hi all !!! this is gonna be giant wall of text till i finish it.. so sorry for this now

first of all i have to say that this guide/theorycraft or whatever its called is work in progress and gonna be finished next week when i have time to do it. sadly working so long&hard these days and have limited time to play poe unlike other leauges(started leauge 10 days later after released sad story boiz). and english is not my native language so dont mind my english and grammer mistakes much. after playing dozens and gazillions of powerfull unique builds, i decided to write down this girl's concept idea here till i finsih. i or someelse can play this build and even help about infos and such. being an experienced player i already know build potential from now, even i dont have lvl 1 witch in prophecy sc yet..


the build idea comes from creating powerfull melee witch which is not ci melee reave or other skills that used before by many people and put some creative ideas. as being witch, starting area is not ideal for melee or ele range builds right ? we gonna turn this to our advantage by using crown of eyes unq helm and gonna buid around it, since my tree has %110 spell dmg without spending unnecassary pts to get them, we will gain %110 spell dmg= %110 attack dmg, also with witch's spell dmg per power charge addition its ez %134 attack dmg which will BOOST our dps TON. also coe has acc, leech and es which will help our eb&mom cheeze..

*auras we gonna use are, herald of ice, herald of thunder, wrath since we are elemtanalist that boosts our ele dps alot, with the power or eb we can fill our full mana with auras without worrying about mana problems. hoi+hot curse on hit to get ass mark curse going on all over the map. final plan to get, ele weakness on hit mali and going dual curse going on with ass mark + ele weakness.

we gonna gear eva/es hybrid gear and nodes from tree, also we gonna take deflection on shadow area to boost our es by shield node. ghost reaver&eb&mom&vaal pact and logh from claws we gonna be tanky as fuck with insane dmg output.. we already know inq templar and assasin deal massive dmg, but our witch gonna be tanky with massive dps ez pz. making chars that deal so much dmg and dies in shitty maps like paper is funny idea that you can find tons of guide in forums.

- we gonna use frost blades as our main skill, since elementalist has some serious power for this build..

- 2nd skill we can use can be lightning strike, but i am %100 sure frost blade is more powerfull than lstrike as elementalist and ima explain it. also lstrike needs 4-6 more pts in tree which i didnt like while theoerycrafting, also it takes 1 gem slot which is pierce, not bad with new pierce gem moaaar dmg but anyway...

*** my first plan was going lstrike with call of the brotherhood ring and ima try it too aswell... **** but mastermind of discord is so good for frostblades and i closed lstrike case here till i have time to test later on. ****

- since elemantalist can use 2 golems which are fucking imm to ele dmg(doubt they die with 20 20min life sup now) and they buff us CRAZY OH MY GOD INSANE lvl. lightning golem is pretty insane tbh, and considering ice golem power for crit builds its gonna be gg.

explanation for golems; with Liege of the primordial
- we can summon 2 golems -> ice and light one
- %100 buff from golems -> %20 aspeed and flat light dmg + %60 acc %60 crit chance from icy cakey golem... OHHH BOİİİ
- golems are imm to ele dmg -> we gonna use 20 20 min life sup gem to keep them alive, even blind can be op addition since they will only take phys and dot dmg.
- golems have %40 cold and light dmg boost, oh yeah fair and balanced :) this gonna boost our dps by ton free.. how is this shit is balanced ? (nvm nothing is balanced after subclasses)

shaper of desolation, someone said 1min gorge clear? oh yeah chill shock ignite on all hits. fair and balanced.. insane clear speed with frost blades gg wp.. take this after uber lab.. map clear speed will be our last concern imo.

pendelum of destruction, %100 ele dmg boost.. ya true destruction

mastermind of discord ; this is where frostblades take advantage over lightstrike and have insane synergy with our auras..

dmg penetrates %25 lightning res when you use cold skill !! which is frostblade and we gonna penetrate our wrath + hot and flat ele from gear and golem dmg for free again.. this gives us ez pz 7th link option which we dont need light pen gem by havin this. also penetration is king of poe when it comes to ele dmg scaling, hard to obtain from tree and gear and costs you 1link min..
when it comes to piercing cold dmg, i think we have 3 option to use these skills every 10 secs to keep our %25 cold pen cheeze up, my fav one is flame dash which is ez to use and can be used as 2nd movement skill, 2nd one is molten shell, 3rd is molten strike.. its upto u.

