Empower (3+)

- Add Fire damage < Empower 3
- switch melee splash with melee phys damage for atziri/single target bosses
- there is a bug with multistrike - your srs might strike into the air, because of 3 attacks. Anyway they attack so fast - it doesn't matter to me. Otherwise switch multistrike with minion speed!
- sometimes, you switch change multistrike with fortify for more survivability

There is a brilliant leveling guide for witch and scion made by Ghazzy. You can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qpbwKn-DPs

You could also level with srs, but it can be really annoying.
At first you need a +1 fire dagger, and link srs, minion damage and maybe minion life. Later, on lvl 24 you can use a Reverberation Rod for srs, and a Matua Tapuna for Zombies. With that you can go for the Femurs. I used the femurs (4link) with 2 spectres until I got the pledge.

About the tree: at first, I took the main minion damage nods, like Lord of the Dead and Gravepact, followed by Ele Eque. for dmg. After that, I took the Aura nods for more survivability. In the end, I took the rest. I went ci between 60 and 70.
I bought gear for about 5c and used Disc. This was enough to get 5000 - 6000 Es, to run maps without problems. Just don't forget about your mana reg!


- add a second curse (vulnerablity)
- get some unset rings for more flexibility with gems
- craft a crystal belt (bis)
- Get the new severed sword, upgrade it, get a 6l chest
(- use animate guardian for farming)

Animated guardian gear should be:
Helmet: Leer Cast Festival Mask
Body: Ambu's Charge Crusader Chainmail
Glove: Southbound Soldier Gloves
Boots: Lioneye's Paws Bronzescale Boots
Weapon: Dying Breath Coiled Staff

Helmet and weapon are the most important.
Thanks to Ghazzy for the guardian gear guide


When did you go CI?
- Around level 60 with 4 - 5k energy shield

Which is the best weapon?
- In my opinion it should be: +3 staff < +3 bow with soul strike < United in dreams + high es shield


X. Keep the guide up to date
Y. craft better rings (%ES)
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place holder // +3 bow build?
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Very interesting guide. Will definetly try it as soon as my fb build starts getting boring.

Keep up the good work ;-)
Could you post a lvl 20/40/60/80 leveling guide.
ekard wrote:
Could you post a lvl 20/40/60/80 leveling guide.

I will post a short lvling guide in ~24 hrs.
First I need the permission for sth.
After that, I will post one.

// permission granted, guide done!
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why do you use the melee support gems with srs? sorry new to this game :)
kanishpickle wrote:
why do you use the melee support gems with srs? sorry new to this game :)

Srs do melee physical damage, but 50% of this damage is converted to fire damage.

So the effect of these gems is greater than any other gems.
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Hoe early can you go CI?
I sit possible at the start of Cruel?
Is it with any build?
Breach build - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1772123
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nmc09331 wrote:
How early can you go CI?
Is it possible at the start of Cruel?
Is it with any build?

I went CI around level 60 after beginning marciless difficulty, because of the enemies dealing chaos damage, espacially in act 2.

With discipline and some ES gear, you should get about 3-4k es, which is enough.
I geared up after lvl 69/70 - starting with a 500 ES robe for 1c and a 200 es helmet.
++++ breach update ++++

gearing up in progress

- ring
- ring
- amu (antistun?)
- +3 staff
- 4 empower
- srs 21
- belt
- helmet es 450+

Guide is up to date. Reply if you find misstakes or sth is missing.

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