[2.2] [Ele] Ignatius: Fire Nova Mine Screen Sweeper

I'd like to share my build that i have created and ran for the past few days.


So first things first, and thats explain the concepts for the build

How does your damage and double dipping work?
Base damage will do quite a bit, however my main goal is to use burning damage as the main source of our dps. Here are some cool things about igniting

1. Negative resists from curses and penetration apply twice (Initial hit and the burn)
2. Damage nodes pertaining to fire and elemental, area, and trap damage apply twice
3. Damage multiplies such as support gems also apply twice

Why more than 1 curse? Whats so great about curses?
Curses are the hidden op right now. Defensive curses such as Enfeeble and Temporal Chains are very strong on helping you stay alive. Offensive curses such as Flammability and Elemental Weakness greatly increase your damage as they both double dip.

With this build you can run 2 curses as auras and self cast the 3rd one until we can get enough reduced mana reserved to have 3. (Either through enlighten, alphas howl, or skill nodes.

How about the defense? How do we stay alive?
Our tree stacks around 160% life which scales into 200%+ near our completed tree, this makes us very tanky, and even without the scion life wheel im sitting at 4.3K hp with mediocre gear. Besides that we have a few other measures of defense

1. 200%+ life with out completed tree
2. We run temporal chains so any dangerous mob that gets near us is drastically slowed down
3. If we need to be safer we can also drop flammability for enfeeble to make us even safer.
4. Arctic armor to keep us safe when dropping and detonating our mines

Mana problems? I dont want to run out of mana!
Eldirch Battery is surprisingly very good with handling all our mana problems. Typically ES recharge should kick off between every other pack so we never run out of mana when dropping multiple mines.

Whats with Emberwake? Isn't it an awful item?
Normally yes for mapping because you cant stack burns reliably on multiple targets. But thanks to the 100% chance to ignite from Elemental conflux, all our hits will ignite. Additionally we mix this with the huge AoE of Fire novas to ignite a lot of enemies, multiple times, very quickly.

Oh, did i also mention Beacon of Ruin prolifs multiple burns? Yeah so if your base damage isnt enough to kill, then those burn stacks will melt the rest of their hp away

Now that we got the usual questions out of the way we can move on to the planning
Ascendancy Classes

What Ascendancy Class would be the best?
Here is the big question. There are a lot of options to choose as a sub class. So let me go over some.

1. Elementalist [10/10] Elemental damage, elemental conflux off burn kills, free proliferation, and more damage. Best tree of clear speed and damage.

This is the build enabler. Conflux lets us have 100% chance to ignite, Shock, and Chill which synergies greatly with our build. You also get a free Elemental proliferation, and some good damage elsewhere

2. Occultist [7/10] A free additional curse, increase damage to cursed enemies, explosions, and some ES. Pretty good since we can drop a corrupted amulet and can be very strong

Not a bad option, this gives us a free additional curse and a lot of extra curse damage. We can either drop a unique for +1 curse, or go 4 curses instead. Not as good as elementalist because of the lack of ele prolif and no conflux, but it can still be viable.

3. Saboteur [5/10] An additional trap, increased trap damage, AoE, cooldown, ele pen,but most of all the Chain Reaction Notable. This lets your traps trigger in a chain reaction and cause each other to explode dealing more damage in a larger radius.

If we were going traps this would be good, but for mines it loses it luster. Not a good option, witch is better 9 times out of 10

4. Other Options that are sub-par

Assassin - If We were crit it would be good, but we aren't going crit

Trickster - DoT, frenzy charges, and some ES. Not bad

Inquisitor - Its OK, but we aren't going crit and their are better damage nodes elsewhere

Ascendant - Another solid option, but we dont need the tree jumping. And i feel you lose too much in this starting position for it to be worth it.

Next lets plan on the gem links, and gear were gonna run

Gem Links

5/6L B-B-B-B-G-R
Fire Nova Mine (AoE)

Fire Nova Mine (Single/Nuke)

*NOTE* I do not have a 6th link yet, but best option would be either Fire Pen or Inc Burn Damage

Gearing Up

Body Armor
1. Hybrid armor/ES chest is god for starters
2. Tabula is another good cheap options

3. Carcass Jack is BiS for an offensive option
4. Belly of the Beast or a Lightning Coil are both good for defensive options, but might be hard to get the right colors.

