[3.0]PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build - Perfect for Newcomers/SSF

I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out how you can keep on casting without Elreon Jewellery, seeing how little mana regen nodes we take without absolutely needing those rolls on gear.

With 2 Elreon Jewellery pieces and Atziri's Foible equipped I have 25 mana regen and 17 cost, without those 3 pieces I have 12 or so mana regen and 33 cost on a 4L at level 29.
Does it simply get that much better with the few mana % nodes we take or do I absolutely need some mana regen on my gear?

Please advise.
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@Wallwalker22: Those MF gears look good, should work great late game. And as for the mana problems, what level are you now? I only got 30% from my gear, and even that wasn't really necessary. If you are still leveling, take clarity with you. You don't need all the gems until you are going to map anyways, with clarity running, you should be fine. Once you get your HoT + Warlord's Mark up, you'll have no problems at all anymore.

Make sure you get a Divine mana flask with extra charges, so you can keep using that one mana flask, if you are still having trouble casting.

@DaLordEtrius: You don't swap often in battle, usually outside out battle, if you know you are facing that tough boss, or if you realise you need more damage for the mobs in the map. The fastest way to swap is to have a 6S5L armor, and put Conc and Inc AoE in the bottom two slots. You can swap them with just three clicks then.
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Thanks for the guide! Using it in the Darkshrine HC event.
Got it up to level 60 now and things really start to come together. Really looking forward to trying maps with the build.

A few tips i found along the way for leveling a bit safer.
As always a flame totem is strong when leveling, really helps out in situations where you don't want to stand still and cast firestorms.
If you get a hold of it a vaal summon skeletons gem is really nice to throw up as extra fodder on many bosses. Often surrounds them and you can more or less stand still and spam firestorm for the whole fight.
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What's the purpose of the reduced mana reservation nodes? Did you consider putting those 5 points into dual cursing or more life nodes?

Thanks for the great build guide
Hey, I'm using this in the dark shrine race event currently level 69 (it's actually pretty much the same thing I used the first time I played this game a couple years back). I'm wondering how important the aura nodes are if we're just running anger and HoT. I don't have any real Mana trouble, I'm sure it wouldn't be bad to have a little extra, but I don't know if it's worth investing four nodes for... But I haven't tried it, so I figured I'd ask. Also I went with Val skell and a skell totem instead of BL.. Val being a major factor against any boss. Thanks dude great build. Best I've done in HC in a long time
Just saw rzilla asked the same thing. I was also curious about dual cursing and even minion instability perhaps with the fire damage and minion life... Just a thought sorry for the redundancy
fortify instead of minion speed for the zombies to increase their survival.
@z4tz: Thanks for doing this in the HC league! From what I can see, you are 84 now?
Vaal Summon Skeletons is indeed a great suggestion. I haven't had the chance to test it myself(Been leveling to many different builds on darkshrine now haha). I'm still planning on creating a detailed section for newcomers/first character in a fresh league, how to level, how to gear etc. And I think I'll definitely recommend the use of Vaal Summon Skeletons :)

@zacmax and rzilla: I should really look into those nodes again. When I first picked them up, I was still in the midst of creating the build. Back then I didn't plan on running HoT, ran clarity for a decent while. It was only when I swapped over to the Three Dragons, that I linked Warlords mark to my HoT. I already had those aura points picked up and never really thought about it anymore. It is something I have to look into again.

The thing with those nodes is that they also add a bit of damage. Anger does have a significant effect on our damage output, but the question is, how much will 10% add to the damage output? Is it really worth those 5 points? There are many other nodes that could help us. Dual cursing is very interesting indeed, we can use that both for a higher damage output(Ele weakness), or even more defences(Temp Chains or Enfeeble). I would have to swap a few things around in the gem section to have this working.

Another option is Grave Intentions, adds another zombie, adds bunch of life to them as well. Also gives them a bit of Chaos res. I guess kinda situational since there aren't too many high chaos damage bosses out there. Hah!

Not entirely sure about minion instability. We want our zombies alive. We really don't need them to deal damage. Since we do not invest in minion damage nodes, the damage output from MI will be lackluster anyways

Happy to hear the guide is helping you through HC :)
The skele totem brings me back hah. But a very interesting thought. Maybe I've been too hung up on the whole BL knockback thing that I forgot about skellies. It would fit perfectly with the build. Not only will they have decent life, we will be able to summon a great amount of them as well. I'll be sure to give it some proper testing soon :)

@kompaniet: It's something I've considered, and I wouldn't talk bad on anyone who would make that decision, but for me, it's far more important that my zombies are fast. They need to be in front of us as often as possible. While fortify makes them a great deal tankier, their tankiness means nothing if they can't intercept the enemy in time.

I am still thinking on ways to get fortified minions though. It is a great buff, and still a waste not to have it on the minions.
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Looking for cheap builds/builds for beginners? Check out one of my guides! /806789
Very nice build write up. One of the best I've read. I'm using your basic build but with some modifications for my style of play. I did respec out of the aura nodes and went dual curse adding flammability. I tried the ball lightning/knockback and just wasn't liking it. I tried shock nova and ice nova with knockback and liked it better but not enough to keep it. I decided to go with a flame totem using culling strike. It just fits my play style better plus it benefits from the flammability curse also. I've never done zombies before and gave it a chance but once again it just didn't fit my play style. I'm using vaal skelies with inc life and speed. Between them and the fire totem I feel pretty safe. I'm using Lavianga's to keep my mana up while casting. It is working very well. I'm using a L73 respec character and started with mostly level 1 no q gems. I've done up to T3 maps and am pretty happy with my damage and survival ability. I anticipate it only getting better as my gems level and I get q on them. Would never have considered a build like this had I not read your guide. Thanks for expanding my horizons.
Did this for Darkshrine and it was fun, thinking of doing it again for the Talisman league. Anyone else considering doing the same?

I'll probably go dual curse though. Haven't decided whether to use a skele-totem or a flame totem over the shockwave thing.

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