After seeing my build in action quite a few people have requested to know my gear and skill tree etc. and I know of at least two people who have duplicated it. Which recently the comment was thrown around that

"it would be nice if everyone had their own Bu (that's me) in party"

So I asked if I should finally make a guide for it and everyone insists that I do. When within aura range other party member's dps approximately triples depending on auras they already run or if they do not affect their damage.

First things first there are/will be improvements to the gear due to new content from atlas content/essence league. Here is the current line up of gear and then I will express what shall change in the near future already being tested in essence league. Before diving into what gems are where please ignore the gems and we will cover that after seeing the gear.

          current gear          

I hunted for any aura enchant on a vertex so i could try to fit one more aura on my set up which is hurting my offering, rally cry, and convocation currently. (this is no longer an issue with essence content and we will cover this soon.)

the only espensive requirement for this build is a 5l shav's or higher. to make better use of auras+enlighten using the 6l chest for auras instead of a minion is more efficient.

a crystal belt in the works to replace this.

I need this for the attributes mostly.

even though chaos does not bypass energy shield, i am not immune and any resistance to chaos can help but not necessary. my attributes have already been met so I chose to further my es with int.

this was meant for a different build and it is temporary until i can make something better. my goal is flat es, es%, and faster start for es recharge, the suffix are not as important.

like my belt this is dead to me :/ using essence of hysteria on sorcerer gloves i will craft a new 4l for my summon raging spirits.

I know not a perfect roll but not a big deal, i use spirit offering here on cwdt, it is comparable to an instant flask for energy shield for me. i often gain 1200 es temporarily and also furthers the difficulty of my minions dying

since midnight bargain already occupies 30% of my life runing blood magic on the skill tree is less effective than this life/mana setup and many skill points out of the way. many variations of aura set ups have been tested and the highest costing reserves are used in prism guardian here.

The +1 level to gems is very nice but hard to notice during the fray. I am actually considering crafting a boot for a lot more es at the cost of 1 spectre and 1 zombie.

since I am low life I can instantly panic heal my minions, I haven't lost a spectre since before act 4 was introduced. I run 3 of these flasks.

          essence gear replacements          

These are the new home for my srs which deal a substantial more damage than my standard set up. I will use commandment of the grave. the gloves and helm setup switch as seen here

thanks to deafening essence of loathing my mana reserve conflict is over. I would also like to fully craft this, prefix: +2 minion, es flat, es% suffix: mana reserve, multimod, all attributes. it is safe to assume fully crafted anything by me is done with multimod.

another work in progress which I may try deafening essence of fear again to add minion life here which is sadly and annoyingly a suffix (fix the inconsistency please GGG) repeat essence of fear until a T1 es roll.

Types of minions
To dive right into it I run 10 zombies, 4 spectres, 1 lightning golem(preference), srs (casts 33-34), and lastly animate guardian with leer cast and dying breath with 23,417 life currently and it does not die.

Gems/links and why
As brought up during gear the aura setup is absolute for me, people can make whatever variations suit their desires. but I find this to be a vital situation.

To work with midnight bargain, reserving the most amount of life is done by running hatred/anger/wrath in prism guardian, any of these may be exchanged for haste is desired. currently at 20% reserve each and is 17% with the loathing helm, (note i am also using Conqueror's efficiency) this makes my life reserve 30% + 3(17%)=81% reserve on life. with the essence of loathing 5% mana reserve will allow me to run all that follow on my 6l shavs: vitality, purity of fire, purity of ice, purity of lightning,, discipline, and a lvl 3 enlighten resulting in 95% of my mana reserved with 50 mana remaining which is more than enough for my skills.

In my wand I am running cwdt, immortal call, and spirit offering. However with 19% of my life still unreserved I can use a lvl 15 clarity, lvl 20 blood magic, and a lvl 3 enlightn (all of my gem suggestions are reasonably reachable and/or i already have them so no lvl 4 enlighten etc.) The importance of auras will be further explained in the ascendancy portion.

If not yet obvious gem slots are very tight and this forces me to use unset rings instead of moonstone as desired which will have spirit offering and convocation, with the idea of using clarity i can no longer run rallying cry. (if only i can find a black maw talisman with both es rolls and my attributes)

4 link gear
After auras and supporting spells/trigger spells I have 3 sets of 4l remaining for minions. bringing the hysteria gloves again "socket gems deal 175 to 225 additional fire damage", since the gloves are very offensive I chose to support the minions that are the fastest to make contact with the enemy etc. of course summon raging spirits. which is srs, culling strike, minion speed, and minion damage. the minion speed can be exchanged with spell echo just the amount of time it takes to spell echo a cluster of srs most mobs are already dead and should just move on with your life that it only took 10 srs with the other minions to clear the pack. Most people question the culling strike gem and it is my personal favorite, 10% faster casting, 10% atack speed for them, 39% inc dmg and only 90% of the work.

Next in damage I value what my spectres are doing, in their own 4l i have a +1 to level bones of ullr and theoretically a +2 minion helm but I only have 1 minion gem in this and the other gems would do better with another level so bones of ullr it is! I run spectre, inc aoe, inc duration, and spell echo which i use undying evangelists specifically for defense and they hit most monsters in their aoe which is massive.

Lastly in the +2 minion helm to be I will have zombies, lightning golem, animate guardian, and minion life. since they have so much resistance form my auras and they are never out of aura range life or damage support is ideal. They are mostly melee so fortify is also great but that require them to hit aka walk from a convocation all the way to any specific target before srs or evangelists could hit the same target, as where minion life always grants the desire defense.

Skill Tree

the skill tree is easy enough and simple to follow,

is required to make this build work as I have it here without a lvl 4 enlighten. I do run an energy from within near the melding node for energy shield but is not required. Naturally energy shield, minion damage, desired attributes, minion life, resistances if needed, are all good rolls to look for in jewels. I am running 8 jewels and 2 of those will not be changed.

The 4 major nodes i allocate are

Mistress of sacrifice

Spirit eater

Commander of Darkness

Flesh binding

Rather than looking up what they do I will break down the stats for you.

10% inc dmg per aura and 5% attack speed/cast speed to you and nearby allies. you and allies +20% res all (9 auras)

you and your minions have 1% additional phys reduction for each zombie you own (10 zombies)

30% inc duration of skills

8% cast speed

2 additional corpses form desecrate, 2% attack/cast speed for each corpse consumed.

Your offerings also affect you.

90% increased minion damage/ 10% minion life

Having your offering affect you as your first ascendancy is extremely effective to level with flesh offering for example. The second i would suggest the auras, then phys reduction.

Current Stats
lvl 97
8,844 es
estimated phys reduction 13%
chance to evade attacks 13%
fire res 81%
cold res 81%
lightning res 82%
chaos res 2%
chance to block attacks 22%
chance to block spells 2%
freeze avoidance 16%

global minion damage modifier 311%
global minion life modifier 123%

with the es from discipline and spirit offering, life regen from vitality, convocation, and 3 panicked life flasks of animation i haven't had a minion die in a long time including carrying friend through reflect maps. my animate guardian is over a year old.

I am having technical issues trying to record a video if anyone would like to party up and witness the build themselves and record/stream and link in a comment below would much appreciated. or if you'd like to just see it for yourself don't be shy. I am not sure if I have missed anything but if you have any questions feel free to ask.
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Here's a vid I recorded for Bu today on essence.

Forgive me. No editing software atm.
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