Multi-Skill elementalist. Taming/Emberwake. Tanky/fast clearspeed. Never boring.

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Hi guys.

If you sometimes feel like me and get bored of a character after mapping to around 88-93, wanting to reroll to try something new, then this build is exactly the right thing for you :)
In fact it made me go from hating mapping past 92, to taking it to 100 in perandus league.
*Nevermind it put me at #1 there, its just a coincidence, though i found it funny :P

Simple concept:
Carry your dps.
Leaving passives for defense + generic cast speed nodes that benefit all caster skill gems,enabling one to switch them out on the go by just spending 1-5 chroms and buying cheap lvl 19+/corrupted skill gems.

While strongest with Ball Lightning/lightning tendrils, this Setup allows you to switch between 12+ different caster skills with barely any hassle at all and be incredibly strong both offensively and defensively with all of them. You can play it low life or CI.
As to proof that fact i uploaded and will link Map runs between Tier 9-14 of every single Skill-gem used + atziri with some of them.
So please be gentle with me, recording,editing and uploading all of those was a massive piece of work for a Video-editing noob such as me :)

First of i need to mention that the basic idea for this build is from "Bopslop", it was him who introduced me behind the idea behind the build
and i also shamelessly used mostly the same talent tree as him, only changing and polishing a few things which made they character even better in my opinion.

Sadly he never made a forum guide for it and since it is BY FAR the most fun and probably even the strongest build i have played since i started playing this game some years ago,
(Including builds such as legacy mjolner and doing uber with Poison Flameblast last season)
I found that fact outrageus, such a fun and unique build HAS to be shared with everyone.

"The basic idea of the build"

The idea behind the build is to take advantage of the potentially awesome synergy between the "The Taming" and "Emberwake" unique rings. --LINK-- --LINK--
2.2 and the intruduction of ascendancy classes finally allowed for this to happen in an effective way through the witch elementalist ascendancy nodes "Shaper of desolation" and
"Beacon of ruin"
By relying on ignite stacks (made possible through the emberwake ring) to carry our spelldps (through the 10% inc. elemental damage pr. ignite stack on the Taming ring) we can
forego spending any passive nodes/item affixe slots on spelldamage/crit and almost entirely use them for defensive purposes.
You simply pick up ludicrous amounts of ES% nodes spiced with some manaregen and castspeed nodes and are good to go.

Shaper of desolation ensures that all our damage Shocks/Ignites/chills on every hit regardles what kind of elemental damage we hit with.
Those are then further spread amongst each other through the Beacon of ruin node.
This ensures that we every single monster group we engage will be showered in a virtual shitfest of status ailments :^)

This all might sound kinda sketchy and theoretical, but believe me it works like a charm in practice. Infact it works so well that i can barely notice the difference
between hurling my spells into a pack in the Dried like 68 zone or a T14 enfeeble map pack. The more life the monsters have the more does the added spelldmg from the Taming
Accumulate, a mop with 300% more life might actually only take 20% longer to kill. Same prncipal applies to grouping and HP monsters thereoff.

Pros & Cons.

- Great versatility, you can play almost any caster skill, even Switch your mainskill between maps for at most a few chroms (mostly none needed)
- Fast clearspeed, regardless of zone/map level.
- Tanky as a hardened rock. 12k+ ES as Lowlife, 15k+ as CI, 8k+ with a tabula(Without equipping a single 1 ex+ ES item.)
Running constant 90% tooltip phys dmg reduction,through flasks,endurane charges and arctic armour. While beeing immune to bleeds/freeze.
- Fast paced playstyle through lots of castspeed for spells and flame dash & Quicksilver on steroids from flasknodes.
without having to spam the whirling blades button 148 billion times an hour.
- Status ailments! Every single map group you enounter will make the screen light up like a christmastree through
- Lots of leech and save to reflect through Leech gem+Vaal pact.

- No regen and status ailment map mods are annoying, and blood magic not doable.
- While Vaal + the trio are a cakewalk and facetanked, atziri herself is annoying, she is completely immune to ignites.
- Encountering a Bossmonster without any adds around it can be annoying if unlucky with the "Writhing jar" Flask.
- ES based builds are not known to excel at labyrinth traps :P

"Talent tree"

Low life: 316%es including %es in sockets

Pretty much the same, just take the CI nodes instead of the pain atunement/Lightradius nodes.

Leveling tree:

Pick up the life nodes first and respec them at 60-70+ for ES nodes/convert them with energy from within jewel.
Otherwise pick them as suits you, obviously pick defensive nodes earlier when playing HC... or not if you are feeling frisky :P

Key uniques:

Derp obviously, they are the core of the build :)

If you go low life


*Note* Some life on items will be needed in order to level up clarity if you run the low life setup without enlighten 3 to put it on mana instead.

Helm: ES, res.
Chest: Shav if going lowlife, otherwhise a High ES chest with some Res. The high amount of ES% we have enables using a Tabula without feeling guilty about it.
Gloves: High es, res, dex or all stats.
Boots: High ES, res, High as possible movement speed.
Belt: Strength, res, flask buffs. Try to get 2 of the 3 possible Flask effects here, inc. duration, increased charges gained, reduced charges used. They are fantastic.
Amulet: % castspeed, % energy shield, flat energy shield, resistance, mana regen, dex/str.
Rings: Emberwake + The Taming ofc.
Shield: High ES, Manareg, res, Try to get one with an open suffix for Catarinas % castspeed.
Weapon: High castspeed, high proj. speed, Added x dmg to spells. I go for added fire dmg here since it adds another source of ignite through our % ignite chance for when our
elemental conflux buff is not up.
Jewels: % ES, cast speed, cast speed with shields, cast speed with lightnign skills, projectile speed.
Flask: Basalt flask of staunching, silver flaks of heat, granite of iron skin, quicksilver of adrenaline, The writhing Jar. Roll good prefixes on the flasks too ofc. :)

My current gear:


Well since so many different setups are possible with this build i will just list my main skill links for ball lightning here and all he other ones seperately below with their
corresponding videos.

