[3.0]PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build - Perfect for Newcomers/SSF

please update. need to know upgrades on weapons and those that you said you would do other than the cybil's paw and the scourage. plus those others ya kept blank
I'm trying this one again and I'm actually thinking about not using elemental focus, and go conflux/beacon of ruin instead: new beacon of ruin works very nice applying shock/chill even with only 1 point of elemental damage, and it looks actually nice since it sets 20% increase damage taken to every shocked mob regardless of damage dealt. Still unsure about the other two ascendancies
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Hi there, I'm going by this build since a while now but I have some issues especially with the bosses. Maps till t5 is mostly running through .. after that I start dying to the bosses. in 95% I can finish the map with a few deaths but that's not too satisfying.
I have the feeling I'm very squishy and if I don't react to some effect extremely quick I'm being almost oneshotted.
Sorry, I couldn't read all 100 pages but those I've read weren't really helping me further. I'm rather new to the game and this is my first char (playing standard league). I dont have a lot of currency yet either. I hope with some adjustments this can be improved.

No idea how to post skill tree. Resistances are with ~140 probably too high. I'm aware that some gems are a bit too high and thus cost one or the other str/dex node more than necessary. I think those are pretty minor issues. I believe there's a bigger issue with my setup too.




(I'm currently working on an unset ring to get the 2nd golem.)

Any advice? Thanks!

EDIT: After posting I've been checking my post again, first thing I should probably use a lower warlords mark and immortal call and cap those at around 100 Str .. would likely give a lot freedom to readuce by 50 points of str and give me options to replace the +str equipment (which seems to be a hassle atm) can do that by making them qual 20 and releveling to the place I need :D
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Try swapping Evasion for Armour. I'm running this build through Hardcore Bestiary and I am loving it. I'm in early Act 6.

I'm using mostly Armour/Energy Shield and 1 or 2 items only Energy Shield. I hardly get touched, even by the bosses, minions provide an excellent meat shield. My gear is currently only 3 slot and 4 slot.

I often employ the Run & Gun tactic against bosses and elite/unique enemies while letting my minions keep them occupied.

Instead of dual wielding claws, I'm using wand and spirit shield, both with high spell damage increase.
Would love too .. 6 slot chests are just so damn expensive =/

Little update though, I exchanged the shield for another wand (or way better shield for hard bosses) and did some corrections on the passive tree to match around the posted 108 points tree.
3 golems to this now and herald of fire with with 2 socketed rings. Life went up from ~3k to 4.5k plus mana-life-shield and damage now also got at least a 70% increase.
Doing lvl 12 maps with ease now. Bosses will still kill if not careful but that's more a problem of not knowing the fights.

It shows it's no real rush build ... main slow down comes from the time to cast and wait for the fire to do it's job ;-)

No idea though if this works at the final bosses.

Any ideas if using the Pledge of Hands Judgement Staff would be good? Another free gem for damage sounds good, but I'm not really sure if the Staff has the stats to cover the damage loss of the 2 wands (also the cast speed loss):
Weapons now:
Edited - - - Realized what I'd asked was already dealt with -_-. Fun build though!
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I think I’m going to give this build a shot once the patch hits. It’s going to need a few tweaks but I loved the general design when I first played with it.
Hey, I've been using this built for me first ever PoE character and been really enjoying it, I know this hasn't been updated in a bit but I've been able to follow the skill points tree pretty much spot on, but now with 3.4 things have really changed, not sure if this will be updated or can anyone point me to an updated skill tree for this build?
I would love to see update of this build.
Im recently stopped playing diablo and blizzard games.

Please update ;-)

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