[2.4] "The Lawn Mower™" God Tier Blade Vortex / UBER & SHAPER deathless / with video! Atlas Ready!

Hey Exiles,

I go by blasting cap you might know me from my Circe CoC Wander or streaming atziri runs with high end (mirrored) bow and various CoC builds. I'm back today to bring you an extremely min-maxed super build utilizing the skill Blade Vortex.

A thank you to Mathil, Dethklok and Rayamn for the inspiration and help to make this build as optimized as I personally feel this skill can get.

Now that the intro is over, let's get into the fun stuff shall we?

Minimum item requirements:

These are the two required items for this build. We're dealing with a min-maxed super build which unfortunately does not come cheap.

Full Map Runs

Patch 2.4

Deathless Shaper run : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8IgHIv5Ic04&feature=youtu.be

Sub 2 minute Tier 16 Vaal Temple run / 0 remain : https://youtu.be/o1Io4I6Xegc

Gorge (with new Dying sun (shaper aoe flask): https://youtu.be/4ZvW_lWq3sc


Patch 2.4

Patch 2.3

Pathfinder UBER Atziri run: https://youtu.be/gUcCAqNl2_Y

Pathfinder Atziri run: https://youtu.be/2XlzE3BjzUc

Patch 2.2
Deathless Uber run (Directly taken from my twitch): https://www.twitch.tv/blasting_cap/v/67026910

Patch 2.1

Boss Montage

Patch 2.3


Example Gear


We choose a High ES Helm with res. Quite simple. When shopping for a helm, focus on the highest ES helm you can afford that offers the res you need.


While you can do this build with a wand, I personally feel a spell dagger offers more in clear speed and survivability due to whirling blades (Extremely handy when avoiding uber's flameblasts for example)

Shopping for your spell dagger, you have to pay attention to 3 key stats. Spell damage, spell crit, crit multi. The added bonus of flat elemental damage to spells is great but a luxury you should not be focusing on as a primary stat needed.

For the Absolute BiS for dagger you simply cannot beat Plague Scratch. Oh and before you ask, is it worth the investment. Yes... yes it is.

Plague Scratch can be found & Mirrored Here by Rayamn


Energy shield!11! Ok, so you simply want the highest ES shield you can find. Ideally the shield would be 400+es, if that's not realistic for you aim for the highest you can afford. Prioritize ES, then Spell crit and damage. Again, can't stress this enough, HIGH ES > !


When shopping for an amulet, focus on a prefix open to bench %es (if not already done), with HIGH crit multi and mana regen. Again your gear/results will vary, you could use this item to pad some resists, add more spell damage etc.

Take what i use as a rough template, but feel free to use this item to fill in lack of mana regen, spell damage, and so on if your build needs it.

For the Absolute best in slot amulet for this build Brood Choker by Rayamn is it. Simply cannot be beaten with every stat perfect for this build.

Brood Choker can be found & Mirrored Here by Rayamn


Rings are pretty self explanatory. Ideally find a diamond ring with high res and mana regen, then bench %es. If you're running into mana issues with blade vortex, elreon - to mana cost diamond rings are a fantastic solution.


Maligaro's are Best in slot for this build for obvious reasons. Juicy crit multiplier and chance with an overlooked stat called dex! This build is really dex hungry, so these gloves are ideal for us.

Another option are these puppies:

We lose some crit chance and multiplier vs maligaro's but they are a blast! Having built in rampage league kill counter, and the various AWESOME and FUN buffs they give I find it extremely hard to drop them for maligaro's.

If you're fortunate enough to have both gloves, wear the rampage glove in situations where you do not need every ounce of DPS this build can provide.

Lastly Facebreakers can be used for the absolute most dps due to their huge crit multiplier. If you can safely afford the crit chance loss and couldn't careless about rampage buffs then go for these.


Ah, the core of the build. Good ol' trusty and reliable Shavs. Yeah I know, they are not cheap, and yeah it does limit this build to a smaller audience. When we're dealing with a finely tuned, min-maxed face rolling the absolute most end game content super build, you need to be a little spendy!

Fret not though my fellow exiles, shav's have dropped in price tremendously, and you DO NOT NEED A FULL 6 LINK! A 5 link is absolutely fine and I will detail what you run in both situations in the gem link section.


It's not a nice build without a headhunter! Joking aside, this belt I think goes without saying is pretty awesome. What's really nice about headhunter besides it's glorious mod stealing abilities is it's dexterity and strength attributes which this build desperately needs.

If headhunter is not an option for you, a strength based belt with high resistances would be the next best thing.


An extremely huge quality of life item for this build. Automatic Power Charge generation, aura reserve, Mana, stun immunity. All in a single item slot. Without a doubt BiS and a huge part of this build.



Shadow - Witch



Shadow - Witch


4 Link -

5 Link -

6 Link -

For Bosses take out

& swap in

Shadow - Witch (Option 1)
4 Link -

5 Link -

6 Link -

For Bosses take out

and swap in

Shadow - Witch (Option 2)

The following links are recommended for softcore and Uber atziri.