1. A rare helmet with ES (and armor) works great for startes
2. Geofri's crest is also good for an easy +1 gem

3. Alpha's howl brings some aura reduction letting us run more for less
4. The Vertex has +1 gems and some good ES
5. The new head piece for aura's is another future option to concider

Just a rare piece with ES,resists, life, and the usual

1. Rare boots work great here
2. Blood dance are another cheap option for some regen and damage
3. Windscreams are another other that let us drop a corrupted amulet, but we lose movespeed from this

1. Just look for a decent wand or scepter with spell damage, elemental damage, or added damage to spells

2. Doryani's is BiS

1. ES or ES/AR sheild is good here
2. Could also DW for more damage, if you can afford the resists

[] Both rings are going to be uniques so resists will have to come from elsewhere

Meet the twins of ignition

When by themselves these rings are nothing special, but mix emberwake with elemental conflux and it becomes an monster.

Emberwake allows us to get up to 300 ignites on an enemy at 80% reduced ignition damage. With minefield, our fire nova times hit 12 times for each one we drop. Mix this with elemental conflux, and you are getting 15 burns per enemy. But thats not all. With Beacon of Ruin, or free ele prolif, we can spread those ignitions to mobs near each other letting those stack even higher. This lets our burns stack up and spread melting everything unlucky enough to walk near it.

Additionally emberwake allows fire nova mines to become a monster for boss killing. Have a full 9 mines planted makes 36 fire novas spit out. Even without conflux, we can reach about 80% chance to ignite between curses, rings, our tree, and the chance to ignite skill gem. Mix this with negative resists from curses and it gets higher potential than poison!

1. Just a good rare amulet is normally good.
2. But a +1 Curse amulet is a lot better and enables us a 3rd pool of damage (or defense)

Rare belt, this makes up for a lot of life and missing resists.

My Current gear

Passive Skill Tree and Bandits

Planned Level 90 skill tree

Skill Tree


Shaper of Desolation and Beacon of Ruin are mandatory for how well the scale burning damage.
The 3rd node could be one of 2 options

1. Liege of the Primodial // 3% ignite chance, buffs to your golem, and 40% inc damage if you pick a fire golem

2. Paragon of Calamity // A decent option if you want to farm atziri. Get hit by a flameblast and you deal more fire damage and take less.

FAQ on nodes take
Eldritch Battery - NEED for mana control
Zealots Oath - Not taken since we dont need to regen, ES recharge works well enough

Clever Construction - Mandatory for all trap/mine builds or else they would die when we place them
Whispers of Doom - Additional Curse, lets us run Temp chains + Flammability
Sovereigty - Less mana resevered. Not needed until we go tri curse + AA
Skittering Runes - Curse effectiveness is HUGE

Hex Master - Duration isnt as needed, could be taken for future points though
Breath of Flames/Holy Fire/ - Great damage, but we already have damage. Maybe later?
Celestial Tree - Fantastic nodes, but as above we already have damage

Normal Oak
Cruel Kill
Merciless Kill


3/1/16 : Thread created, theorycraft started
3/7/16 : Updated thread with basic builds
3/8/16 : Updated info with emberwake information

To-Do list

1. Finalize Theorycrating
2. Finalize skill tree
3. Upload links for gems/gear
4. Add some color to the guide
5. Get better gear to prove the build
6. Get videos to prove the build
7. Make the guide look pretty

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I know you said you don't need Zealot's Oath, but have you thought about Zealot's Oath with Mind over Matter and using Stone Golem for insane regen to keep the Energy Shield up. Just a thought.
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been trying this build for a bit, but not seeing elemental conflux trigger from mines. I wonder if conflux will not work via 2nd party (traps/mines)
Conflux triggers when the burn damage from mines kills, not from mines directly. An easier to way to trigger it might be with orb of storms or abyssal cry, perhaps even southpaw.

For now i changed my build to consuming dark to follow the meta a bit more, but this should still work pretty well.

Emberwake is probably better to use to mimic poison mechanics for bosses such as izaro and atziri, for mapping rare rings are probably better, but i havnt noticed too much of a difference in T8 maps yet.
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