[2.5]PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build - Selffound possible!/Atziri Viable!


The 2.5 patch has been kind to us. A slight buffs for our minions! Click here to see more details!

Skill Tree
Gear > PewPewPewImmaLeftBehind
Bandits: Kill them all

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For those interested in a more defensive variant, check out my other firestormer!

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[PFS001]What is this build about? - A quick introduction to this guide.
[PFS002]A Brief introduction to Firestorm, what is it all about? - The basic mechanics of firestorm.
[PFS003]Firestorm and Minions - The synergy between firestorm and minions.
[PFS004]Other essentials: Curses, and how we apply them - Curses and Herald of Thunder.
[PFS005]How do we set up our gems? - Our Gem setup
[PFS006]What about the Skill Tree? - Our Skill tree + Leveling Tree
[PFS007]So what about gears? It's cheap right? - The basics of gearing(what are good gears to get started)
[PFS008]So what about upgrading my gear? - Advanced gearing, what to look for when you want to upgrade
[PFS009]So why is the difference between Concentrated Effect, Controlled Destruction and Increased Area of Effect important? - Explanation + Playstyles
[PFS010]Do you have any video's? - Video's

[PFS001]What is this build about?
Low costs, starter friendly, high clearspeed, strong, adjustable, fps destroying, but fun build. A build optimized for those that don't want to look for good gear(or prefer to play self found), but do want the possibility to upgrade. Perfect for casual players, but it's also great for those who like to level hard. Due to the nature of this build, it is insanely easy to get to mapping, and clearing maps will be a breeze as well. This build can also adjust to most scenario's, dealing effectively with most threats, while keeping yourself save. And if that isn't enough, it's possible to put decent amounts of increased rarity on your gear, without losing much combat powers.

Just be warned, this build can and will destroy the fps on lower systems - Although this has been much better since the big performance updates in 2.2.

[PFS002]A Brief introduction to Firestorm, what is it all about?
According to the wiki: "Flaming bolts rain down over the targeted area. They explode when landing, dealing damage to nearby enemies."

A few things are important here. You target a specific area on the ground, bolts will fall down on that spot for a set duration(or a specific number of bolts), those bolts will explode and deal damage in a small area. Add in the damage of firestorm, and you will have three important keywords for firestorm: Area of Effect, Duration, and Damage. But there is one more to it, the wiki doesn't directly refer to. Cast speed. However, it doesn't just add damage by speeding up the firestorm.

Now, I said that once you cast a firestorm, it will keep raining down for a set duration. While this isn't incorrect, it's more correct to say that firestorm will cast a specific number of bolts on a certain location, before running out. Yet, if you look up Firestorm ingame, you will see that it's duration is represented in seconds. If you link a faster casting gem to it, the time will not decrease: Faster Casting does not speed up the time between bolts. Instead, faster cast speed will allow us to act faster after casting a firestorm. This means two things. We will be able to cast multiple firestorms on top of each other, dealing more damage. And we will be able to move faster after casting a firestorm, increasing our Mobility.

Faster Casting is a good thing to have. But while Increased Area of Effect seems to be something we want lots of, it doesn't necessarily have to be a good thing. In fact, even though our bolts have their own AoE, that scales accordingly with Increased Area of Effect, the ratio between bolts and total AoE of the firestorm will always be the same. In other words, More AoE means Less Single target damage.

The red circle is the total AoE of the Firestorm
The orange circles are the individual bolts
Blue dots are the enemies

As you can see here, the bigger the individual dots become, the bigger the space between the dots become as well. And since the ratio between the bolts and the firestorm AoE remains the same, a bigger AoE means that they will hit a single target less often. That doesn't mean we need to aim for a small firestorm. While it is true it will increase our damage output against single targets, higher Area of effect will cover a bigger area(Yeah. Really.) and will be much more effective in dealing with certain situations(big packs, enemies that move a lot). More on this later.

Increased duration is also very relevant. It's a huge damage boost. Not directly, but more duration means more bolts, means more damage(Given the enemy will stay in that spot, but we'll get to that point soon enough). But increased duration will only be that damage boost if you keep casting. The more Firestorms you put on top of each other.. well. The more damage it will offer. There is another thing about Increased Duration that makes us really want it. While the firestorm is doing his thing, we can do whatever we want. We can run away, we can cast more skill, we can pick up items. Increased duration also gives us room to act without stopping the damage flow.

So while these four points are all influencing our damage output, cast speed and increased duration are mainly utilized for our options in battle while Increased Area of Effect and Damage mainly determines how many and how hard we will hit.

[PFS003]Firestorm and Minions
Besides Firestorm, we will also run with minions. At first, this might seem strange, hybrid builds often fail to work since they are mediocre in all the things they try to do, simply because the tree can hold only so many points. It's different for this build, since we only have to invest 9 points to get the most essential minion nodes. The secret is that we only get the life points for minions. All the damage nodes won't be necessary, since our main damage source is coming from our fiery Armageddon. Our minions will be just our meatshields.

Our main army will be the Raise Zombies. Zombies will Block incoming projectiles, take enemy attention, keep enemies in place(remember firestorm?) and warn us for potential danger(Whenever we see their HP drop fast, we know we have to back off). And the best thing is, our playstyle perfectly fits the AI the zombies have.

The zombies AI is simple, but effective. They run to the place we last cast a spell, and attack monsters around that area. Moving around won't immediately draw away zombies from the enemy, but if we move away too far, they will follow us once more(and if a certain distance is reached between the minion and us, it will teleport to us). This means, if we cast a firestorm in a group of monsters, the zombies will run to those monsters, and attack them keeping them nicely locked up in the rain of fire.

Besides our zombies, we also get two golems(See the ascendancy section for more information on this). Golems are a little bit more interesting as, besides having additional attacks, they also give us a nice buff. Our main golem is the Flame Golem This golem massively increases our firestorm damage. The second golem is debatable. While I would recommend the lightning golem for the additional damage and cast speed, the Chaos golem is a decent alternative in case you wanted something more defensive. Just keep in mind that the Chaos golem is not an elemental golem, which means, it won't get the added effects from Liege of the primordial(more on this later).

[PFS004]Other essentials: Curses, and how we apply them
We can run two curses in this build. One of the two is mandatory - the other one is a curse of choice. We run curses through a Curse on Hit setup. But since we don't want to cast many other skills besides our firestorm(we already have to resummon our minion every now and then), we have to do it through something that casts automatically. And for that, we use Herald of Thunder.

Herald of Thunder is a buff that reserves a bit of our mana to stay active. It has two components. The first one is a passive damage increase. It will add a flat amount of lightning damage to our spells. Since we only have a 30% damage effectiveness on our firestorm(meaning we only get 30% of the damage Herald of thunder gives us)this part is quite neglectable. The second part is far more interesting though. Whenever we kill a shocked enemy, lightning bolts will strike enemies around you for a short duration. This part is what matters. Everything hit by those lightning bolts will be cursed.

