2.2 Notive's Tanky Low Life Blood Magic Occultist Septa/Hexa Curse Blasphemy Cheeser

What is this build and what does it do?

This is a low life blood magic support curse build that takes advantage of

to run 6 curses on blasphemy along with 3 puritys, Purity of Fire, Lightning and Ice, along with Discipline. Using a super powerful enfeeble along with cyclone linked to blind gem, you and your allies never ever ever get hit by attacks.

What CAN this build do?

This build can do every single map mod in the entire game. Immune to curse maps can be a bit annoying, but it is not impossible.

Since this is a Low Life Blood Magic build, Desecrate ground maps can be a pain, so we use these to gain immunity

Is it better than a Auramancer Guardian?

I've played many versions of the Auramancer in past leagues and I've tried a generic Auramancer as Guardian once this league. Auramancers can give tons and tons of tooltip damage, they drastically increase clear speeds with they super buffed Wrath, Haste, Anger and Hatred. They can also give insane amounts of armor and energy shield.

I believe that Occultist blasphemy curse supports are slightly better than Auramancer Guardians in the higher end of the spectrum for maps. They instantly curse everything in the entire room with blasphemy and they don't have to spend gem slots on curse hit set ups, not the mention the extra curse they get from the ascendancy tree. You could be doing other things instead of trying to curse. As soon as you run into a room all I do is cast abyssal cry for the slow and cyclone on things face to blind them while they are cursed.

Also, if you often play with guildies or friends, they can drop their blasphemy to gain more damage through heralds or gain more defense through arctic armor.

With the amount of curse effectiveness you get, Temporal Chains 20/20 + Enfeeble 20/20 + Warlord's Mark 20/20 + Cyclone linked to Blind gem, your allies are basically immune to everything.

Absolutely no one should be dying t13+ maps as long as enemies are cursed. The only exception being Maligaro in Core map, his bombs are a pain xD

Is this build better as a Guardian?

No, you get +1 curse from occultist ascendancy. I tried this exact same build as a Guardian, the difference between the amount of defenses that Guardian gives to his allies vs the amount of defenses that you gain by going Occultist is huge, it's the difference between you dying and living in the higher tier maps because of your energy shield not being interrupted.

Another reason why I see Occultist superior to Guardian is because of the amount of ES you can get from the Ascendancy Class, you get +100 flat es on top of 3 8% energy shield nodes.

I'm sitting at 8500 energy shield as a support character with 81/81/82 Fire/Cold/Lightning Resistance, together with Wicked Ward (energy shield cannot be interrupted) it is very hard for you to die. Which is what you want in a support character.

More Coming Soon

Curses that we run:
No matter what situtaion, we ALWAYS use these

We run these curse on a 5L in our chest with a 20/20 Blasphemy and an Enlighten, the main reason we don't use the helm for these curses is because a 20/20 blaspemy gem gives 10% bonus curse effectiveness, thanks to quality. We will be sitting at a total of 50% increased curse effectiveness, 40 from tree and 10 from blasphemy gem.

Temporal Chains, cursed enemies are 58% slower and other effects expire 60% slower.

Enfeeble, cursed enemies enemies have 69% reduced accuracy rating, 52% reduced critical strike chance, -60% critical strike multiplier and deal 45% LESS damage

Assassin's mark, this is what gives our allies the deeps, cursed enemies have a 60% chance to grant a power charge when slain, 13.5% ADDITIONAL CHANCE TO RECEIVE A CRITICAL STRIKE, 30% extra damage from critical strikes and cursed enemies grant 37 life/mana when killed.

Here are the curses we run in our helmet, these curses depends more on who you are playing and the build they are running. Since we don't have a 20/20 blasphemy linked to these, they will be supported by a 22/0 blasphemy through our helm and will only have 40% increased curse effectiveness.

Elemental Weakness, cursed enemies lose 60% elemental resistance

Warlord's Mark, cursed enemies grant 2% life and mana leech when hit, 21% additional chance to be stunned! and 32% reduced stun recovery.

Projectile Weakness, projectiles have a 70% additional chance to pierce targets, this is fucking HUGE, enemies take 70% increased damage taken from projectiles and finally, enemies have a 35% chance to be knocked back.

