[3.0]PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build - Perfect for Newcomers/SSF

@FerrisWJ: That's right! And I haven't covered it in a later part yet indeed. Even though I already posted the guide, it's still a WIP. I decided to post everything since the most important things are done, Gems, Gear and the Tree. I plan to write on play styles and everything next, and I planned to elaborate more on what I meant.

Let me explain quickly. The reason I wanted either Concentrated Effect or Increased Area of Effect has all to do with the difference in play styles. When you have concentrated effect equipped, you should be aiming for that high DPS. With Increased AoE, you just go for the mass genocide. If you have both of them equipped, you have. Well neither. And while that's still nice - high damage output, still good AoE, you won't be able to really change in one of the two roles: High DPS or Mass AoE. It's not necessary to do so, but it will help a lot in many situations. And believe me when I say this: I've tested this over the course of the all mods weekends, if you want to do the most crazy shit, you want to be able to swap between these two modes :)

I'll go into details more when I write that section of the guide!

@Paskaperse: It can, but you have to play it the save way. I am not finished writing the guide, and will add multiple sections. One of them is playstyles. There are a few ways to play with this build, for Hardcore, you want to stick to hiding behind your minions, let them charge forward, and finish the job from afar.

I do recommend running with either Saffell's frame or Rise of the Phoenix for reflect. While Reflect hasn't killed me yet, it is noticeable, and can hurt, especially on min max maps. For SC, this is not biggie, a ruby flask should be enough. But for Hardcore, you don't want to rely just on one flask of course. And make sure you have max movement on boots, preferably also 5% on belt. Mobility is key :)
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Very interested to see this build because I just started working on my own Firestorm + Summoner build. My build's very different - scion start, pure fire, no auras so I can use Clear Mind & Infernal Mantle, two-handed weapon so I can get an extra 6-link (was going to go with a good spell crit staff at first, but now I think I'll just use a Queen's Decree). Also using Minion Instability + more disposable minions like Vaal Summon Skeleton. It's been going well so far, though I'm still relatively low level (44).
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Great build guide, well thought out, thanks bro.
i think i just found my build for the upcoming event in hardcore

This is a wonderfully thought out and well written build guide. Than you very much for taking the time to do this.
Thanks everyone :)

I added a new section to the guide, just a bit more information on why we want to swap between conc effect and inc AoE. After this, I will write a bit about the different play styles!

Also uploaded a new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y00Hp-BhFqM
Double boss Volcano, seemed it would make for a fun video.
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Looking for cheap builds/builds for beginners? Check out one of my guides! /806789
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So I killed Atziri in the Flashback league. All mods active, even Onslaught :)

Couldn't record sadly, major lags. So that's why I just made the screens afterwards. The Double Vaals were easy, even though I killed one while the other one had 25% life left, it went down before it could dish out heavy damage.

For the Trio Fight, I killed A'alai first. Rather easy, since she stands still for quite a bit. Used my totem to have her knocked back into a corner. Next up was Y'ara'az. Bit easier than the beginning, since I could recharge my flasks now, and had a curse on everything around me. Kept Q'ura for last. Had to use my totem a lot to keep him at bay, while I just piled the storms on top of each other.

I did die twice during the Atziri fight. Both during the Split phase. The flameblast got me both times. But once I got the hang of it, it wasn't too much of a problem(Cast two/three times, move until she casts the flameblast > Dash, Raise Zombie/Golem and repeat). Everything was very doable. Just don't overuse the flame dashes, make sure you have one available for the moment you run out of quick silver charges.

Also updated the last few bits to this guide, which means this guide is now open! If the guide picks up, I'll add more to the guide, planning to do a bit on mapping, want to go more indept into leveling, Talk more about gear(how to get the cheapest)maybe even add a Hardcore section.

I also might be updating the original guide with some gifs if I can be arsed. But yeah.

Anyways, guide! Enjoy!
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Looking for cheap builds/builds for beginners? Check out one of my guides! /806789
Many thanks for the build guide. No problems so far (current l56) besides the framerate drops :-)
Have a full planned out gearset with around 206 IIR and 65 or so IIQ with IIR + IIQ gems.
Will update every now and then as to how it works.
Planned gear:

Lemme know what you think.
The only thing I'm worried about is how squishy this build will be. What defences exactly do I use most? ES+Life to have a big EHP pool?

I'm so glad to see you're back at making guides (I haven't seen one in ages) I played your Incinerator before and I loved it.
You make really, really awesome guides. Please make more!
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I wanted to say thank you for this build, it looks like it'll be a lot of fun!

Do you have any advice on quickly/efficiently swapping gems? I've been trying this a little and I'm having some trouble. Is it just a matter of knowing what you're about to face, so you know what to equip? Or maybe I'm not swapping efficiently and there's a trick to it? Currently I flame dash away, open the inventory, take out the gem, put in the gem, close inventory, and then go back to the fight. That's quite a bit of time not casting though, and it seems like there must be a better way.

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