mastermid of discord, and liege of primordial is main reason we go elemtalist over other classes and i wanna see the potential of elementalist tbh.


coe: 20chaos - build enabler !!! opie op
claw: 20chaos (opie op)- its soo good but for leech and pdps i want +280pdps
shield: 60chaos(opie op)-not gonna upgrade
boots: 20chaos(opie op)-not gonna upgrade
torso: 20chaos - bullcrap lol but works for now; 6l plain white carnal 3ex gonna buy and roll
maligaros: 1chaos - gg
armageddon hold diamond ring: 4chaos so good wont upgrade
torment spiral diamond ring: 20chaos broken wont upgrade
amulet: 1 fuse - lel its cheap and aweosome for now, gonna up around lvl 90s
belt: from guildie - gonna up at lvl 90s or never

gear cost: 165 chaos total worth, add 3ex on top of that for torso...

with this gear i deal, 109k dps with charges and 132k with vaal haste and flasks.. nuff said
1.3k es with acro + mom : nuff said


*ignore some links i am lvling and testing shit around*

well my final plan is, curse on hit poachers mark setup while generating frenzy charges with st gmp fast proj pcoc setup, but there is 1 problem %98 of poe players wont like is, you need to use 1million active buttons to reach maximum stage of the char which has very tiring playstyle.. why poachers over ass mark ? i think poachers is strongest curse in game overall;

lowers enemy evasion - boosts offence
logh- boots defence insane for our build
frenzy charges - gg wp dmg
flask charges - both defence and offence

this make poachers great for us, esp i am interested in logh part to boost my logh 400 per second not considering 7-9 flying blades around !!!

another thing is, we can easily and reliable can generate power charges and keep em up with %18 duration from tree np..

using ass mark now, cuz i dont have time to play so much and ass mark clear speed is faster and i dont wanna spam 1 million skill while playing after 12 hours of work at job. normally, i am the guy who complains about not having nuff active skills in poe !! good old times boiz

st to generate power charges
whirling blade to jerk around
2 golems to summon time to time
vaal haste/grace or both
auras to spam
frostblades as main
flame dash/molten shell/molten strike to penetrate cold res

*another option is going dual curse, with 1 cheeze ima tell

getting ass mark skill on glove with 3 blue 1 green to save gem slot, OR 2 green 2 blue for dual curse setup..*



this is my final tree with X5 es gain on hit jool, maybe intuitive leap on ranger area, might go arcing blows, prolly gonna change cruel bandit to passive since i have 10.3 aspeed with charges..

get acro phase acro after you have min 1k es with it and min 10 es gain on hit from jools..


!!CROWN OF EYES!! this item gonna save us from pretty bad witch area start and gonna be build enabler(not needed %100 but such important) ,like i said before witch start gave me headache first then after making 15 20 weird trees i min maxd everything around coe and my assumption is , build gonna has nutz dps with this.

for body armour, i plan to use eva/es hybrid chest with min 400 es and hp resist standart stuff here

gloves , maligaros will take the place for me, my end game plan is having dual curse with ele weakness on hit mali combining ass mark + ele weakness together to go further

boots, eva es piece with standart shits

belt, leather belt with wed hp resist flat es ms not needed

rings, 2 diamonds wed hp acc(1 ring with high acc is must) or 1diamond 1unset ring for vaal skill

amulet, crit crit multi wed spell dmg hp resist acc stats if we need

shield, eva/es hybrid is must to me with boosting deflection shield node and getting more es with shield for eb ** you can go greedy route here with %spell dmg shield np***

wep = CLAWS > dagger&sword , well build can be played with dagger and swords too but claw is so powerfull and synergised with the build, why?

logh implicit will be cover our hp part, since leech gonna go to eb/es side. with mom/eb logh from claw we gonna be tank and remain equal dps to daggers and swords.