Vulnerability, cursed enemies take 56% increased physical damage and take 46% increased damage from damage over time effects.

You can also easily swap out Proj Weakness for Poachers Mark if you happen to need it

Items - gems - links and why we use them:

Pretty easy to understand why we use this weapon, it gives 10 flat int along with a very small amount of mana and % es, along with the int, it gives me 47% inc maximum energy, which is huge, considering that most of the %es nodes on the tree are only 6%.

We have 3 Green 3 Linked and we are running Cyclone, Blind and Purity of Ice. The reason I don't have purity of ice linked to anything is because I feel like it's the weakest out of all the purity, most of the monsters in the game deal mostly lightning damage and fire damage.

The helm is also pretty easy to understand why we use, we use the helm for the 12 reduced reservation and is basically a 5L, we cannot run the build without this helmet.

I have this helm 4 Linked 1 Green 2 Blue and 1 Red, in here we use Warlord's Mark, Vulnerability, Elemental Weakness and Projectile Weakness.

In our offhand we use this shield for the + 2 gem levels to discipline and reduced mana reserved to let us run the rest out of our auras.

If you want to gain a bigger effective health pool, you can drop this shield for a 400 es shield and only run discipline and purity of elements, but you lose your 3 individual puritys.

In here we run a 3 Link 2 Blue 1 Red, Discipline, Purity of Fire and Purity of Lightning

A 5L Shavs is mandatory, we are low life blood magic, without this chest we would insta die to all chaos damage.

In here I have 6 Socket 5 Link 4 Blue and 1 Green, we use Enlighten, Enfeeble, Temporal Chains, Assassin's Mark and Blasphemy.

Simple +1 curse

Simple +1 curse

Amulet is super trash, I picked it up for 40c. You can use any amulet here aslong as it has +1 curse.

I'm using auxium to prevent me from getting frozen so often, in lower tier maps you can pass along by only using a sapphire flask with immune to freeze during duration, in higher tier maps where you cannot insta kill the boss, auxium is better because you are not reliant on flask charges. If you are fighting any boss that does cold dmg and doesn't die fast, you are put in a bad situation when you run out of charges on your flask

I'm using these gloves for the resistances

I have them 4 linked 2 Red 2 Blue, in here we have 2 Vaal Disciplines along with Abyssal Cry and Increased Duration

These boots are a huuuuuge convenience, I dropped windscream +1 curse boots for these, windscream have a low movement speed and have no es, you can use what ever your want here, +1 curse or steppan for more defense.

I have these boots 4 linked 3 red 1 blue, the gems I'm running are Animate Guardian, Stone Golem, Fortify and Minion Life.
Something I'm considering doing is droping the Animate Guardian and Fortify and using Cwdt - Immortal call, the guardian just dies wayyy too often in higher tier maps.

Level 92


This build has 2 different slight variations, hexa curse and septa curse, for hexa curse you can follow the build exactly as I have it made here, if you want to run 7 curses, you can swap out steppan eard for windscream boots, you lose 200 flat es and immunity to desecrate ground, but you can run 7 curses.

You have 7 curses total in the set up, 3 on your chest piece and 4 on your helmet, you always turn the 3 on your chest on and you pick 3 out of the 4 on your helm if you are going hexa curse. You have 2 puritys on your shield and a discipline along with a 3rd a purity on your weapon. You get everything up and running and you should have around 100 life left, enough to cast your abyssal cry, cyclone and stone golem. Your stone golem is what gives you life regen and lets you keep spamming cyclone.

Once you get into a map it's really simple, you cyclone into a pack, abyssal cry and cyclone again to blind enemies.

Things I forgot to include -

I use abyssal cry because it reduces enemy movement by 26% and another .9% per enemy.
I normally never have to worry about getting stunned, you cannot get stunned while using cyclone.

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Notive's build is so expensive he could RMT it all and feed the whole continent of Africa.
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Hardcore Viable?
What bandits?
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Tulium wrote:
Hardcore Viable?
What bandits?

I have not tried it in Hardcore.

Kill all Bandits

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