We only have one problem. Firestorm as it is, does not shock. So we need to find a way to get our enemies shocked. Our solution is Shaper of Desolation. This node is located in the Elementist Ascendancy tree. We can pick it up once we cleared The Lord's labyrinth at least once. Once we have this node, every fourteen seconds, we gain 6 seconds of shocking conflux, meaning any damage we deal, will also shock the target. So that means, during that period of time, even our firestorm will shock, effectively triggering Herald of Thunder.

Thanks to the amount of duration nodes we pick up from the tree, the active part of the Herald of thunder last for 11.6 seconds. Which means it is possible to have a 100% uptime of Herald of Thunder's active component.

It is also possible to drop Herald of Thunder and get Blasphemy instead. While I do not recommend doing so in this build, I am working on a different variantion of this Firestorm build that uses Blasphemy instead of Herald of Thunder. So if you are interested, see this topic("Link should be up soon" - Pew 31/08/2016)

[PFS005]How do we set up our gems?
Now we have the big picture out of the way, it's time to focus on the details. Let's start off with the gems. Not everything is necessary, and you have all the freedom to mess around with different setups, but this setup works for me, if you find yourself stuck, consider sticking to this setup.


You can find the gems at the gem vendor in these acts:
Act 1(Nessa): Firestorm, Raise Zombies, Flame Dash
Act 2(Yeena): Faster Casting, Concentrated Effect, Controlled Destruction, Minion Life, Minion Speed, Herald of Thunder, Summon Skeletons, Spell Totem
Act 3(Clarissa): Innervate*, Fire Penetration*, Increased Duration**, Minion and Totem elemental resistance*, Warlords Mark**, Anger
Act 4(Petarus and Vanja): Spell Echo, Increased Area of Effect, Curse on Hit, Summon Flame Golem, Summon Lightning Golem, Cast when Damage Taken

*After doing the Library Side Quest
**The witch doesn't get this from the gem vendor

If one of the gems don't show up, continue doing the main quest, you will unlock them as you progress.

Let's start with our main offence, Firestorm. As you can see, there is a lot of things going on for firestorm. Besides Firestorm, Spell Echo is mandatory. While it does not increase our tooltip dps, it massively increases our firestorm cast speed, with the downside that we always cast two in a row - locking us in place for a longer duration. In order to keep up our mobility, we run either Faster Casting or Innervate. Both will increase our cast speed, allowing us to move faster after casting, but Faster Casting will give us more Cast speed, while Innervate grants us Onslaught, a buff that gives us both cast speed and Movement speed. To finish our four link, we take either Increased Area of Effect or Concentrated Effect with us. The difference between the two will be explained in a later chapter.

If you manage to get a 5 link, we take Fire Penetration with us. Even against low fire resistant mobs, this is a huge damage increase. And for those rich enough to get a 6 link, either Controlled Destruction or Increased Duration will suffice. Be careful with Controlled Destruction, since it lowers our Critical hit. Note: it's a decrease in Critical Chance, not a more, we will still be able to crit, just less frequent!

Next up, our Raise Zombies. Really Straightforward. We want them to be tanky and fast, so they can take plenty of hits before they give and are fast enough to intercept enemies rushing towards their masters. Their damage is lackluster, so we won't be gaining anything from Life Leech or Endurance Charge on hit. So our best options are just the minion enhancing supports: Minion Life, for extra life, Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance for that bit of extra resistance and Minion speed for that movement speed(and attack speed, but we really don't care about that). It is also possible to swap out Minion speed for Fortify. This will increase the tankiness of your minions, however, it will make them much slower, and that will slow down your clearspeed as well, since you do want them upfront, if you don't want to take all the damage. It is an option for hard maps, but overall I would advice against going with it.

Our Herald of Thunder will be in a 4-link. Together with Curse on Hit, Warlord's Mark and a last curse of your choice. I consider three options, Flammability, if you prefer to do more damage, enfeeble, if you are taking too much damage or Temporal chains, if you want to slow down everything before it can hit you. When running harder maps, I recommend playing with Enfeeble. If you are confident in your dodging abilities, temporal chains is also a good option. Just keep in mind that Temporal Chains requires a decent amount of Dexterity to run. We won't get a lot from the tree, so make sure you get at least 60 dexterity from your gear.

Our Utility setup consists out of Faster Casting, our Lightning and Flame Golem, and Flame Dash. We get the Flame And Lightning Golem since it adds a lot of damage to our firestorm. See the Ascendancy chapter for more information on this.

Our Cast when Damage Taken Setup is linked to Convocation and Immortal Call. Convocation is mandatory, whenever we take a heavy hit, it will recall all our zombies to us, forming a thick wall around us that will draw enemy aggro and block enemy projectiles. Immortal Call will instantly add Physical immunity for a short duration. The duration scales with endurance charges, something we get whenever we kill an enemy cursed with Warlord's Mark.

And finally, our last Three link will have a Spell totem linked to Summon Skeletons. The last slot should be unlinked(!), and contain Anger, our main Aura. The Summon Skeleton Setup allows us to summon an army of bones whenever we need them. The totem will keep summoning until it runs out of time, or gets destroyed. Keep in mind that the totem will only summon when enemies are near it. As for Anger, it's our basic damage increase. Since it adds fire damage to our spells, it scales with all the damage nodes from the tree.

[PFS006]What about the Skill Tree?
Time to take a look at our tree. This is the tree as you should have it around 85.


If you read everything before this, this is pretty self explanatory.
- We pick up Fire damage, Elemental Damage and Area Damage to increase our damage output.
- Increased Duration will add more duration to our Firestorm, the active effect of Herald of Thunder and the duration of our Immortal Call.
- We pick up three major Minion nodes. We skip on Gravepack since it's four points away, and barely adds to the defences of our minions(Grave Intention however does add significantly to our minions defenses, so we pick it up, even though it's 5 points away).
- To keep casting, we get a few mana regeneration nodes.
- And of course, we get plenty of life and resistances.

Our choice of ascendancy will be the Elementist Tree. While every ascendancy tree looks great, the Elementist Tree allows us to trigger Herald of Thunder reliably. That is because of Shaper of Desolation, giving us Elemental Conflux on kill, which allows our attacks to shock, chill and ignite. For this reason, this should be the first ascendancy point you get.
Liege of the primordial is the second we pick up, as it adds a ton of damage. Even better, it allows us to run an extra golem! And on top of that, it will also make our golems almost indestructable! We get roughly 80% increased damage and 18% cast speed by just having our golems summoned, making this almost a no brainer.
The next node we get is Paragon of Calamity. For one big reason: it will make us quite resistant to reflect. With careful flask management, this allows us to run elemental reflect maps(don't overcast your firestorm, let the duration do its work)! It also adds a bit of damage, while it's not really consistent, it's still nice to have.
There are two more points we can obtain, after doing the uber lab. By the time you get to do that lab, you're most likely around 80, so don't count on it getting it anytime fast. But when you do: Pendulum of Destruction is our best choice.

As for the bandits, Either Help Oak on normal or kill them all, the 40 hp is nice, but not optimally used as we don't get +175% life from the tree, but useful if you don't think you can get the gear with enough life on it. For both Cruel and Merciless, we kill all the bandits.

As for leveling the skill tree, here is my recommended leveling tree!