+220pdps +7crit +1.8 aspeed +25logh implicit claw will do the job.. wep upgrade = moar dmg nothing more to say

DEFENCE MOM&EB&GHOST REAVER& LOGH& EVA + BLOCK& pacts of vaaal and finally we are going ACRO + PHASE ACRO *no jokes*

with taking hybrid es+hp nodes and gearing around it i assume we gonna reach +2k mana which will be full with ghost reaver and my tre has +%140 hp with 6-7jool slots.. high hp and 2k es with mom gonna be solid.. ez pz

ima try to pump my eva as much as i can since ill have good amount of hp and protection with mind of matter, eva will be king here(i hate armor chars anyway)

eb&mom&greaver&vaal pact and logh from claw synergy is insane defensive option, if you never tried it before you gonna be suprised how durable this girl gonna be...

some block + rumi block pump.. this is gonna be solid too with basalt for pesky phys dmg.
you can remove hoice and run artic armour if you want aswell

another option i tested and i liked a lot(it was planned but had to be tested), going acro + phase acro on mom + eb char.. sounds like a weird sounds like impossibruuu but its %100 viable with minimum investment tbh.

with my lvl 78 current gear i have 1.3k es with acro and i am wearing 156 es body armor just saying, when i get 670 es torso from my friend i hit 1.9k es with acro. so why not cheeze it right ?

also for end game i plan to get rid of vaal pact which is totally 4 pts save to spend somewhere else and get acuity to make everything sure(highly doubt acuity is needed or something it will prolly make u unkillable).. right now i am using 3 +3 es gain on hit jools, our tree has %1.6 life leech already and shitty rolled coe is min %0.6... we are talking about min %2.2 life leech with zero investments and without ring amulet jool leech things, also claw nodes has life leech rate pump too. with my current aspeed when buffed which is over 10aspeed per second and plan to get 5 +3 es gain on hit jool*15 es gain on hit*, ill have min %2.2 life leech with %30 life leech rate to protect my es and min 25 logh from claw implicit and finally going to run poachers mark for additional min 20 logh..

to sum up;

with 10 aspeed per second, you generate

15 es gain on hit X 10 = 150 es gain on hit per second without leech factors included
25 logh from claw + min 20 logh from poachers(its curse so not ideal to include tbh*) = 450 logh per second... * didnt even count 7-9 frost blades flying around and hitting enemies* logh and es gain on hit gigantic atm and facetanking facerolling is real.. tanky? as? fuck? !

not worth to mention in shitty map mods or thought phys hitter bosses, i change hoi to artic armour before i encounter them to cheeze defence further.. and using golems with blind, works brillant so far.

so no worries about defence *all going according to plan*, you gonna be tanky as fuck.. dot chaos dmg is a bit concern here tho


2 golem buff %40 light + %40 cold, %20 aspeed %60 acc %60 crit
%25 light pen
spreading status ailement
%100 ele dmg pump
crit crit multi
pdps from tree + claw which we have 3dmg source to clear bosses and whole content is best part of this grilll ! massive cold lightning and pdps output.
%134 attack dmg(spell dmg) with only coe and power charges and
ass mark curse( ass mark + ele weakness very very end game plan)
blood rage is optional for leech and aspeed, might be hard to sustain it(dont think its gonna be problem but dont know yet!)
dmg from auras + wed gear

we gonna have omfg dps no worries here too..

life or passive for normal, id go for passive prolly for end game dont know yet

att speed/passive, we prolly have nuff aspeed with golem buff and tree and jools. i plan to use blood rage aswell but its not %100 decided yet.. so passive/aspeed part is question mark yet

power charge, since claws doesnt have gg crit base and crit nodes we will go power charge merciless. and coe + spell dmg per power charge thing its mandatory to me

jewels aka jooolz

like all my ele dmg build as hp based, i wanted to take all jool nodes possible on my pathing, jools are op jools are love my plan is filling 7 jool slots with

%life, crit , crit multi, aspeed, spell dmg, spell dmg with shield, cold+light dmg, logh,%es
resist stats acc and such

having 7 jool slot is = flexiblity for your weakness/needs.

for end game i plan to use 1 intuitive leap jool on ranger are and get 1 frenzy , aspeed acc and survivalist. we gonna see

atziri uber atziri, due to the nature of frostblade i cant talk certain about this,i have to play this girl alot and see it.. but with the tree i made and some planning. uber gonna be ez task imo. we gonna see..

this is my lvl 74 ele crit st ranger on prophecy, for to give idea about gearing.. replace some pieces i mentioned above tho.. i just played 3 days limited time

3.7k hp 54k gmp st dmg with flask and charges gonna write build of this girl too when i have time and reach 94(my planned tree, i can msg planned tree if you want)...