- Chest: Ball lightning, spell echo, controlled destruction, lightning penetration, increased aoe, lifeleech.

- Boots/chest/gloves: These 4 links consist of:

1: Cast when damage taken (lvl.6), increased duration (max lvl.), Vaal discipline, immortal call (lvl.8)

2: Herald of thunder, curse on hit, warlords mark, clarity (As high lvl. as you can support)

3: Blood magic, enlighten lvl 3, discipline, arctic armour.

(Note if you dont have a lvl 3. enlighten you can drop 4 points towards the charisma node and spend them on %ES nodes in the tree while leaving out arctic armor. You then instead Run discipline + clarity on life. As Ci, you can run herald of thunder, Discipline and Clarity.

- Weapon: Orb or storms, increased aoe, increased critical strikes.

- Shield: Flame dash, faster casting, summon flame golem, here you can replace faster casting with Wrath if you run low life with lvl 3. enlighten.

*Note* These are videos of all different kind of skillgem setups running mostly alch and go Gorges + killing voll. Not because they are hard content in any way but because everyone can relate to them and the relative clear speed.

I have Included Suggested Support gem setup's at each video. Usually it only takes 1-5 chroms to change between setups.

Map clears with different skill setups.
-Ball lightning: spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,light pen., inc aoe.

-Lightning tendrils: Spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech, light pen, inc. aoe.

-Storm Call: spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,light pen.,reduced duration.

-Spark: spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,light pen., pierce.

-Shock Nova: spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,light pen., inc aoe.

-Magma Orb: spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,gmp, fire pen.

-Incinerate: spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,fire pen, mana leech.

-Icenova: spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,cold pen, inc aoe.

-Glacial Cascade spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,faster cast, inc aoe.

-Freeze Pulse spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,gmp, cold pen/fast proj.

-Flame Blast faster cast, controlled des., lifeleech,fire pen., inc aoe.

-Firestorm spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,fire pen., inc aoe.

-FireBall spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,fire pen.,gmp

-Ethereal Knives spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech, fast casting, proj speed.

-Blade Vortex spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,inc duration, faster casting.

-Bladefall spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,fster casting, inc aoe.

-Arctic Breath spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech, gmp, faster cast.

-Arc spell echo, controlled des., lifeleech,light pen., faster casting.

Quick atziri run.
*note while atziri is a "weakness" of this build i still full cleared Apex in 5-6 min or speedrun it in 3-4 min. This video was from weeks ago before i had good gear, now the bosses melt in literally 1 second.


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can in stead of using the "Liege of the Primodial" ascendancy node, use the "Paragon of Calamity" along with chaos golem? or the damage loss is too low? Is the Liege of the Primodial raising the ignite dps? thanks, awesome build
Lothai wrote:
can in stead of using the "Liege of the Primodial" ascendancy node, use the "Paragon of Calamity" along with chaos golem? or the damage loss is too low? Is the Liege of the Primodial raising the ignite dps? thanks, awesome build

Hi Lothai.

Yes you certainly can, infact "paragon of calamity" is the better option if you want a to go the safer route, it is primarily great agains reflect, which even with Vaal Pact and Leech gem can become dangerous in this build once Emberwake starts to stack up.

"Liege of the primordeal" is great with the new lightning golem especially, and since i lvled this build to 100 in the Softcore Perandus league i found the obscene ES pool (13k+ as lowlife)together with arctic armour and buffed flasks to be more than enough defense.

Be careful with "lightning thorns" type bosses such as waterways/academy though :)
Thanks for the responce! I play with shock nova mostly, sometimes the monsters drop in a second but sometimes they take a while to die, no matter what map. Is this caused by the low spell damage? I am afraid if I did something wrong :S Did they nerf the ascendancy passive? What is going on? I saw your videos and they do burst damage all the time, why mine isnt like this? What could be wrong? Thanks again, loving the versatility of this build.
Hi Lothai.

Shownova indeed works well too.

Your lack of dmg being "sometimes" could indicate that you did a group under one or several of certain contitions:

- Not running light pen while encountering high light res ones,
- not proccing elemental conflux,
- low roll on the lighting dmg range of shocknova (all lightning spells have HUGE varioations in this),
- not standing at the right range to double hit monsters with shocknovas inner+ outer ring.

As your profile is set do private i cannot give you any advice on your setup/gear. but generally once having just semi decent gear everything melts with any skill up to t14 maps.

I actually lvled 94-97 by mostly speed running hundreds of poorjoys asylums using all possible skillls :)
thank you very much for your work! this is what i was looking for.
Inri_Cristo wrote:

Normal: Skillpoint
Cruel: Castspeed
Merciless: Skillpoint
Hi, I can confirm that taking advantage of Taming + Emberwake combo is extremely fun and powerful. I've been running it for a while in standard (Incinerate + VMS combo) and it is insane even after VMS nerf from 2.3. I'm still trying to get my last 2 ascendancy points and meanwhile I still didn't decice which build I will try in Prophecy league but I might try your variation of lightning based Taming + Emberwake (Ball Lightning).

One note tho. Spell Echo doesn't work with Incinerate since 2.1. It is not that important since you provided so many variations. :)

If you are interested you can check my Taming + Emberwake build here:

It is bit outdated tho since I'm lazy as f***. :) Working on update atm :)
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