We stay close and grab the damage, mana, minion and life nodes nearby. Even though we get minion nodes early on, minions aren't really reliable at this point. It's good to have them up before going into a hard fight, but don't worry about them dieing if they do.

We head down and grab the first cluster of duration nodes. We stack a bit more life to get that extra survivability.

47p/2apWe get more life, damage AoE and cast speed, for our first labyrinth fight. With this tree, you should be able to overcome the labyrinth. The first two ascendancy points will go into shaper of desolation.

We head up to get Heart of Flame, and grab the second duration cluster at the bottom. And again, a bit more life.

A small jump, but a very important one. We get all our minion nodes, if you've leveled your raise zombie from the beginning, they should be tanky enough with those points to help you in the upcoming labyrinth(even without support gems). We get Elemental Overload for the extra damage boost(if you were using controlled destruction to level, this is a good point to switch over to increased AoE for the time being). We get Liege of the Primordial from the second ascendancy upgrade, so our golem won't die again, and we have a nice boost on top of it.

This should be at least everything you want to have before you tackle the merc labyrinth. We get the second curse and more life. If you are still struggling with izaro(he one shots you), get a few more levels, and get more life. If you are playing on HC and don't want to take any risks, make sure to get at least 3.5K life/500ES before attempting Izaro. Make sure he does not get the chance to power up(if you swap in concentrated effect before going in, you should be able to melt everything that tries to empower him). At this point, both Pendulum of Destruction and Paragon of Calamity are good pick ups. I personally recommend Paragon of Calamity, since it will help you when tackling higher content.

And the final tree.

If you reach 87, you should have the final tree as planned above. From here, there are a few good points to pick up. I've crafted a 123p tree with several nodes you can pick up. It is also possible to pick up the jewel slot nodes to the left of Elementalist(templar area) or the one below Whispers of doom(dual curse node). Note that I also picked up the last ascendancy notes here. By now, you should be able to access and complete the final lab. Pick up the final remaining ascendancy, Paragon of Calamity or Pendulum of Destruction.

[PFS007]So what about gears? It's cheap right?
It is. Now the ascendancy tree has been released, we have no more need for any of the previous uniques. This basically means: If you just want to get capped resistance on merciless, you need an average of less than 40 total resistance per gear. Items like that are very common and you can easily compose your own set of gear by just whatever you find among the way.

Focus on Life and Resistance. Those two are the main things we need from gear. Try to obtain boots with at least 20% movement speed as well. Besides that, mana and mana regen are less important, but still a welcome addition. %Spell damage, %Fire damage(Keep in mind, flat fire damage won't do anything for us!) and Cast speed, are offensive options for us, so it's also not bad to have a bit of those on our gear. As for the bases, Intelligence and Strength work best for the gem combinations that we have, to try obtaining gear with either energy shield, or both energy shield and armor.

As for the weapon, spell damage, % fire damage(Keep in mind, flat fire damage won't do anything for us, unless it's specified it works with spells!), elemental damage and cast speed are the most important things we can get from our weapon. It's also possible to get resistance on your weapon, but focus on the damage output, rather than the resistance it might offer.

If you can't find a decent weapon, or prefer to have something solid you can count on,
the Moonsorrow is an option. It's a very cheap, but decent weapon. Even though it increases our lightning damage(quite useless for us), it gives us enough cast speed and spell damage to get quite far. It's easily replaced when you find something better, making it a perfect item when you are starting out with mapping.

We will also have room for(at least)one jewel in the passive tree. While it's best to get a specially crafted jewel with fire damage, spell cast etc etc, for the budget build, we get one that is free in the first place: Survival Secrets. It's good enough for starters, and you get it as early as in act two normal.

If you end up missing life or resistance late game, you can always add more resistance using either Haku's or Elreon's master crafting. If your gear hasn't got the best stats, it's usually a good idea to add life or resistance to your gear. It doesn't cost much, but make sure you get the right one - remove a master crafted mod is quite the chore.

Examples of some cheap good gears:

All these items have at least 50 life, and at least 25 total res. Not all stats are great, but it's good enough.

Examples of some bad gears:

While some of these might not seem too bad, they either lack life or res. High life and no resistance will only be the better option if you don't need the resistance on your gear(meaning, you are capped with all three resistances).

[PFS008]So what about upgrading my gear?
Cheap items are all fine and great, but as you go further, you will find more wealth, and better gear. Plus, there are also interesting master mods doing a lot for us.

As I've been getting lots of requests for the 'perfect' gear, I placed a few links to near perfect gears. Keep in mind that you don't need these gears to do end game content. They are just examples, things to work towards to. With this little disclaimer out of the way, let's start with the lists :)

Example of near perfect endgame Helmets
A rare with high Resistance, life and +2 to minion levels is by far the best we can wish for. Put your zombies in your helm, and they get two free levels, massively increasing their survivability. Skullhead will make our minions tankier, and offers a decent amount of life. Though, it is Armor and Evasion, making it hard to fit it in the build(Your best bet would be the Herald of Thunder, with Temporal chains, so you only will need two blue sockets). Though, a good rare with +2 to minion levels should be the best for the build.

One of the Firestorm enchants is best for our headgear. While I prefer the explosion radius - mostly increasing our damage output with AoE, both explosion radius and duration should be fine(especially since it's hard to get the right enchant on the right helm). But this one has a lower priority. Get it if you can, but if not, don't worry. Getting the right helmet can be a serious currency sink.

Example of near perfect endgame Rings
Example of near perfect endgame Amulets
In order of importance: Life/Resistance, Cast speed, Mana/Mana regeneration, Spell damage(Amulet only)/Fire damage. Make sure your jewelry has high life and enough resistance before looking at the damage mods.

Example of near perfect endgame Weapons
Even though Firestorm only has a 30% damage effectiveness, added damage to spells will add a decent amount of damage to firestorm. Just make sure you get fire damage added to spells, so you also have the optimal scaling. Besides that, spell damage, cast speed and elemental damage are all just as important. You can use a level 5 Catarina to craft Fire leech on your weapon.
The base for your weapon does not matter. If you decide to pick up a staff, make sure it has 6 sockets, and two 3 links. The one handed weapons each have their own strenghts as the dagger allows us to proc Elemental Overload more often, and wands and Scepters have that base damage going on. Although most wands have usually the best mods for us, don't hesitate if you find a scepter/dagger with better stats! Aim for at least 100 spell/fire damage combined with added cast speed, spell critical hit chance or fire leech.

There are a few uniques that offer straightforward stat bonuses, and work perfectly for the build as it is. Divinarius, a Doryani's Catalyst or The Dark Seer are just a few examples.

It's also possible to get a Scourge as your weapon. I would recommend a slightly different tree then, to fully optimize the damage bonus the Scourge gives. My personal preference is the Scourge with either a shield, or another melee weapon(Dark Seer, Divinarius, Doriyani's Catalyst, etc). But a rare weapon, with a rare shield can be just as good, if not, possibly even better.

Example of near perfect endgame shields
Life, ES, Resistance, Spell Damage are all nice to have on a shield. If you end up with an open suffix mod, you can use a level 5 Catarina to craft cast speed on your shield.

For uniques, both the Rathpith Globe and Saffell's Frame are excellent choices.

