[2.4] occultist classic ice spear build.

Here it is, an update!
Permafreeze ice spear build.

First, most dense information which is stats, pros and cons:

hideout tooltip dps- 34.2k
regular map tooltip dps (no flasks)- 159k-169.5k (varies because of boot enchant)
ice spear's second form dps- 209k-222.8k (varies because of boot enchant)
hitpoints- 7850
freeze duration- +94% (+151% with frostbite)

-Can freeze everything what is not immune to freeze (except for izzaro for some weird reason).

-can die to reflect. Will die to reflect in -max res map.
-pretty fragile
-mana sustain via flasks and/or vaal clarity
-map mod- immune to status ailments
-immune to freeze end game bosses.
-build cost inefficient (costs lots, gain not so much).

Main updates:

-no longer uses warlords mark for leech, now, uses life leech gem for convenience.
-higher damage
-higher hp pool
-better power charge generation
-no longer uses assassin's mark
-pierce gem swapped to pierce nodes in skill tree
-and finally no more facebreakers!!

Personal opinion:
Don't build this, this will drain all your money :D
Unless you really like aspect of cold and want to make something awesome.


Now the long section.

current gear:

About gear:
two snake pit rings which allows to drop LMP and damage gets hugely buffed, but rather than keeping that damage I went for decreasing weaknesses mostly. With these rings we can drop face breakers and swap them for ES gloves.
After getting void batteries, that helm enchant "15% chance to gain power charge" is critical, this combined with occultist's another 10% chance to gain power charge allows to drop assassin's mark, power charge gem and everything else inconvenient.
Vertex helm is not required, any rare helm works just fine too.
Flasks, as previously mentioned two last remaining flasks (doedre's) are not required, flask like dying sun or basalt flask can be used instead.

ice spear - spell echo - cold penetration - controlled destruction - life leech - pierce/hypothermia/empower(+3 only).

empower +3 is best, but before that it is pierce or hypothermia. Hypothermia gives better damage than pierce after the first hit, but it wont work against immune to freeze (like map mod), and pierce gives lesser damage buff, but it works always and slightly increases clear speed.

3 Curses:
temporal chains-reduces enemy speed and prolongs freezes on them
projectile weakness- basically shock, adds ~50% damage
frostbite- increases damage and prolongs freeze duration (increase freeze duration mod on it)

Skill tree:
In the future would go for another jewel or deep thoughts (more mana).

two must have mods- crit multiplier and freeze duration
then goes reduced mana cost, energy shield or more damage.
Personaly would go for reduced mana cost over 4-5 jewels since poping mana all the time is such an annoyance.

Gameplay, mhh, videos will tell all..

increased AoE blue minotaur guardian map
enfeeble and two damage mods colloseum

Final notes:

Speaking about guardians, In the video i fought and i failed, some deaths were pretty surprising, I guess minotour could be done with more practice, maybe without that increase AoE mod on map. Other guardians, I have not ran them yet with this character, but im pretty positive about hydra and a bit less so about phoenix, pretty sure chimera is a sentence of death.

old post
hello everyone. Today I'm going to post classic ice spear build.

To not waste your time i will show what you can expect in the top end, after investing a lot into it, so if it's too much underwhelming- you won't have to read it all.

Build is extremely glassy, it requires a lot of dodging, fast responses to hostile environment, observing power charges.

70k-80k tooltip dps.
95k-110k dps in second form.
5.5k-6.5k ES as low life build

*Can freeze almost every map boss (have tried t15 kaom boss and it froze).
*If you freeze enemies, nothing can retaliate back.
*very useful in party's.

*no life leech (in updated variant warlords mark is used)
*low hp pool
*ice spear is direction spell, which means if you are focusing on freezing enemy in front you are exposed to be flanked from sides and be disturbed.
*reflect is an issue, reroll reflect maps, reflect mobs can be dealt with using sapphire flask and/or leech.
*requires a lot of attention in wielding character.
*there is tons of map mods penalizing character (ele equilibrium, temp chains, cold resistance, enfeeble, status immune, lower regeneration, immune to curses).

At current standard league gear costs 15-20 ex.
current gear

two flasks are changed for map. Usually quicksilver flask has antifreeze mod and spahire antiburn mod

later on you can use a good pair of rare boots instead of rainbowstrider


Ice spear - LMP - spell echo - cold penetration - controlled destruction - pierce

Optionally pierce can be swapped to hypothermia, but you have to be able to chill in the first place, its 40% more damage over 30% at cost at first shot damage and reduced clear speed.

well, there aren't much impactful auras, but those would take priority:
Blood magic- clarity, purity ice. (instead of purity use warlords mark in updated variant)
mana- herald of ice, discipline.

