[2.4] Essence Necromancer || The Scourge || This is not Another BV build || Core Malachai done

Hey everyone, this is my firt entry in this forum section. First, sorry for my english since its not my native language.

Well, let's get things started.

This build is around the witch necromancer ascendancy and the new unique claw called The Scourge. We abuse this to scale 4 sources of damage from minion damage to greatly increase our dps without the need of crit investment, so we can focus a bit more on survivability. I have been around this build for long time trying to optimise all the mechanics we use here and finally, im very glad about what it have become.

-Good survivability (current near 6k hp and 60/65 block chance (without Rumi's). Could get higgher)
-Good clear speed (up to t14 atleast I can asure that its pretty fast when solo play)
-DoTs -> You can play hit at run if u feel like that.
-Easy to cap resistances.
-Budget friendly
-No need of crazy uniques or flasks.
-You never feel alone, 20 wolves are with you.
-Many buttons to press

-Melee range (somewhat countered with the Hit and Run playstyle and the posibility of using bladefall instead BV).
-Need at least one unique to make thing runing smotthly and 2 Delerium Essences to start rocking around.
-Its not a crit build so don't spect 1 million dps or carry a full party throug red maps.
-Many buttons to press

Volcano t14 cleaning (for some reason the video turned off when reaching the boss, sorry im very noob at recording)

Volcano t14 boss fight (same run)

Volls on t11 unid magic map

Sulphur wastes boss t13 rare random mods

Malachai Core t15 2nd form deathless on rare map with 360% crit chance 44 multiplier, inc. area, boss life and beyond (this was my very first attemp on this map in my PoE life ever :D)

Atziri I ate several hits from her.. Im not very experienced with this encounter, anyway, deathless. :P

Build explanation


We use Blade vortex (on a 5/6L if posible) with pison and Vortex on a pair of gloves with the delirium essence mod (+30% damage over time), getting a virtualy 5l on vortex (we focus on the DoT aspect of Vortex) and a 2nd one hand weapon with the Delirium mod for an extra source of damage.

This way, we get many sources of damage that get increased by all the minion damage we get for ourselves thanks to The Scourge. (BV phy damage, poison, delirium decay and Vortex DoT.) We use elemental overload aswell to make the vortex dot do more damage, with almost none crit chance BV makes it almost 100% up-time.

Going full life makes us get full benefits from Bone Offering (Life gained on block), wich can buff us thanks to the necromancer Mistress of Sacrifice pasive.

Pasive Tree

We end with 5 slots for jews at level 91. Best use for theese are jews with life, minion and area damage. More than 300% increased minion damage from tree and gear without specing into it (we don't use minions at all).

bandits: Help Oak -> Kill all -> Kill all

Current Pasive Tree at level 91

Tree summary
-223% increased life
-125% increased energy shield.
-50% increased area damage.
-60% increased chaos damage
-47% increased damage over time.
-40% increased physical damage
-30% increased radius of area skills
-80% increased skill effect duration
-135% minion damage.
-88% increased spell damage.

Ascendacy pasives

Mechanics summary:
-The scourge: We get minion damage as increased damage for ourselves.
-Blade Vortex for direct physical damage + poison for chaos DoT and Vortex for cold DoT.
-Decay: Inflict a DoT that we aplly with Vortex, so it get amplified by supporting gems linked to it.
-Elemental Equilibrium: We take it because its near from our natural tree pathing and with pyre we make mobs vulnerable to our vortex DoT.
-Elemental Overload: Thanks to BV fast hit ratting we get this up almost 100% of the time, getting a nice buff to our Vortex DoT.
-Bone offering: Gives huge chance to block atacks and spells, combined with Stone of Lazhwar for extra spell block).
-Vaal Pact: This plus life on block from Bone Offering makes us go far from squishy.

Core items
-The scourge: This beauty makes all % increased minion damage (only "increaded", "more" modifieres donsn't add) to aply to our damage. Also, it comes with a handly %70 increased damage when we hit (It doesn't need to hit with the weapon, so we can use spells to proc it)
-Pyre: Convert the initial hit of Vortex from cold to fire, so we can use EE to proc -50 cold resistances on mobs, since the Cold damage from the Vortex DoT doesn't get converted.)
-Stone of lazhwar: preferably corrupted with +%4 block chance.

Current Gear and links

Spell totem - wither - faster casting: Makes our dots hit harder (poison and decay)

Whirlwind blades - faster atacks - fortify: Pretty self explanatory. We use a Sai for the extra block chance. Ideal roll: high spell damage and open prefix for more block while dual wielding from Vagan crafting mod.

Blasphemy - warlords mark - bone offering - Golem: the +2 minion is awesome for bone offering.

-5L->BV + poison + spell echo + life leech + Conc.Effec/Controlled destruction/Inc.AoE
-6K->BV + poison + spell echo+ life leech + Conc.Effec/Controlled destruction/Inc.AoE + hypothermia (since our vortex aply chill to enemies standing inside the dot area)

Vortex + Conc.Effect + rapid decay + controlled destruction.

Just a high life + resist belt.

CWDT - Inmmortal call - desecrate (with this we ensure we have always corpses to use Bone Offering) + open slot for whatever you like most. Im planing to add a Vaal lighting trap for shocking on hard mobs/bosses)

We can use a high life, spell damage, cast speed, resist one, but the 50% spell block is just so good to not have.

Explained already

High life + resists

Join a map, start casing BV and pop a mana potion, reach 10+ BV stacks, start wirwind around until u kill some mobs, cast bone offering ( this one should be always UP. ALWAYS. Dont worry, CWDT+ desecrate will be making enough corpses for it),and keep runing and killing stuff. Use vortex on harder ones (whites dies fast just with BV and poison). Use wither totem for bosses.

Tips and Hints
-Sometimes you will need to swap BV out for bladefall for dangerous bosses while tuning your gear, like uber izaro if you want to get him early.
-Try to avoid hard hitting melee physical damage dealers without fortify and Bone Offering, without fortify even with 6k hp a single magic giant skeleton can one shoot us if it rolls a critical strike.
-I use blade vortex because it somewhat counter the mana issues of this build, since you cast while popimg mana flask and then run. Another spell that should perform well with this here is spark due we get enough inc. duration for tree. This need more testimg since it would bcome a totally different build.
-While all maps mods are doable(apart from phy and ele reflec combo), some ones are terrible for clear speed, like hexproof, no leech and no regen.

Stats (Haste + The scourge + Bone offering Offering buffs up)



Im open for contructive feedback, let me know your thoughts! Things are still susceptible to change but in the meantime, try it and enjoy!


20/10/17: Updated with a simple Volcano run video.
21/10/17: Added new videos.
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What is the best way to go about leveling this? Selfcast bladefall till 70?
PathOfExLie wrote:
What is the best way to go about leveling this? Selfcast bladefall till 70?

I leveled this as clasic summoner, just with +x minion level helm with zombies + poison and blade vortex with self found +spell damage gear. You can respect later all the minion pasives since the tree path is already around those nodes. I would go straigh with blade vortex from the beggining. The mana management feels much better with it than bladefall. By the way, both are solid options. Blade vortex + controled destruction+ spell echo + aoe/conc eff/Added fire is enough for carry you all the way till merci dried lake.

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