Body Armour
Example of near perfect endgame Body Armours
A 5 or 6 link will help a lot. Getting a 5 link isn't too hard, even for people with little wealth. Statwise, we look at Life, Resistances, and High ES. If you leave a prefix open, you can also craft a +1 to max Zombies with a level 6 Catarina.

A Carcass Jack will also be a good option, due to the increased area of effect, life, resistances, and damage. The Tabula Rasa is an easy 6 link. Since it doesn't have any stats, it's mostly useful until mid tier maps. If you plan heading into high tier maps, a 5 link with good stats is often better then a Tabula.

Example of near perfect endgame Gloves
Again, Life and Resistances dominate our needs. With a level 2 Catarina, it is possible to craft minion life on your gloves. Try to get the Commandment of Inferno Enchant(or at least the Decree of Inferno Enchant), as it adds a big amount of damage to the build(Since it's pure fire damage, it scales with all the nodes from the tree).

Example of near perfect endgame Boots
Life, Resistances, and high movement speed(aim for the 30%). There is nothing else we want on our boots. The Leech after kill Enchant is relatively easy to get on our boots, and a big help to run end game maps comfortably. You can do without, but it's simply the best we can get.

Example of near perfect endgame Belts
Besides the regular, Life and Resistances, with the help of a level 6 Tora, we can craft additional movement speed on our belt. Besides that, there isn't much we want on it.

The Doryani's Invitation is a great option for those that want a bit more damage and leech in their build.

It's important to have your flasks properly set up. I recommend at least having a flask that can dispel Bleeding. These flasks will save your life when you run into Corrupted Blood enemies. Since we are running with just a bit of mana, I recommend using a Divine mana flask with either extra charges or reduced charges used. Divine mana flasks use just a few charges, with a max rolled Ample/Chemist prefix, you get 10 charges from one flask. Really helpful when you are running no mana regen and hexproof map or fighting long boss fights without any ways to recharge your flasks. A Quicksilver Flask will also be very useful, since it allows us to quickly evade enemy attacks. For a quick burst of damage, a Sulphur Flask will be amazing. Cast it if you need a quick damage boost, or want to regen your zombies after Convocation triggered. An other alternative for the Sulphur flask is Atziri's Promise, granting a big damage boost against resistant enemies While also adding some leech to our attacks. Last, but not least, a life flask that grants life recovery to minions. This one is best combined with increased amount recovered, since our zombies tend to have high health. For that same reason, I recommend getting it on a Divine Life flask, since it carries the highest life capicity. The last flask should be up to you, although if I can do a recommendation, Atziri's Promise is a cheap, but very strong flask to have.

Fire damage, Spell damage, Elemental damage, Cast speed, Mana, Mana regen, Life, Minion Life and damage are all good modifiers for our jewels. If you rather have an unique jewel, go for Anatomical Knowledge or Mantra of Flames.

This is the gear as I've been wearing it in many of the video's. It's far from perfect, but I never intended to get perfect gear.

[PFS009]So why is the difference between Concentrated Effect, Controlled Destruction and Increased Area of Effect important?
I've stated it on multiple places, you want to have the freedom of swapping into either Concentrated effect or Area of effect. The difference seems clear at first, Concentrated effect has a higher damage output, while Increased Area of Effect covers more ground. One could say that taking both along will give you the best from both worlds, high dps, and great AoE. And while that is not wrong, I highly recommend against using them both at the same time.

The main reason is adaptability. Swapping Concentrated Effect out for Increased Area of Effect and visa versa, will completely change the way you can play the game. And that opens up a lot of room for tough situations/insane maps/hard bosses. For example while doing the necropolis boss you might want to start off the boss with an increased area of effect, since the boss spawns with a lot of adds(Blue pack + additional skeletons). After taking them out in quick succession, you can swap to Concentrated effect, to have this high damage output. Another example is the Haast Beyond Boss. Especially when you have lower gem levels, this beyond boss can be a serious pain in the ass. You can nuke him from afar with Increased Area of Effect, or swap over to Concentrated effect, if you have sight on the boss, and enough minions to tank him(Just make sure you switch gems when you are in a save location).

While a build with both Concentrated effect and Increased Area of Effect will still be able to deal with those threats, it will be harder for them. Simply because reducing the area of effect will increase the single target damage from our firestorm. And this is on top of the damage boost we get from Concentrated effect. By linking concentrated effect to firestorm, we will increase our damage output by two different factors, the direct damage from concentrated effect and the decrease in Area of Effect.

Swapping between gems can be dangerous though. Therefore, never swap if you have no minions around, or when monsters are near you. If you notice you need to swap, use Flamedash to get at a decent distance, and swap the gems. I have my gems in a 6 socket, 5 link armor. All I need to do, is put one of the two in the unconnected socket, and swap them whenever I need to. It's also possible to get an unset ring for the gem, or just leave it in your inventory, or put it in the 4 link with Flame dash.

What are the different play styles and why do they matter?
There are three different styles you can use.


Overlapping Storm - The sequence is rather basic. you Move/Cast/Repeat. As you can see above, you cast the next storm just a bit ahead of the first one. In between firestorms, you move forward just a bit. It's important to stay in motion, so you will be less likely to be targeted, and have less problems dodging enemy Area of effect Attacks. By alternating between moving and casting, your zombies will stay ahead of you.
Overlapping Storm is best used in open area's around your level/maps that aren't too hard. It works with both Increased Area of Effect and Concentrated Effect.

Fire and Forget - Similar to Overlapping Storm, only without the overlap. You cast once to twice, and run to the next pack. If you encounter rares, or high health mobs, just hold down the fire button until over half of their HP is gone.
This is great for exping, though you won't get much loot this way as most monsters will die of screen. Make sure you have always your quicksilver flask up, and use a lootfilter. One that alarms you whenever something good drops. You don't want to miss out on that exalt right?
Fire and Forget is best used in lower area's or easy maps. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor area's. Increased Area of Effect is necessary to make this work. Increased Duration is very helpful for those that have a 6 link.

Save Play - Stay back and fire from afar. Let your zombies tank the enemy. You pile up several firestorms on top of each other, and let everything die before you move to the next pack. If you get attacked, you use flame dash to get to a save location. Frost Wall can be used for cover. When you are fighting hard hitting enemies/bosses, alternate between Raise Zombie and Firestorm. You do not need all your minions up during those fights, just two or three. If your minions can not hold the enemy, Instead of moving forwards, move backwards or in a circle around the enemy and kite the enemy while still raising a zombie from time to time.
This is recommended for Hardcore, Hard maps, Tough bosses. Depending on the speed of the enemy, use Increased Area of Effect(For faster targets)or Concentrated Effect(For Slower targets).

Now, I also mentioned controlled destruction. At first sight, it doesn't seem to fit between the increased AoE and Concentrated Effect. But take another look, and you will realise it stands between increased AoE and Concentrated Effect. It has more damage than Increased AoE, and more AoE than Concentrated effect. I recommend using Controlled destruction if...
- You want more AoE damage
- You don't have any trouble triggering your Storm Herald

Use Controlled Destruction instead of Increased Area of Effect, and swap out with Concentrated Effect if you want that extra boost(or if you just don't feel like switching between the two all the time). You can also add Controlled Destruction as a 5th support, if you have that 6 Link.

