2.3 Necromancer Support 12auras and 3curses

With Atlas of worlds coming soon I got ask a lot about the support character i used to play so here is a guide for all you guys.
This is my first guide ever and i´m not a native english speaker so have mercy on my soul^^

Guardian or Necromancer?
First discussion on a support character is always Guardian or Necromancer?
The Answer for a SC-pleb like me should always be Necromancer. It has more flexibility and offers a better SC experience imo. A random Guardian Support Party often takes ages to clear maps because they are missing dmg.
This Support sacrifices maximum ES and ESregeneration for a lot of dps. And with a lot i mean a lot. I was able to more than triple the dmg of the majority of end game builds. Now imagine a whole party of supercharged dps builds cutting trough a map like it´s butter.

That´s the reason why you should go Necromancer.

Oh and the best part: You can solo high tier maps on your own if you want to!

What makes this build work?
But enough praising. It´s time to show you how to get to 12auras, 3 curses and manage to be tanky at the same time.

Its actually pretty easy. Get all the aura notes and aura uniques in the game(no skyforth i´m to poor for hat stuff).

Commander Of Darkness is super op with an Auramancer. My whole squad gets 120% increased dmg and 60% cast and attackspeed. Same goes for any of my minions!


As you can see it has a lot room for improvement. Not 1 skill is 21/20 and i only have a 5L Shav because i was to poor for a 6L this league^^
Important notes: You need the Shav or a solaris lorica! And you need the alphas howl and the prism guardian. The rest is not essential. But i highly recommend the pariah. It´s cheap, gives a lot of ES and makes room for more skillgems. You don´t really need res on rings because you can get them trough auras.

Alphas Howl:
Essentiell for this build. You need the 15% reduced mana reservation (on a 50% aura) enchantment from uber lab in order to run 12 auras

Ephemeral Blade:
boosts your ES pretty good. You don´t need a strong weapon for attacking anyway.

Steppan Eard:
is the answer to all those desecrated ground maps. You don´t want to die because of Desecrated Ground and you don´t wanna run away in panic leaving your teammates without your protection. So its prefect for the survival of you and your team

Shaper´s Seed:
Nice little regeneration boost for your party. You also need the HPregenation to cast spells.But you can change it for a more defensive amulet and get more ES if you want.
+1 to curses is the best corruption for a curse support here.
(If you are not cursing i recommend +20% minion dmg, in tank setup +1%to max res is best)

Non unique gear:
just get as much defense as possible. ES, Armor, Evasion, Resistances. What ever you need.


In your Alpha´s Howl you want to get all 3 dmg auras linked with generosity for maximum dps

Your prism guardian should have the 50% auras(determination, grace and haste)

Boots with all the purities linked to lvl4!!! Enlighten (yes level 4 you cant do it with a lvl 3)

Gloves: vitality with discipline vaal haste and lvl3 enlighten

Rings: Chaos golem and vaal discipline (if you got unset rings)

Weapon: Whirling blade as movement skill number 1. Linked with faster attacks and fortify.
You can also put clarity (level 1) here if you are running a 6L shav. Just swap for faster attacks or fortify.

Not that much you can change in this setup. But now comes the part were it gets interesting:

In your body armor 5L or 6L you should run your flexible setup.

Curse Support:
CoH, Bladefall,enfeeble,Warlords mark,TC and in a 6L Enhance or blind

Solo Setup:
The solo setup highly depends on your HP-regen ( you need to sustain the health cost oft he cast). Im using SRS, minion dmg, faster attacks, redused mana, culling atm. Because it matches the colors of my curse setup. ( hey. Im not even able to efford a 6L shav, let alone 2 6L shavs. But if you are that rich you can just have another shav with colors of your choice in your inventory prepared for a fast swap in a map)

Ah yes the tank setup. Tbh i haven't played this setup that much. You can put stuff like CWDT immortal call/ molten shell in it. Bone offering(or the other offerings) are also pretty good in combination with desecrate! Or stuff like tempest shield. Enduring cry for charges is always good too.



BM of course. No other way to run that many auras.

Iron reflexes: you are already close to it and it helps a lot with physical dmg. Pretty nice in combination with grace/determination.

You can sacrifice a bit of ES and try to go for unwavering stance if you want to. I didn't try it and don´t know if it´s worth. I myself never really had huge problems with stun. But if you do have problems you can always try eye of chayula or US.

Ascendancy: Necromancer! Always! Go for Commander of Darkness or Mistress of Sacrifice first! Spirit Eater and Beacon of Destruction later.

Energy from within: Nice ES boost

Conquerers efficiency: 2% reduced mana. You need this!

Conquerers potency: optional but increased effect of auras are pretty strong

I killed all. But if you need more life or more res or you want +1endcharge feel free to do otherwise


Every party wants you.

You bring the dmg even if your teammates have bad builds.

You can run almost every map mod. No regenation sucks but you can carry a health flask and only cast when absolutely necessary. Reflect maps are not your problem if you solo with srs and not your problem when you play in a party. If it´s elemental reflect just turn of your dmg auras in alphas howl. If you fuck that up your teammates will die! Reflect rare mobs can almost always be tanked if your teammates build doesn't suck balls^^

Build is super easy if you position right. It´s very safe if you stay behind your team in range of your auras and curse everything that comes near you guys.

High flexibility: You want curses or do you want to solo? Both possible. If your party has a curse support and a good DD just go full tank. A simple gem swap is all you need.


Tanky but not immortal ( tankyness goes up by a lot in tank setup).

BM and ES is always annoying. You cast a spell and your es stops regenating

My defensive stats atm

I´ll try to link an image here soon. For now you just have to believe me^^

21334 armour (73% dmg reduction with golem and without endurance charges or flasks)

5% chance to evade attacks

132 life regeneration per second ( with 32 life unreserved so i can cast Bladefall/SRS all the time)

7613 ES

2969.1 ES recharge per second

185% fire res with a max of 82%

181% cold res with a max of 81%

212% lightning res with a max of 82%

22% chance to block ( without rumi´s and bone offering)

freeze immune (25% chill avoidance)

44% movespeed modifier

What can you do? and what can´t you do?

Can do without Problems:
I did almost all maps and bosses on my own. But this is a support build, so it´s strength is in party play. With a party i farmed uber lab, did atziri/uber atziri and did all maps.

I never really planed on writing a guide so i did not prepare any video material, but a friend of mine recorded us doing uberatziri for our first time this league. Please keep in mind, that this was recorded a while ago and the build has improved from since then.

Uberatziri start at 12min

This video was never supposed to be anything extraordinary. It´s just here for proof. My friends stream is the only source of video footage i have atm, but i plan on recording some on my own in the future (in english not in russian^^)

Can do but its hard:
To be honest degeneration effects are your worst enemy. The Core/plaza boss is very hard if they have vuln on the map. But i managed to do both bosses twinned with a 3 man party. You just have to be careful.

Can´t do:
There is nothing what a good party with you can´t do. If the party fails to do something it wont be your fault.(Just don´t forget to turn your damage auras(Wrath, Hatred, Anger) off in elemental reflect maps, because if the whole team dies to reflect it IS kinda your fault...)

I hope you enjoyed that guide. Let me know if something is missing or if you have any questions. I will try to improve the guide over time and answer your questions

Cya in Wraeclast
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I'm wondering if you where to use srs what and how would you link it? I have a similar build going but plan on using srs on occasion when i solo and party up since I think it's a fun ability. I won't be using curses either.
Up! still work at 2.5 and i can say that great play with this supp.
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