example of ele hp based build gear witch frostblade gear gonna be total different than this but people who wanna get some idea about gearing;



inc crit strikes

as 4 main gem, 5th gem option is prolly faster attacks here but for rest 5th and 6th gem links

fattacks,melee phys, ppad, cold pen, added cold, added light, light pen, inc crit dmg, logh for defence and ele focus for bosses cant be applied by status ailments
fortify is also strong option here aswell esp for hc players as 5th link. or 6th


icy golem + light golem + min life; if you desire to go 4link id go blind first then decoy totem for tanking purposes, empower to boost further etc


herald of ice + thunder, since we match golems with these and bind 2 hearlds with curse on hit ass mark
like i mentioned double curse is super end game goal which is quite greedy tbh but i want it.

3 link, whirl + fa + fortify if you go 4link id add frenzy here to boost dps further

classic, cwdt + inc duration + icall, if we go 4 link id go vaal grace haste clarity or put something else here.

so sorry for giant wall of text, this is wip and ima finish asap...

peace STOYA

edit no 1 : added new tree with new idea

ps gonna edit this thread 1 million times it seems,new ideas wont stop..
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-reserved -

lvl 47 tree items and gear, started lvlin up




new ideas

1- use wildstrike vs bosses, since its tagged as cold light fire skill we penetrate all 3 types of dmg
2- use flame dash every 10 sec on frostblade setup to get %25 cold pen aswell, %25 light pen comes from frostblades
3- artic armour instead of herald of ice would boost defence a lot
4- ass mark + poachers mark instead of ele weakness, poachers is so good for logh defence, fucks mobs evasion boots dps, frenzy gg wp

going on lvling till 75ish and gonna upgrade post
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this is for standard, you should point that out
Hello there. I was looking for a frostblades build and this one seem to be way different that i know.
I have just one question. Is this HC vaiable and can i play it in the new Prophecy league? Thanks for sharring this build. Keep it rolling mate. Sorry for my.
Hello there. I was looking for a frostblades build and this one seem to be way different that i know.
I have just one question. Is this HC vaiable and can i play it in the new Prophecy league? Thanks for sharring this build. Keep it rolling mate. Sorry for my english.
Psychoser wrote:
Hello there. I was looking for a frostblades build and this one seem to be way different that i know.
I have just one question. Is this HC vaiable and can i play it in the new Prophecy league? Thanks for sharring this build. Keep it rolling mate. Sorry for my english.

no worries mate, english is not my native lanugage too, as long as we dont flame and be rude its ok imo :)

i dont play hc on poe esp after new leauge performance issues dont know about it.. but i started playing this char and lvl 78 right now with acro + mom + eb and some evasion with MASSIVE CLEAR SPEED.. 4.3k 1.3k es with acro some evasion and mom and logh es leeech and es gain on hit, i feel quite tanky now.. i lack some more evasion which i need to upgrade my chest later.. dont have currency for it now :D

if id play hc, id make tree a bit different with a bit more life and use chaos golem instead of light/ice and run artic armour instead of herald of ice.. golem nets you %8 truee damage reduction.. id also use manual end cry which i always do, with 3 end charges you end up;
%20 true physical damage reduction, as long as with artic armour and basalt jade quartz flask, mom acro this char gonna be close to unkillable..

i have 1 concern which is chaos/dot dmg, which is not hard to solve if you want to. getting 2 rings with 30ish chaos resist and replace mali with hp + chaos resist gloves you can net +30ish chaos res with min investment.. also atziri flask and you are near %75chaos res.. you might just sacrifice some dps output from diamond rings or other piece etc. nothing to worry, i have 130k'ish dps at lvl 78 with lvl 17 18 gems with no quality

for curse go for poachers at hc, ass mark not worth.. spectral throw setup is ez to get power charge.. remove shadow power charge node and save 2 more pts defence or offence..

dont get acro so early on hc, try to get shield nodes and boost your es as much as you can and you can get rumi and net +60 block chance with min 2.5 3k es for mom.. acro was my dream i am glad its working super fine but its late game plan with high es amount id say go acro if you have +1k es with it and play safe still..

you can use logh gem as 6th slot, id do that and make everything sure in hc :D add light gem is insane but not necessary tbh.

run AA instead of herald of ice ez pz...

