[2.4]Caustic cloud spectres Necromancer

Hi, Im a fan from China. Today Im gonna introduce you guys a very interesting build --Caustic cloud spectres.

T16 phoenix
Lower Atziri
More vedios will be updated

The "Beacon of Corruption" makes your minions spread caustic cloud on death/reaching the end of their duration/resummoning,dealing chaos damage.If we make minion's life high enough, the damage over time will be decent.
As we know, The spectres we raise is related to monster's level.So the higher tier map we run, the higher level spectres we raise ,the same to the life and damage of spectres.

1)Not Recommended to beginners ,as the gears are very difficult to get at start.
2)The damage and area of effect of the caustic cloud can only be increased further with support gems linked and minion modifiers, NOT affected by chaos damage/area damage/DOT from passive skills or stats from the player's equipment

Most important part in this build.We need to use lots of "Deafening essence of fear" to look for "Minion's life" on body armour/helmet/shield/gloves/boots/belt.
Body armour:we choose vaal regalia as base,and find high life ,es and resists on it.
Raise spectres + Minion's life + Minion's damage + void manipulation + increased area of effect + rapid decay (if 6 linked)

Helmet:we choose bone helmet as base ,coz it offers a lot of minion damage .Notice do not enchant it.
In addition, we need to find high life and resists on it . Intelligence also nice.

Shield:we choose titanium spirit shield as base,find high life /block chance/es and resist.

Gloves:we choose Sorcerer gloves as base.The best is high life/es/resist ,and have a prefix to craft "minion's damage"on it.

Boots:we choose sorcerer boots as base.It is the most difficult gear to craft.We need to find High life and 25%+increased movement speed at the same time.

Belt:I like the new base "crystal belt",high es base.But its requiment level is toooo high.

Amulet:I use "Sidhebreath" and highly recommand to vaal an addition curse.
Or rare amulet with high life /es/resist/mana regenration is also great.

Rings: I suggest "praxis" ,for high mana regeneration and %damage taken gained as mana.It is better to vaal it and gain an additon "%damage taken gained as mana".Because we take Mom on skill tree and the skill itself costs high mana, we need a huge ammount of mana regenration.Another one I suggest rare ring to gain high life and resist.

Weapon:Highly recommand "the scourge",70% increased minion's damage on hit for 4 sec.

Jewel is a very important part to increase caustic cloud damage.We need to take as many slot as we can.On jewel ,we need to find increased minion's life and damage.But both are prefix,so its Optional between increased minion's damage and increased your own max life.The secondary choices are resist/cast speed/dex/int/str/es/mana/reduced mana cost

1)aura:Clarity and Dicipline linked with enlighten
2)curse:2-3 curses.Firestorm + curse on hit + enfeeble + temporal chains.If we vaal "cast vulnerablity on hit"on gloves , we can take the third curse on passive tree.
3)block:We cast bone offering to gain high blocks if we take Mistress of sacrifice of Ascendancy passive skill.The tempest shield and "Rumi's flask" can make block up to 75% /60% +

4)totem:Spell totem + wither +increased area of effect.It applies a debuff to make enemies take increased chaos damage and reduced movement speed.

passive tree

Lv 86 at my current level
lv100 on future

Finally, thanks for watching. Hope you guys enjoy it.Pls feel free to ask me if you have any questions.It will be kind of you if you have better ideas to enhance this build.Don't hesitate to message me. Thank you all.Thank you GGG.Brilliant GAME.
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Haha looks like I'm first to comment on a cool thread for a change!!!

Well represented information. Well presented pros and cons and why to do this build and how it works. I look forward to trying it. I'm going to use one my resets on standard to try it. I like necromancer builds. I was curious Would the normal necro items like Boots of Ur, Monteg wand, or Midnight Bargain (dual) for more specters, , also that uniuqe Helmet that looks like a skull and is bronze colored icon (can't rememberthe name right now it gives bonus to minions)?

+1 bump for this build. I'm looking forward to trying it. :)

Thanks again for a great build,
The Morgawr
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