[3.0]PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build - Perfect for Newcomers/SSF

Hey Appels_Zijn_Gezond

was just wondering if this is still a good build, my lvl86 witch just got nerfed really bad as she was using incinerate, only prob i got is my firestorm gem is still really low so would you recommend i spec into this build?

IGN: The_Nutcase
This build is awesome.

You'll be fine :)
Hey hope this works, i have done the swap over to your build as incinerate is bust so took the chance on this build on my lvl86 char, used the gear i have and the gems, hopefully the screenshots below work and i'll link my gear, plz can u give feedback, i'm not sure if firestorm is reading correct but it's not a lvl20 gem unfortunately.



IGN: The_Nutcase
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Yo. I am making my own version of Firestorm, but crit based EBMOMZO.

Do you think I could shoot for Uber? I will probably need a support player for that.
Hey just posting to say this build is pretty solid. At level 62 now in HC Talisman and my survivability and DPS is all good. Zombies+golem tank a lot of the hits and seem to only die vs very high bursty damage allowing you to sit at the edge of the screen and firestorm away. Damage is good on firestorm with tooltip at 682 in a +1 with Spell echo and controlled destruction.
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Is mana not a problem with this build? noticed you don't seem to run clarity in the gem setup.
Glendoor wrote:
Is mana not a problem with this build? noticed you don't seem to run clarity in the gem setup.

My mana is completely fine.
At level 63 running HoT+Anger (WIth Sovereignty, although it was fine before as well), with a firestorm cost of 43 with 0.48 c/s.
One flask is enough to cover the costs.
Trickster is the class for Chads
Wow, sudden burst of interest, makes me happy!

@ulraththeunclean - Should work, you will lose a bit of damage and regen, and early game will be a bit weaker, but nothing major. Witch will eventually be the superior option, but both should work just fine!

@ToxicXfi - It's even stronger this league. Hopefully you noticed it yourself by now. Leveling the gems are important, but once you have the lvl 15 gem, aim for maps. You will notice the damage increase by a lot. Your gear is fine. I would recommend getting an animation flask on your Catalysed Flask if you can. But all in all, it looks solid. Just spend a bit of time leveling the gem, and you will be solid :)

@dxmzmx - I wouldn't worry too much. As long as you got something to take some of the damage/keep the enemy in place, you can solo atziri. If you run without minions, the trio will be hard. Try linking knockback, to keep everything longer in the storm, or perhaps a totem(not sure if they will last long enough though..)

@KT_Morellster - Controlled Destruction looks really good! It will most likely be a permanent add to the build, since we do not aim for crits in the first place. Happy to hear, keep me updated!

@Glendoor It's been said, once you have the HoT setup, warlords mark will cover all the mana problems :)
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Currently playing in the sc Talisman league and I'm absolutely facerolling everything from the point I used Firsestorm in a +1 to fire gems wand.

Currently using this gear, mostly selffound and resistances are over 75%.
I can't even imagine how mapping will go! Zombies rarely die. Even in a 6 man party fighting daresso and kaom in cruel not a single zombie died whilst the whole party died a few times. Insane!

You'll be fine :)
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I've strayed away a bit from using some of your suggested links.

I switched to The Whispering Ice for a better firestorm with a 7link, using Pyre to convert it to fire damage.

Still using the Warlords mark curse on hit link since it solves mana issues along with zombies.

Going for a kaoms heart.

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