this is my 90 low life full fire conversion arc prolif elementalist.

so ive been working on this char off and on for most of Perandus league. all in all you might spend about 10 ex atm to do it. shav's obviously being the bulk of that. NOTE: i only just got the shavs and was using first a tabula/ci combo then switched to solaris lorica and finally the shavs.

video first:enfeeble/max life/ele weakness/turbo shipyard.

no procs

with procs





Heartbreaker vs Doryani's Catalyst:
in the end i prefer the extra es/culling strike/mana of heartbreaker.but the increased prolif dmg and leech of doryani's is also a boon. if you think the rest of your gear is up to it or have one laying around try it and see which works best for you!

some notes:

im not sold on the leech, sometimes it's great sometimes it doesn't feel worth it.

going forward with the build stacking aura effect is extremely strong. increases your es from discipline, damage from wrath and mana regen from clarity.

to really push the build level 21 gems should be a goal.

my helm enchant is kinda lucky,i like it. you may want to use # of arc chains instead.(reduced reservation on discipline or herald of thunder would also work)

i intentionally got mana on my helm/boots/ring and heartbreaker also has some.
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I like your idea of doing a conversion build, to get more penetration and a better use of elementalist ascendancy, but somehow I'm confused why youre damage is so low.
Sorry to say that but 34k arc dps is for lowlife super low. Maybe it's because you only have ~300% inc dmg on skill tree and questionable equip.
Voidbringer makes for example absolutetly no sense, since youre non crit, and just bumping your mana costs, what are already without it difficult to handle.
Btw. pretty sure that most support gems like controlled destruction, faster casting etc are better than added lightning damage.

Btw youre loosing tons of dps due to the use of Heartbreaker.. Try a rare wand with ~110+% inc dmg, cast speed and flat dmg and your dps will increase a lot. (you really need the cast speed, since 3,38 procs the second isnt a lot at all)

Still wondering how you can only get 34k, if I got 50k on 2.1 without lowlife and any ascendancy or so.

Btw can definitely suggest you to try crit.
With Inquisitor/Assasin you should be able to reach 100k dps easily, and 250k with investment.

Ps. pls put a divine on your Shavronnes, horrible to see it with lowest rolls. :x
i use voidbringers for several reasons. crit for elemental overload, es on kill,easily obtained high es gloves and +1 ele gems(this one has very little effect).

you mention the "low" tooltip dps w/o mentioning the 67% fire penetration :(

i would consider controlled destruction with crit on my shield. faster casting vs any dmg increasing support lowers your ignite capability's.

i outlined my thoughts on heartbreaker, to each there own.

the last divine i used was where i left off on the shavs. divine orbs dont grow on tree's =/
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updated gear and defense stats with divined shavs.

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