[PFS010]Do you have any video's?
Just take a look!
[Perandus League]
[2.1.1]Vs Atziri http://plays.tv/video/56fed3713092d6283b
[2.1.1]Vs Merc Labyrinth Full Run http://plays.tv/video/56e7167ea17706ff15
[2.1.1]Vs T5 Double Ghost Shock and Horror(Rogue/Warlord) http://plays.tv/video/56e71a77e66d37d13a
[2.1.1]Vs T7 Sallazzang(With enfeeble and monster life) http://plays.tv/video/56e9445c43497d1b94
[2.1.1]Vs the Spinner of False Hope + Vulnerability http://plays.tv/video/56f27037b213bd888e
[2.1.1]Vs Oba's Cursed Trove map http://plays.tv/video/56f27206b3cb04b1af
[2.1.1]Vs T8 Ochard map http://plays.tv/video/56f27358ed5cafe498
[2.1.1]Vs T9 Double High Templars http://plays.tv/video/56f3c08bc1a8e79ebc
[2.2.1]VS T11 The Arbiter of Knowledge http://plays.tv/video/56f5c1c483f3845e41
[2.2.1]VS The Apex of Sacrifice(Atziri) http://plays.tv/video/56fed3713092d6283b
[2.2.2]Vs T13 Fragment of Winter https://youtu.be/7irDFcABzSc
[2.2.2]Vs T14 Piety the Empyrean https://youtu.be/XkkkVsbAx24

[1 month Flashback]
[2.0.4]Vs Zana T3 Necropolis map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NXYpXygppo
[2.0.4]Vs Zana T3 Shipyard map https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxiCeFdXDVg
[2.0.4]Vs T11 Arbiter of Knowledge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5tliRfr998
[2.0.4]Vs T9 The high Templar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv0GnVNrTcM
[2.0.4]Vs T9 Double Spinner of False Hope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhG2yzJgPjU
[2.0.4]Vs T10 Double Merveil the Returned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=afFlys9MfBg
[2.0.4]Vs T10 Double Forest of Flames https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y00Hp-BhFqM
I am a nice guy.
Looking for cheap builds/builds for beginners? Check out one of my guides! /806789
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Atlas of Worlds!

As I'll be going through the game, I will try to list maps here, and how much of a problem it might pose to us. I will be rating the maps on a scale of one to ten where 1 is easy, and 10 is an "avoid-at-all-cost."

I'll keep you updated!

1 - Easy map. A good map for beginners.
2 - Still an easy map, but beginners should be careful in general.
3 - Beginners need to read up on specific mechanics or bosses. Overall still easy.
4 - Recommended for more advanced players. Still relatively easy map. Might be a challenge for beginning players.
5 - Recommended for advanced players, bequires basic understanding of the game and will provide a good challenge for beginners.
6 - Can be challenging, Requires to have at least decent gearing. Not recommended for beginning players.
7 - Challenging, players should pay attention to avoid deaths. Decent gearing, Advanced players should be careful.
8 - Hard map. Deaths may occur, read up on the description, or watch a video of the map online.
9 - Only attempt this map with maxed out gears, or close to.
10 - Suicide. Don't run this map, or at least skip on the boss.

Beginner: New to the game.
Advanced player: Played the game until endgame before, new to firestorm/this build.
Decent gearing: Maxed resistances on Merciless, 4K+ life Pool.
Maxed gearing: Resistances overcapped by at least 40 on merciless, 5K+ life Pool.

Tier 1
Desert Map(4) - Be careful with extra projectiles, chaining, extra damage mods. The map itself is open, and does not contain many hard monsters. The boss however can be a pain. This archer shoots piercing projectiles, so staying on the move is important. He also creates clones of himself that shoot normal arrows at the player. Keep an eye on the archer that is moving or shooting special skills as that is the real one. His health isn't extremely high however, and as his movement speed is slow, you can swap in Conc effect to take it down quite efficiently.

Crystal Ore Map(2) - Relatively easy map. The map is indoor, might be a bit annoying to clear as it has a lot of dead ends. There are two bosses in this map, both located in different arena's. One of the bosses is in a little arena. This bat is mostly close ranged, as long as you keep your distance, you should avoid most of it's damage. He will occasionally summon big area's of wind that deals damage over time as you stand in them. But they are slow and can be easily avoided. The boss will also occasionally summon help, but those will rapidly die as long as you keep attacking with firestorm. The other boss throws hammers around himself in a spiraling manner. He moves a lot, but other than that, he's easy to kite. Just keep your distance, and fire away.

Jungle Valley Map(2) - I didn't expect this map would end up as just a 2. But I really feel it's an easy map at the moment. The map itself is a large open area filled with walking exp bags. The boss is a stronger version of the weaver, in Act II. Though it's EK attack seems to have a wider arc and it's attacking rather fast, it doesn't hit for too much. Let your zombies tank, and fire from a distance. The boss has low HP, and will go down rather fast.

Arcade Map(3) - While it's an outdoor map, it's quite hard to navigate this map as there's a lot of rubble spread throughout the map. Monsters easily move between all the mess, while you won't be able to cast your firestorm where ever. So be careful. The bosses are both relatively weak, however one of the two bosses is casting Firestorm. It could be hard to see where it's casting it, with you spamming your firestorm as well. If you have a low lifepool(<2500 hp), you might want to keep moving between firestorms, to make sure you won't get stealth nuked. Both bosses have low HP, and will die fast to your firepower.

Tier 2
Factory Map(2) - Indoor map, big rooms, so easy to navigate. The boss is quite easy as all its attacks are close ranged, and it doesn't move too fast. The boss does have a decently high life pool. It will occasionally teleport to nearby locations, just move away when it does, and keep attacking. The boss room still bugs out every now and then. You might want to avoid this map until GGG confirmed it being fixed.

Oasis Map(2) - Be careful with anything that speeds up the boss. Big open area, the boss is Voll, as slow as ever. Make sure to keep your distance, and nuke him down. Careful when he charges his dash. With added damage mods, that could take you down in a single blow!

Beach Map(3)b - The map's layout is similar to that of strand, one long road with water at one side. At the end of the map, you'll encounter a stronger version of Hailrake. While his damage output isn't all that much, his icespears will pierce through your zombies, so you can't use them to block those. Stay on the move and nuke him down is your best strategy.

Ghetto Map(3) - Outdoor map, easy to clear. The boss is a stronger version of the EK wielding Eternal unique. The boss shoots EK and throws out Beartraps. Although, his life is rather low. Stay at range, and let your zombies do the tanking!

Tier 3
Grotto Map(3) - The map itself is easy to navigate. An indoor map that's one big circle. The boss is the Voiud Anomaly. A chaos Golem that both cast a slow chaos sunder and a chaos firestorm. He has high defenses, so taking along fire penetration is recommended. The boss is slow however, so as long as you stay at a distance and move between your firestorms, you should be fine.

