[2.4] Hysteric arrow build


Quick boss run with Cospri's : https://youtu.be/C_JCKNJm80c
Full map run with Kaom's heart https://youtu.be/tJHby8QPFUs


This build in its current form is probably not able to do guardians and Shaper.
Still it's a lot of fun and can handle T15 maps up to a point.

*End of Disclaimer*

This build centers around using essence of hysteria in a 6 socket bow :

The fire burst "spell" is then supported by all sockets just like Whispering Ice.

Fire burst does great damage but has an internal cooldown and the aoe is small.

One solution is to proliferate the fire damage so we only need to proc once per pack and we get extra Aoe.

Apart from a 6 socket bow with at least 4 blue 1 red there are no required items for the basic build.

My take on it is a quad curse version with :

The poison is useless but the +1 curse and the hexproof penetration are invaluable.


This allows to get over 7k life for endgame mapping. The safe choice.


All around great item, gives us much needed speed and dexterity

Gems and links with cospri's


bow : Conc effect - Fire Pen - Change to ignite - Controlled Destruction - AoE - Culling
Chest : Lightning arrow - GMP - Chain - Curse on Hit - Poacher's Mark
Helmet : Decoy totem - Blink Arrow - Barrage - GMP
Gloves : Inc Crit strikes - Orb of storms - Curse on Hit - Flammability
Boots : Arctic armour - Blasphemy - Temp Chains - Enfeeble

Keystones and Interactions


Orb of storms helps trigger Elemental Overload

Elemental equilibrium triggers thanks to lightning damage on the weapon and reduces enemy resistances.

We get elemental proliferation from Elementalist. We also get 25% fire penetration everytime we use orb of storms or lightning arrow.



The quiver was crafted with essence of doubt for much needed extra accuracy.

Kaom's heart gear (tri-curse + blood dance)


Gems and links with Kaom's


bow : Conc effect - Fire Pen - Change to ignite - Controlled Destruction - AoE - Culling
Gloves : Blink Arrow - Flammabilty - Curse on Hit - Orb of Storms
Helmet : GMP - Chain - Lightning Arrow - Barrage
Boots : Arctic armour - Blasphemy - Temp Chains - Enfeeble

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Edit with alternate gear/links for tankier character and a full T14 map run.

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