[3.0]PewPewPews Official Cheap Firestorm Build - Perfect for Newcomers/SSF

Which pictures are you talking about GodlyAnime? The only ones I'm currently using is the first picture :)

And Exhorion, you can invite another master besides Navali, as she doesn't count as a master(you can invite her for free)

I've started working on the upgrade gear section. Halfway done, probably finishing it later today/early tomorrow!

Maybe u can add some orientation or best endgame unique items in the guide? Ty a lot for ur work, lvl 78 and growing fan of this build :D

Edit: What are the better pantheon gods power to choose?
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Hey guys, This wasn't really a good start of a league for me haha.

First off, sorry I haven't been around for a couple of weeks. I've been having some issues with my health. Worst stuff should be fine now, so I hope to be playing again and updating the guide. I'm really tired at the moment however, but I just wanted to know that once I've rested up, I'll most likely answer all the questions, update the things I couldn't do etc.

Sorry, and thanks for still replying and everything :)

Cheers mate, no rush in updating here, get well first :)
i'm using the build currently, can't wait until it gets endgame information and gem level information.

i hope you'll add information past the cheap aspect.

currently having a pretty easy time at T3 maps, havent gotten higher tiers (yet)
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I'm using this build too, but I'm at a point where I don't know which jewel I should take (Avarius Reward from Lani).
Second problem: I don't know where in the skill tree I should use which jewel.
Can anyone help?
"Poor fish-wife."
"Oops, clumsy me!"
So I helped Alira, what gem should I pick for my reward?
Hey guys, can anyone give me any ideas what type of flasks to be running? I'm still leveling up but as I'm getting closer to maps I want to be on the lookout for ones I could use. I appreciate the help!
Hi guys, I was using the Necromancer build but I don't understand a point: Should I use Enfeeble and Warlord at the same time ? It's -70% mana, is it worth ?
Hi, thanks for a great build. Just wondering, if I have a 6L body armour with 4 blue, 1 red and 1 green sockets, then what's the most ideal gem set up to boost the firestorm damage?

Thank you!
Thanks for the very nice and detailed guide.

I am using a spectre necromancer build so far myself and I'm enjoying necromancer alot so far and since I've wanted to put my Scourge claw to use for a while now,I think I'm so going to try the necromancer version of this build.

However,I have too many questions if you don't mind specially about the FPS drops problem I've noticed in replies and in the video which is probably the only thing that scares me of trying this build.

Do you use certain settings to reduce the FPS drops while using this build?

Also,I have some questions about the build:

You say we should kill all bandits in Necromancer version while you say its good to go for Alira or all bandits in Elementalist version.
Does that mean Alira is not as good as kill all for necromancer version?

Would a montregul's work good instead of Cybil for tankier zombies?

Would it work well if I used flammability curse instead of Enfeeble or Warlord's along with Anger for extra damage?

Or may be use a spectre that can flammability curse (like Ash Prophet) with minion speed and minion life may be while using anger+other curse so I won't have alot of mana reserved?

Do spectres in general work well with this build or not worth it to socket them?

Hello, thank you for sharing this amaizing build :)

I didnt have any issues with this build until t11 maps.
Now, I am little underpowered. I feel like mobs and bosses are rekting me.

This is link of my character and every advice is very welcome :) (Pm or comment here)


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