Arid Lake Map(2) - Big open Map, nothing hard. The boss room has several Rhoa Nest you can destroy. In doing so, you'll enrage the boss, making it much harder. I recommend against doing so as the rewards are not that much better. The Boss will charge a lot, but even so, as long as you have a few minions running, it should stay in place for most of the time.

Channel Map(1) - Another outdoors map. There isn't too much room to move, but it keeps all the monsters close to each other. If you plan out your route well, you can clear the map without too much walking back-and-forth. The boss is the giant bird from the Aqueducts. While it hits hard, it's also very slow. Just keep your distance, and fire away!

Vaal Pyramid Map(2) - Similar to the ancient temple, several platforms leading upwards to one bossroom. There are three bosses in this room: The three Miscreations that spawn just before Dominus. They spawn one by one luckily, making this fight very easy. Be careful with the last one, as it casts reave with a pretty big AoE. Other than that, nothing special.

Sewers Map(3) - The map is indoor. Many small passageways that lead to several bigger rooms. The boss is a big spider that uses leapslam and a poison dart that pierces through everything and deals high chaos damage. The bolt travels slow, so it's easy to dodge. Just keep your distance, and fire away.

Marshes Map(4) - Open map, the boss is located in his own arena. It's a stronger version of Barkhul. But be careful, he hits hard, and at lower levels, your zombies might not tank for too long. As he's fairly mobile, stay on the move, and keep casting firestorm in between movement.

Caverns Map(2) - While the area is annoying to clear, the boss is relatively easy. He is rather slow, so it's easy to nuke him down. Stay at range, and let your zombies tank.

Tier 4
Dungeon Map(5) - Be careful with anything that speeds up the boss Indoor map, while easy to navigate, the boss is quite hard if you're not prepared. The boss is a faster version of the Warden in Act 1. If your zombies are underleveled, they will melt every time the boss uses his trap ability. While the boss stands still a lot, he also summons loads of help. You can burst everything down with increased AoE, or nuke the boss himself with Conc effect.

Graveyard Map(2) - Big open area with a separate arena for the boss fight. THe boss is a skeleton that uses a smaller version of Voll's Slam. It is rather slow, but hits hard, so make sure to keep your distance at all times. If your zombies all die out, just dash away and raise a few new ones. Shouldn't pose too much of a threat otherwise. Potentially dangerous when speed up, or when the boss is doubled.

Villa Map(2) - Indoor map, but the rooms are big. The boss is a buffed version of Caliga. Only this guy throws fire traps and bear traps in addition to his lightning traps. Even so, the boss is rather easy. The boss is always on the run, so keep chasing him!

Academy Map(4) - Be careful with mods that increases the boss' damage output Indoor map consisting out of many big rooms. The boss is an undying that many slow moving tornado's, dealing physical damage over time as you stand in them. He also throws books at you from time to time. To make matters even worse, he also has hexfont, meaning he will randomly curse everything near him every few seconds. His damage output is lackluster however, and he's perfectly doable without too many strange mods.

Waste Pool Map(1) - Indoor map, many small paths leading to bigger rooms. The boss is a water elemental that uses various cold spells. A pushover really. Thanks to the constant summoning of more water elementals you won't run out of flask charges, and always have your curses up.

Phantasmagoria(5) - Be careful with anything that speeds up the boss Indoor map, it's one long road from A to B with a few bigger rooms. At the end, you'll face a buffed version of Doedre. While the fight isn't different from the one in the Harvest, she hits way harder now, and seems to be a tad faster as well. On top of that, she still has a high life pool. This is a contest of stamina, as long as you keep dodging her attacks, you should be fine. Be careful when you stand in the temporal chain circle though.

Tier 5
Dunes Map(3) - Another open area map, easy to clear. Seems somewhat small compared to other maps. Boss is the Blacksmith. Similar to Hillock, only with a faster second phase. The zombies he summons releases a high Chaos Damage over Time cloud upon death. Just dash away whenever he leapslams to you, and you should be fine. If you stay near the Blacksmith during the second phase, you can avoid him leapslamming to you. Just be careful he won't target you!

Spider Lair map(4) - be careful with extra monster HP, enfeeble, or Fire resistance. Indoor map. Lots of small passage ways connected by larger rooms. The map isn't the easiest to clear. The boss is a unique revenant that rapidly summons more minions. While it's HP is low, it can hit hard with his barrage. Summoned minions sometimes explode after death, so avoid being near them when you kill them. Cast raise zombie between your firestorms, even when all of them are still alive. Most of the damage is AOE, and you want to avoid having all your zombies die at the same time! Be confident in your damage output, as having too low of a damage output can lead into the room being swarmed with enemies.

Burial Chambers Map(2) - Be careful with Double Boss. Both indoor and outdoor map. Boss is a buffed version of Alira with Souleater. Don't stand near bodies and you will be fine.

Mesa Map(4) - Be careful with everything that speeds up the boss. Big open map, in the middle of the map is Oak. He's buffed, has a lot of HP, but doesn't deal too much damage. He jumps a lot, so be careful for that. Stay on the move, and fire storms in between, and he should eventually hit the ground.

Peninsula Map(2) - Open map with the boss being located in his own arena. Easy boss as well. It could be potentially hard if the magic mobs around him are annoying to deal with, as he has an aura that allows his nearby allies to live as long as he's alive. Other than that, he's slow and doesn't hit too hard. Although his lifepool is high, he shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Tower Map(3) - Be careful with anything that speeds up the boss Indoor map, consisting out of many smaller area's connected by a portal. At the top of the map, you'll encounter a stronger version of Kole. While his groundslam can be a potential one hit KO, it's slow and has a long windup time. Just stay at a distance. Whenever the boss pulls you in, flame dash away.

Primordial Pool Map(5) - Big open outdoor map. Monster density seems low. The boss is the first form of Malachai. While he's relatively slow, he has great range on his attacks, and his damage is still high. Stay at a distance, and keep moving. Once you get familiar with his mechanics, you can try predict his attacks, and rain down whenever he's locked into an attack.

Pit Map(4) - Haven't done the map yet, but I imagine he's similar to the Mashes boss.

Tier 6
Strand Map(1) - Easy map, easy bosses. There are two bosses in this map, one is messier, a slow, but heavy hitter. The other one is the Blade master, who is faster, but less hard hitting. It's entirely possible to kill one before even aggroing the other, making this a very easy map.

Ticket Map(2) - The map has a similar layout to that of the Spider Lair. Only with less big rooms. The boss is a monkey commander that uses sunder rapidly. Although he might look intimidating, he deals little damage, and seems to be preoccupied with your minions. Keep your distance, and let it rain fire!

Spider Forest Map(2) - Is it me, or is this map huge? Open area, separated by tight passageways. The boss is a stronger version of Alira. While she isn't hard to deal, she raises a zombie as well that deals chaos damage around it. Overall, the bosses are relatively easy, just beware the corpse explosion Alira has, and you'll be fine.

Ramparts Maps(8) - THe map itself isn't hard. It's a nice layout, very straight forward. The bosses are annoying. There are two of them. One is a blackguard soldier that uses leapslam and double strike, dealing high fire damage. The other one is a blackguard mage that casts lightning thorns. Lightning thorns deals damage whenever you hit an enemy buffed by it, resulting in very high damage taken. Focus down the mage before fighting the soldier, and portal out if you happen to use your firestorm on a Lightning thorn buffed enemy. I recommend avoiding this map.