4 Link -

5 Link -

6 Link -

For Bosses take out

and swap in



Shadow - Witch



Shadow - Witch (Option 1)

Shadow - Witch (Option 2)




What to look for:

When shopping for jewels, you ideally want four of the following:

*Spell Damage
*%energy shield
*Crit Multi
*Crit Chance
*Area Damage
*Mana Regeneration
*Physical Damage
*Reduced Skill Cost

On ONE jewel I highly recommend getting dexterity if you do not run a headhunter.

If you cannot afford a headhunter you can make use of the "Inspired learning" jewel to somewhat mimic the true headhunter belt experience. The Image below is where you must place it.

example jewels

Outdated from 2.2
Screenshots use Empower over lifeleech (was my uber setup at the time). Will update in 2.3 when time permits.

Hideout Tooltip (no auras/flasks/charges)

Hideout Tooltip with Auras on (no flasks or charges)

Hideout Tooltip with Auras + flasks (no charges)

Tooltip with Auras + charges (no flasks)

Tooltip with Auras + charges + flasks (max dps without using rallying cry / RF / Headhunter gimmicks)

This build can be done both with Witch, Ranger AND Shadow. They now offer various advantages over each other in 2.4 due to ascendancy classes. Obviously scion can run this as well, but due to her nerf in 2.3, Shadow, Ranger and even Witch are superior now. Single tear for Scion :*(

The following Passive Trees have been made Assuming you've chosen the following Bandit Choices:


Witch - click here

Shadow - click here

Ranger - click here

In the past, witch and scion battled it out for "bis" class. Budget vs DPS is what it boiled down to. Now in 2.4, post Scion Ascendancy nerfing it's Witch, Shadow, & Ranger.


Ranger Pathfinder I feel is now the strongest ASC class for this specific build. Why you may ask? Perma flasks + APS & MS boosts + Posion. This is simply massive for a flask heavy build like this. Always up vinktars, taste of hate, atziri's promise, diamond and quicksilver. Maybe throw in a rumi's or a basalt for even more tankiness.

Ontop of that your flask efffects are severely buffed as well. Trivializing bosses and due to legacy vinktars only the need for 0.5% life leech enchant on boots and thats it. Even atziri's built in mainphase reflect is a non issue with CWDT + IC and flasks up.

If no legacy vinktar's have warlords mark or lifeleech gem in and you'll be fine. Still wouldn't change the fact this is the strongest class IMO.

Now add in poison. Which is scaling off our phys from blade vortex. Huge chunk of damamge that is reflect proof. Absolutely strong as hell.

Between the Added APS + MS from ASC, the perma flasks + Poison and potential to be incredibly tanky + pack a punch from flasks which are always up that usually shouldn't be. I officially endorse this as the best class for 2.4 due to clear speed and single target DPS buffs across the board vs the game's other classes.

I recommend the following for Ranger

Pathfinder class - Veteran Bowyer + Nature's Adrenaline + Master Surgeon + Master Herbalist


Witch provides more survivability and the ability to run this build without skyforth's since you now can get 10% chance for power charge generation with Occulist class (you'll still have to drop an aura or lose a gem slot if you'd like to run all my auras.)

I recommend the following for Witch

Occulist class - Forbidden Power + Vile Bastion + Profane Bloom


Shadow offers some of the highest DPS possible with this build in 2.3.
His ability to have high crit chance and multi via Assassin Class is huge for this build. Crit capping is the easiest with this shadow allowing gearing to be slightly easier.

I recommend the following for Shadow

Assassin Class - Deadly infusion + Assassinate

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Thats a dank guide right there...if I do say so myself :D Nice uber run your final tweaks melt mobs way faster than the version I was running!
lllllDanziGGlllll - 100 Ranger ~ HOGM
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Awesome Guide Cap, loving this build! Keep up the good work bro.
Forget build of the week, this is the build of the year!
Great guide. Good work friend.
i do this build, my mirrored gear KB CoC i think not so stronger
Last edited by Sadhu on Feb 3, 2016, 8:30:37 AM

it works very well,insanely fast clear speed,but especially very fun to play, running and oneshotting mobs, need to upgrade my shield and it's ok, ty blasting
build is fun i just need some skyforth now :o
There are several mechanics released in 2.1 that could easily push the peak DPS of this build past 3M: most importantly the vinktar flask which would allow you to replace lifeleech with empower, but also the pyre+consuming dark combination which would allow you to benefit from elemental auras converted to chaos (lower resistances) and stack poison without sacrificing a link.

Your DPS screenshot comes off as tooltip warrioring rather than an honest portrail of this build's output. You have blood rage running but it's nowhere in the links, and you only have two stacks of BV up, you probably couldn't get 50 before the rest of your temp buffs expire. If we're at that level of DPS warrioring, here's 1.66M bladefall, which becomes 1.66x4 from overlap and 1.66x4x1.5 from shock, so that's 9.96M bladefall DPS.

Really I don't see why you bother with BV. Maybe it will be competitive in 2.2, but in 2.1 BF is better in every way. For example here's a 9:55 deathless uber done at casual pace with TSC gear.
All my builds /view-thread/1430399

T14 'real' clearspeed challenge /1642265

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