dont use maligaros on hc, i have %80 85 crit chance with mali and 4 power charges which planned tree has 6 power charge nuff to reach 85 90 crit without mali, tbh you need 4 charges to deal insane dps more is mooar dmg but not needed...

get coe and you are ready to go.. not even single item needed bro..

again and again, dont rush acro or mom so early, get mom if you have +1 1.5k es with eb and go acro if you have +1k 1.5k es with it.

you can use essense worm ring for wrath and get some mana leftover to make everything %1000 sure you wont run out of mana and die..(never happened to me till t10maps with shitty mods but anyway solution is solution)

i hope you enjoy it, if you want hc tree i can send you and ima add to guide later. slowly working on finishing it..
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This is an awesome build. I'm currently running t 10 and 11 maps with it (first time i have ever done them). It has introduced me to a new style of play and helped me to understanding the basics of finding the right kind of rare items for builds and what they need. thanks for posting this build it is fantastic. I have one question though, what flasks do you use? Im currently running 2 divines, a jade, a stibnite and a quartz swapping them out for certain maps off course. Just wondering what you would run. Also what am i looking in gems besides energy shield gain on hit. So like whats the op jewel I would be looking for?
scattman77 wrote:
This is an awesome build. I'm currently running t 10 and 11 maps with it (first time i have ever done them). It has introduced me to a new style of play and helped me to understanding the basics of finding the right kind of rare items for builds and what they need. thanks for posting this build it is fantastic. I have one question though, what flasks do you use? Im currently running 2 divines, a jade, a stibnite and a quartz swapping them out for certain maps off course. Just wondering what you would run. Also what am i looking in gems besides energy shield gain on hit. So like whats the op jewel I would be looking for?

i am glad you enjoy playig it mate.. well its habit for me to make tables about flasks, gems, skills, slots before i start chars so i have ideas in my mind for flasks and gonna explain

1- hp flask /crit recharge or seething*prolly seething*/ imm to freeze
2- basalt flask /crit recharge/ imm to bleed , basalt is mandatory for build
3- quartz flask /crit recharge/ imm to shock *quartz flask has trick for us ima explain
4- vinktars / added flat dmg version>light pen>rest/ so good for build
5- atziri flask / since we deal insane amount of ele and good pdps its bis
*toh optional instead of atziri flask to boost defence further, some dps boost and free avoid

this is my flask setup in my mind but i couldnt get them yet, like i said no time to play poe these days.. but %100 ideal setup is this

quartz flask cheeze: with lvl 20 vaal grace*with inc duration* + quartz flask*can be rolled with inc duration aswell* we reach %75 dodge %75 spell dodge cap for reasonable time to ZERK down any bosses in game.. this cheeze is really one of the strongest cheeze you can do vs bosses.. not counting vinktars + atziri dmg output..

for the jewels, there are 1million gazillion options for jewels you can buy which makes this part so ez for us.. so what mods helps us ?

- es gain on hit, hp gain on it, spell dmg, spell dmg with shield, cold dmg, light dmg, crit, crit multi, global inc dmg, one handed all mods crit, melee crit melee crit multi, all claw shits*aspeed>all*, %8-10 all ele resist, %max life, crit chance with cold skills, projectile dmg speed and more that i dont remember. strongest dps option for jool is always crit multi> aspeed = spell dmgs

example of decent jool for build, as an example paid 1 chaos

my planned tree has min 5 jool slots, id put 3 es gain on hit jool and reach 9 es gain on hit.

note about flasks, id roll 1 of each ele dmg type flasks for the certain bosses to swap around.. 1 saphire, 1 topaz, 1 ruby for bosses. stibnite + jade for melee bosses like village ruin etc..

*4link golem setup must be, icy + lighty + blind + min life... they kinda never die and blind enemies like no tomorrow which adds significant defence on our char and make them alive..
cheezed most attack bosses so hard with this.. %50 chance to miss is so huge and its kinda permanent.

final note, i started crit sword acro juggernaus and take a break playing this girl.. gonna start playing next week and complete the guide with the videos, some map clearing and explainin the concept..

after i see i have +150k dmg with non quality 17 gems and around 710k dmg near my friend aurabot necro, i kinda feel like taking break and sail to another project :D

this is the amulet i got for 1 ex and crafted crit chance on hit on my final gear;
Is Touch of Anguish a good claw for this build?

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