Elementalist Flameblast Feat 2x Obliteration BOOM CHAIN

Hi exiles welcome to my guide about cheap and fun to play flameblaster.

Main idea

Hi i wanted to use new wand obliteration and i start to thinking what i can do whit it.
Let take look at this wand

Small spell dmg
Not big physical dmg
Nice crit chance
Some chaos dmg
Enemies you Kill have a 20% chance to Explode, dealing a quarter (25%)
of their maximum Life as Chaos Damage- Thats pretty intresting and we can use 2 wands so we get 40% chance to Explode and 25% mobs hp as chaos dmg is pretty big.

So why i combine this wand whit flameblast and burning dmg?
Elementalist node Shaper of Desolation and Free prolif.
Whit shaper of desolation we get 20% chance to get Elemental Conflux and it make our Explosions ignite shock and chill free elemental prolif make this burn spread, burn kill mobs and mobs have 40% chance to explosion and we got Explosion chain!
Flameblast is reall good because have good dmg too kill mobs and start the chain of death and also if we want kill boss just stack it to 10 stack.

Build in action

Gorge T9 map


Arsenal t12 map

Chateau t10 map


Must have gear


Gear that help us


This amulet help us whit atribiutes and have nice increased duration of elemental status on mobs so its nice help

Carcas jack just make our explosions bigger and add some dmg to it

This ring give us extra curse if you want use 2 auras and 1 curse take gold ring

My current gear

Skills and supports

For offensive on 5L i use flameblast + conc effect + increased area + controled destruction + fire pen
For tigger Elemental overload i use ice spear + gmp + cold pen + foaster casting ( you can add increased crit strikes if you want)

For deensive options i use Arctic aromor Blasphemy + Warlords Mark( for life mana leech and endurance charges generation) + Enfeeble( for dmg reduction from mobs)
Chaos golem is great whit Elementalist node Liege of Primordial we will get 8% phys reduction and whit empower lvl 3 we can get 10%

Flast are up to you i use 2 insta heal 1 atziri promise for dmg and life leech 1 quick silver for extra movment and 1 rumi for extra block chance and armor.

My current tree lvl 79


Elementalist skills




Edit for 2.3 tree wont change much only add 2 ascendacy point for thing you want and go.
For second golem add flame golem for more dmg or stone golem for more life regen.
My profile and characters are set to public so check it out for actual gear and points.
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Pretty cool build idea man, cheap and powerful! That's the first build I've seen in awhile that reminds me of the old prolif flameblast.
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I think is better than old prolif because if we get more monster pack and luck we can offscreen mob packs
Did you test the build in any higher level maps? If so, how's the damage with the wands?
Base dmg whit wand is 25% of mob hp as chaos dmg i have like 110% increased dmg so mobs explode about +50% of they hp so dmg from wands will be the same on map tier t1 or t15 its % dmg so i can clear all maps easly and yes i tested t11 map its still fast clearing.
I just rolled the build and tried it with just 1 Obliteration wand. And it seems like it's enough. The clear speed is ridiculous. I cleared a gorge at level 70 and it felt like old prolif FB for sure. The boss was kinda sketchy tho.
Yes single target can be annoying if we dont burn and out of elemental conflux for that reason i swaped warlord mark for flammability curse to get addicional chance to ignite and less ressist on bosses.
Hey. Can you recommend some other Skill Setup as main Attack?(espacially for leveling,maybe?) I can't make up with this kind of "Gameplay" lol.. or do you have some Tipps on how to use Flameblast right? Often I miss small groups of mobs because they just passed the Radius.. and other Times I try to unlease the Blast and cast the next but instead I keep casting the first one.. atleast for leveling this skill seems a bit "...". Also, you said you changed to Flamability instead of WM, but how do we leach life and Mana now?
I will try a Setup with HoT + Mana Leach, and Orb of Storms with Life Leech, will Edit once I started Mapping (Level 59 now and using Cloak of Flame, large Mob Groups are way too easy, but Bosses keep killing me..)
What do you think about running an obliteration and a singularity?
About singularity we really want 2 wands for more explosion and you cannot use wand and mace.
Btw i really dont know how you miss whit flameblast + increased area? For bosses you can use flame totem to help and what whit mana? I just get 10 on kill so i dont care if you have problems just drink mana flask:)

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