Wharf Map(1) The map is outdoor, straight forward without anything notable to name. The boss is a lightning golem that... Doesn't do a lot. I believe it summons weak minions, and occasionally pops a lightning ball near you. Dies rather fast, shouldn't give you any trouble.

Racecourse Map(7) - The map is relatively easy to clear, as it's consisting out of two big open areas connected by a portal. The bosses are a different story though. There are three of them. Two of them are easy, while the last one can be really a pain to deal with. The centaur can turn on an aura that reflects damage. The reflected damage can be enough to kill you. Don't stack firestorms, but cast them one by one. This should allow you to live even through the reflect damage. Once the Centaur used his aura, go ham. He won't be able to cast it for a while.

Canyon Map(5) - Easy map to clear, it's one big open area. At the end, you'll face two bosses, a ranged bird and a melee dog. If you kill one of them, the other one will enrage. Be careful of the dog, as he deals insane damage when enraged, and also inflict a strong bleed. The bird will mostly use chaos attacks. Cast Firestorm with Increased AoE to nuke both bosses down at the same time.

Quarry Map(3) - Easy map to clear, as it's one big open area. The boss is located in a separate arena. It's the same boss from the Grotto. This time, he summons allies from time to time. Be careful for his chaos firestorm as it can hit hard. Other than that, it shouldn't be too hard.

Vaal City Map(3) - While the map is outdoor, it does have many smaller rooms to navigate. The boss waits at the end of the city. It's a Whipping Miscreation that uses lightning strike. When he takes sufficient damage, he will also summon lightning projectiles that crawl over the ground. His life is rather low however, and if you are fast, you'll kill him before he even can deploy the lightning projectiles.

Tier 7
Mud Geyser Map(4) - While the map is open and easy to clear, the boss can be a pain. It's a devourer that has two types of projectiles. One is fast and seems to pierce. The other one is slow, but deals damage in a big AoE. Stay on the move, and he won't be able to hit you.

Castle Ruins Map(1) - Another easy map, the layout is similar to the village ruins before the map rework. The boss however is a stronger version of Kraitlyn that uses smoke traps. Luckily, blind doesn't do anything to us, and he doesn't hit hard. Just nuke him, and watch his life vanish!

Armory Map(1) - Indoor, but many big rooms lined up next to each other. At the end, you'll face a stronger version of General Gravicius. He's still a joke though. He deals only firedamage, and his damage output is very low. Let your zombies tank him, and rain fire until he drops.

Cells Map(5) - Indoor, annoying to clear as there are loads of bars you can't walk past. The boss of this map is a stronger version of the Fire Fury. Unlike most other bosses of this tier, her fire damage actually hurts. The best strategy is to move around her in a big circle, and keep firing firestorms. She often stands still, so Concentrated Effect is all the more effective.

Catacombs Map(2) - Indoor map, lots of long hallways, with a few larger rooms. While the map isn't the easiest to clear, the boss is very easy. This necromancer raises magic mobs, and in addition, every now and then, he will summon stronger skeletons. Most of these have an aura. Though, since you have such a big AoE, most magic mobs are dead before they can inflict much damage. Just keep your AoE on, and burn down anything that gets raised.

Ashen Woods Map(2) - Open outdoor map, easy to clear. The boss is a human archer that uses multiple burning spells. Even so, his damage is lackluster, and he isn't a big of a deal.

Arachnid Tomb(3) - Indoor map, but easy to clear as it contains many big area's. The boss is a stronger version of the weaver. While she has a big AoE now on her EK, she still doesn't hit too hard. She will summon many spiders over the course of time, including rares. Make sure you kill the ones that have an aura as soon as possible, as they can make the fight tremendously harder.

Tier 8
Pier Map(6) - The map and boss isn't all that hard, it's the boss area that makes this map... well... Annoying. The map is quite straight forward, and easy to clear. The boss area consists out of three separate area's. Each area has a little gauntlet to get through(filled with labyrinth traps). At the end of each trial, you'll have to fight the boss, who itself, isn't all that hard. He uses a short ranged spectral throw that hits quite hard. The problem is the area: you have barely any room to dodge. You can lure the boss back into the traps, but after taking a bit of damage, he'll just teleports to the next room, and you have to do it all over again. His health isn't all too high, and you can burst it down with concentrated effect.

Bogs Map(2) - Outdoor map, open. Has a cave in the middle where the boss resides. The boss is the skeletal version of the Arid Map Rhoa. Same strategy applies to this boss. Still an easy fight.

Barrows Map(3) - Be careful with everything that speeds up the boss. Easy map to clear. Has two levels, above is an open area, while there are a few caves that lead into small indoor area's. The boss is a big Beast that often charges into your direction. If he hits a wall, a few rocks fall from the ceiling, and he will be briefly stunned. The boss has a very high life pool. But if you move in between casts, it's not that big of a problem.

Cemetery Map(6) - While the map itself isn't hard to clear, being open with few obstacles, the bosses are another problem. There are three of them, a skeleton archer, a skeleton warrior, and a skeleton mage. They all sport decent damage, and have high life. To make matter worse, they also have Union of Souls, meaning if one dies, the others gets a buff in defenses. They hit hard enough to melt lower level zombies, so you won't have a meatshield to rely on. Luckily, they are also slow, so kiting them is a breeze. Make sure to stay at range and take out the skeleton archer as soon as you can, as that one is the only one that can inflict severe damage on you.

Atoll Map(3) - Easy to run, the boss is a totem that uses various cold spells. THe projectiles travel slowly, so it is easy to avoid them. Since the boss is immobile, concentrated effect works miracles!

Shore Map(3) - Big open area, easy to clear. The boss of this map is a stronger version of Fairgraves. His Spectral Throw has good range, but travels relatively slow. After getting damaged a bit, he will summon several tormented ghosts that will try to invade him, although they usually won't get a chance to. All in all, a nice map.

Arachnid Nest Map(3) - Be careful with mods that increases the boss damage output. Annoying map to clear, loads of small passage ways connected by a few bigger rooms. The boss is the weaver in all her glory. Deals decently high damage, so beware. Other then that, fairly doable. Just keep your distance and fire away.

Tropical Forest Map(1) - Easy map to clear, the boss is a hard hitter, but very slow. Once he dies, he'll spawn two other apes, both melee as well. But even those should be easy to deal with.

Arena Map(5) - Map consists out of many big area's connected by smaller passageways. You'll only encounter statues in the passageways. The bosses are the trio from Daresso's dream. Be careful, as they sport good AoE, and decent damage. If you run out of potions or bodies, open up the side paths to summon flame wolfs. Important to stay at a distance, and keep your zombies up.

Tier 9
Promenade map(8) - While the map is easy to run, the bosses that appear are a pain. Once again, two blackguards, one soldier, one mage. This time, it's the mage that's casting a lot more skills: She'll target area's on the ground that either shock you, or cast conductivity on you. To make matters worse, she'll also use lightning thorns, nearly instantly killing you if you hit a target afflicted with it. If you want to run the map, lure away every other mob from the mage. AFAIK she won't cast it on herself. Once she is down, the other boss is a joke.

