2.4 (HC Essence league) Balrog whip lash build, 211k+ DPS ( 72/71 Block/Spell Block )


Works in 2.4 the same as in 2.2 when it was originally created. No update needed


Welcome. I will try to make the build guide simple, sweet and short.

This build is for you if you're looking for something a bit different from other builds. No it is not the fastest clearer. It's probably not the most efficient way to go. But it is built around an underused skill and performs very well.

I did not find anything like it so if somebody aready made a really similar build I apologize in advance.

Please go ahead in Build ideas section.

Build ideas:


I wanted to do a ''hipster'' build by using a skill that is really unpopular: flame surge

Key element here is that flame surge has a 50% more damage against burning ennemies.

It combines very well with Righteous Fire that burns everything around you.


Ascendancy picked is Necromancer:

By picking Necromancer you are getting Mistress of Sacrifice. This, combined with Bone Offering gives you very high block / spell block and HEAL on block. I think that is the strongest ascendancy nod at the moment.

Please go to Key stats section for DPS and defense highlights.

Key stats:

Here is awesome defense for no investment at all except the action of casting a spell!

DPS maths:

103 766 *1.5 = 155 649
155 649 *1.36 = 211 682.

Of course this dps is only true vs a 0% fire res mob. Click bait.

Still it is high DPS and has room for improvement.

Pros and Cons

-Medium clear speed*
-Have to cast spells*
-Amazing Block / Spell Block and HEAL on Block
-Righteous fire looks cool
-Most mobs heals you.

-Medium clear speed*
-Have to cast spells*
-Certain map mods are not doable or too painful to do
-Your super powerful flame surge spell has low AOE

*It is a pro because it makes you alert and give you time to see what's around you.
*It is a con because you clear map slower than others.



Righteous Fire:

First watch this:

Ok now here is a mini guide step by step about simply sustaining it with this build.

Step 1:

Reach level 65 to use this:

Step 2: Respec your character to get those regen nods:

Step 3: Use a leveled Purity of Fire
Level 17 is fine, level 15 might be fine but did not test it.

Step 4: Use leveled Stone golem, here level 15 should be fine.

Estimated budget to make this build work:

Expect to need a budget of about 50c to make it decent at level 65
What you will need:
-maybe some regrets to respec at level 65.
-Couple rares that fix your resist (Overcapping fire is important for security issues)
-Tabula is really useful with a mana leech gem on your flame surge (mana is an issue and mana leech is the cheap way while u fix it in the long run)
-Rise Of Phoenix

Gem links:

Flame surge - Spell Echo - Elemental Focus - Concentrated Effect - Controlled Destruction - Fire Penetration

Replace Controlled destruction with mana leech until you have fixed mana issues.

Blasphemy - Enfeeble

Really strong layer of defense that also helps with Volatile blood that once in a while will explode in your face.

Righteous Fire - Increased Area Of Effect - Increased burning damage

The Aoe is important so that Flame surge always hits a burning target. We are not a pure Righteous fire build so don't use concentrated effect here.

Whirling blade - Fortify - Faster Attack

Fortify is not a luxury because we are a ''melee'' caster

Blade Vortex - Increased critical strikes - Increased duration - Cast When Damage Taken

This setup helps with triggering Elemental Overlord.

Bone offering - Stone Golem - Faster casting - Increased duration

Bone offerint is too important not to be supported.

Purity of Fire and Desecrate in the gem slots that remains.

Actual gear:


This build is in construction and I might add content in the future. Questions and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you for reading
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Added 3 sections:

-Righteous Fire
-Estimated budget to make this build work
-Gem links
Any videos for this? Really tempted to start a new character, kinda need some gauge of clear speed though
I plaid this character again in 2.3 with a Doryani's Catalyst + leap slam + atziri Splendour 5 link and killed Pale Council easily in Prophecy HC so trust me it's certainly viable and tanky. Unfortunately my character died later and I don't play standard so there won't be any videos unless I reroll it in next league.

Bosses die in a few seconds and everything else dies to righteous fire or one hit of flame surge so the clear speed is good but not the fastest because of small Aoe and not lack of damage.
If u cannot ignite, so 50% vs burning not work
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thelucifier wrote:
If u cannot ignite, so 50% vs burning not work

RF will burn.
Thinking of respeccing an existing witch into this or something similar because, like you, I want to play flame surge and I like RF. How did you handle mana issues? The few times I've experimented with flame surge I found it to be annoyingly mana hungry.

Have a question. Do you think concentrated effect making your flame surge a too small AOE to clear effectively?
Hm.. I'm going to bookmark this build and reroll my old ED/Cont Occultist and see how it plays. I dropped a q18 Flame Surge on SC Essence and started thinking. I'm going to try this out with Carcass/Divinarius, though.

[Edit 1] I'm young to try this on Stnd as I've already got 90% of the great I plan on using, I believe.
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Which bandits kill or help?

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