Skill tree:

Game play and details:
This is an occultist class, using power charge node, and in the future will use +1 to curse to unlock leeching via warlords mark. Power charges are sustained with oculist node "10% chance to gain power charge on critical" and with assassin's mark, in between when there are no mobs doedre's flasks comes into play. Can use helm enchant with 15% chance to gain power charge on crit which is very handy.
About freeze duration. I use three curses (currently)- assassin's mark, temporal chains, frostbite, (and projectile weakness in updated variant) they all helps to increase freeze duration. While it's pain manually casting curses I usually use them only on bosses and occasionally on mobs temporal chains and assassin's mark to sustain power charges. Besides curses there are some nodes grabbed in skill tree specifically extending freeze duration, also jewels with freeze duration is a must (works better than damage/crit mods on freezing purpose).
Flasks. Build has issues with damage over time which prevents on recharging ES (when not leeching). First flask is mana flask with antibleed mod, mana regeneration rate is picked to be the same as mana consumption rate, so antibleed mod will be basically always up; second flask is quicksilver with antifreeze mod, third is sapphire with antiburn mod, for poison maps antiburn flask is swapped to antipoison flask. After getting 4th curse with blasphemy warlords mark, most of those DoT and mana issues will fade away.

abyss map:
updated video:

I won't be much of a help here, since i went the hard path leveling it. I can suggest fallowing freezing pulse build till you are confident enough to lose half of the damage in swapping into ice spear. Freezing pulse is very similar build in skill tree and links, just don't go for projectile speed.
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Added some updates to it- warlords mark instead of purity ice, rare boots instead of rainbow strider, new skill tree with vaal pact with ghost reaver and lastly an additional curse. Best would be just to see performance in the new video. It is a bit less fragile, but still fragile as hell. In future i might do a huge overhaul to this build, currently the posted one here is just some more like experiments to get knowledge about ice spear for future builds :)
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So obviously this build will have basically 70% more base dmg for ice spear, but do you think it will still be good?
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It will be a lot better for sure. I fully expect a numerous of players building their ice spear builds, maybe someone will come up with a quite good one to fallow them.
These changes/additions will make quite more viable options. As for my build, don't know, likely will focus more on defense, maybe some extra quality of life to reduce the butt hurt of wielding it :D
Probably some time later i will do an update to this thread.
In approximately one week will make an update for this build.

Currently testing it, looking what is better for it and etc. So far i'm focusing at eliminating weaknesses of previous version and extending primary stats. It will have a bit more hitpoints, more convenient leech, better damage, better reflect survivability. But, yet as it is it will be very expensive and will require to pop mana flasks continue-sly.
Later will try guardians, but I'm not very optimistic on that trial :) (because inability to freeze them).
I'm not really any sort of expert on making builds, but I feel like a lot of the issues that build has could be solved by fixing that mana problem i'm just not sure how to go about that. I might try to make a not-so-expensive variation on this; this build isn't much of a league starter in its current state xD
Looks like a decent Ice Spear build, though the ES worries me a bit at those numbers.

Have you considered adding:

It makes mana sustain quite easy, no matter the map mods. And/or the Boot enchant:
Freeze Arc Mines Guide (3.14) - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3071009
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I have thought various of ways dealing with mana issue. Thought about Lavianga's spirit, the thing is that existing unreserved mana pool is not large enough when comparing to mana costs, it depletes in around 1.5 seconds after it has been refiled. Better option with flasks is to target mana recovery rate from flask to be the same as consumption, this will prolong mana flask active time, but in the end when you move or stop or mana refills for other reason you again have to drink mana after 1.5 secs, which sucks :D.
I think the only way is to go for reduce mana cost on 4-5 jewels each having 5% amount of it, ending up with 20%-25% reduce mana cost, and picking deep thoughts to further increase sustainability.
Current mana cost is around 212 mana/sec, regen is 46.6. adding 25% reduced mana cost will reduce 212 to 159, and then picking deep thoughts, regen could go 65 maybe. Then mana degeneration rate would be 94, which in ~360 unreserved mana pool would take 3.8 secs which would give more time to take an action (mana pot) before going out of it.
Honestly, don't know how to fully fix it.

EDIT: ahh, that boot enchant would make wonders :).
with uber lab enchant 2%, it would modify 46 to 98, or after deep thoughts node 65 would modify to 139 which is quite something.
confused it with 2% regen when hit, but 0.6% leech should work just fine too, i guess.
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I've found the boots go a LONG way. You're right, the flasks aren't as reliable with a small pool.
Freeze Arc Mines Guide (3.14) - https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3071009
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