Crypt map(1) - Huge map, indoor, but easy to clear. Recommended to stay at the bottom side, as you can approach the boss from two ways, the upper being the harder way. The boss curses and uses a miniature version of the Voll's Slam. Luckily he's slow, and his damage isn't all that big. Stay at a distance, and fire away to get an easy kill. If you do get close to him, spiders will spawn from the sides. Be careful though as there can be rare spiders among those, with aura's(even though, still an easy fight).

Museum map(6) - Be careful with Vulnerability and chaining. Another big map. Indoors, loads of big rooms to farm. The boss is quite hard. He's in a separate arena, so you know when you're about to fight him. It's a buffed version of Maligaro. While he's doable, he quite fast, and can mow down your zombies if you don't pay any attention to them. Stay on the move, and keep up the firestorms. You'll get him down eventually.

Temple Map(7) - Be careful with anything that increases the boss' damage output. I might need more practice against this boss, but it's hard to see what attack he's using. He has a very big slam that usually instakills you. His other attacks his equally hard, and will destroy your army rather fast. He will swap from arena from time to time, if he does, follow him immediately as the old area will fill with a high DoT aura. Stay at range, stay on the move, and port back to town if you run out of flasks.

Coves Map(2) - Easy map, one big area with a few big cliffs that separate the area into four parts. There are two bosses, a ghost and a golem. Both deal decent damage, although they aren't too much of a problem. Have your minions tank, and fire away.

Orchard Map(6) - While the map is easy to clear, the boss is a different story. It's the spirit of Izaro. She'll summon skeletons and rapidly shoot projectiles at you. Her attacks are fast so make sure you stay on the move.

Overgrown Shrine(5) - Indoor map, but many big rooms connected to each other, so easy to clear. The boss is the first stage of Piety. She'll hit hard, and her thunderstorm can stunlock you. Stay on the move, and retreat whenever there are too many thunder storms on the screen. Don't be afraid to go back to summon more zombies. Take it slow, and you'll get her down eventually.

Tier 10
Arsenal Map(6) - Be careful with anything that could give the boss more movement or damage. While the area is easy to clear, mostly outdoors with a few indoor sections, the boss is a different story. This animated weapon is located in it's own arena. Once you enter it, it will first spawn several waves of animated weapons before it shows up. The boss attacks rapidly using either cyclone or lacerate. He has good range and damage, so proper positioning is necessary to stay alive. Make sure your zombies are always up, and if there aren't any corpses left, there is no shame to just portal out and get more zombies. Try to stay on the move, and you will eventually take him down.

Quay Map(6) - Outdoor map, one big road from A to B. The boss waits in his own little arena. It's a Knitted Horror from the Dried Lakes. His damage is fairly high, and deals bleeding. Though, since we are standing still, that's not too much of a problem. Upon death, he'll spawn a smaller version of himself. He will keep doing so for another 3/4 times. The last phase will also shoot many projectiles. While it has the least life of them all, he's also the most dangerous, so stay on the move!

Colonnade Map(4) - Be careful with vulnerability Big open area, easy to clear. The boss is a stronger version of General Gravicius. Unlike the one in Arsenal, this one actually deals damage now. He has a high energyshield, and upon losing a quarter of his life, he will restore all his energyshield at once. Stay on the move as the burned ground can deal high damage.

Courtyard Map(2) - Easy map to clear, easy bosses. There are three of them, the three soldiers you have to fight before facing Dominus. They are relatively slow however, and all their damage is easily avoided. Your zombies might die, but at the time they do, you should have done plenty of damage already.

Underground River Map(3) - One long indoor map. Easy to clear. The boss is a drop bear that uses earthquake. While his damage output is quite high, he keeps summoning other drop bears, providing a good source of flask charges. Keep your zombies maxed out, and nuke the little guy.

Terrace Map(2) - Map can be somewhat annoying to clear as there are many small paths leading into bigger rooms. You'll often have your zombies stuck behind a fence, so keep that in mind while progressing. The boss is easy though. He has insane life regen, but even with Enfeeble and monster life, this boss can't outregen our insane damage output. Increased Area of Effect is recommended as the boss will keep summoning devourers around him. THough, if you feel you're lacking damage, just swap in a Concentrated effect.


Tier 11
Wasteland Map(3) - Big open area. THe boss is a beefed up version of Voll. He acts faster then the regular voll, and his damage is nothing to laugh at. On top of that, he has a high life pool, combined with quite some regen. Even so, this boss shouldn't be too hard. You can nuke him from afar, while your zombies tank. They are surprisingly sturdy. Even if they fall, Voll keep summoning more mobs around him. Use those to create more lovable meatshields.

Underground Sea Map(4) - Annoying map to clear, as it has many paths with just a few big rooms. The boss is the first phase of Merveil. She hits hard though, and is a little faster then the original version. Even so, your zombies are quite capable of tanking her storms and whatnot. Stay at range, and keep moving to avoid getting locked in a storm yourself!

Bazaar Map(2) - Although this map has many obstacles, the map is fairly easy to run. The boss is easy however. You can easily nuke him from afar, while your zombies tank. He will randomly cast tarred ground below you, but that shouldn't bother you as he rarely will target you in the first place. Once he gets low enough, he will summon additional bosses - the statue of marceus, and the statue of the goddess of purity. Both aren't much different from their original encounter, and both of them can be nuked from afar. All in all, a pretty easy boss fight.

Precinct Map

Excavation Map

Chateau Map

Torture Chamber Map

Tier 12
Shipyard Map(6) -

Vault Map(7) -




Ivory Temple

Tier 13
Gorge Map(4) -

Waterways Map(2) -
I am a nice guy.
Looking for cheap builds/builds for beginners? Check out one of my guides! /806789
Last edited by Appels_Zijn_Gezond on Sep 14, 2016 7:40:23 AM
pewpewpews build, always classic.
Ran a few maps with OP, can confirm it destroys both monsters and FPS.
Bump for Pew!

I will probably be playing this in the 5 week, though perhaps as Scion or even Templar - much as I love the Witch I have played too many. ;)
Would searing touch work okay in this build?
@WinDog: It will, since we do not really rely on having a shield or a one hander.

Just keep in mind that your setup will be different with a staff: Your firestorm will obviously go in your Searing, and you will need an armor that is 6socket with two 3 links for the spell totem setup and the HoT. Having a Searing will really increase the damage output though, so that will be nice :)
I am a nice guy.
Looking for cheap builds/builds for beginners? Check out one of my guides! /806789
Just wanted to pop in and say this is an extremely well written and informative guide! Thank you very much for taking the time to write this. I look forward to giving it a shot!
Hi, you said you would explain why you don't want to use concentrated effect AND increased area of affect at the same time, and would choose 1 or the other.

Please explain? I didn't see an explanation in the rest of the text, unless I missed it (I did skim through the gear section)
Can this build be played in hardcore? I'm currently looking for a build for the next league and i'm tired of going totems, incinerate or cyclone. Thanks in advance.

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