[2.3]The Burning Ice - Ice Crash Oro's Elementalist

0. Intro
Disclaimer: casual, non-meta, just for fun build.
This is my first published build guide. I like playing different builds, and I always change something in them, but never created one by myself before now. This build is my own point of view and I may be wrong in different aspects of mechanics so feel free to change it the way you feel and tell me my mistakes. :)
Also, sorry for spelling mistakes, english is not my native language.

1. The idea
I always wanted to create melee witch because witch with two-handed sword looks very cool(weapon holding and moving animation). With Elementalist Ascendancy it feels really good(I didn't even ascend until lvl 70 to try this build without ascendancy). This build starts at level 67, when you equip Oro's Sacrifice and currently I'm sitting at level 81(third char this league so I'm not playing too much) and it's pretty fun. Ice crash is almost always one shotting packs and if not - burning damage will finish them.

2. Levelling
Leveling is pretty simple with couple options:
1. Firestorm + Fire Penetration + Faster Casting + Concetrated Effect
2. Flame Totem + Fire Pen + Faster casting + Faster Proj/Elemental Focus/controlled destruction
3. Vortex + Faster Casting + Controlled destruction + Fire pen
You can level with Vortex + Pyre ring, since we get alot of Fire damage from the passive tree and vortex is OP now. It carried me until lvl 67, when you can equip Oro's.

About tree: just move to templar, picking life/damage nodes when needed. Scion life 'wheel' is for end game.

3. End game skill tree and bandits

Bandits: Oak - Kraityn\Kill - Kraityn

4. Skill gems setups
Main skill:
4L: Ice Crash + Faster Attacks + Weapon Elemental Damage + Concetrated Effect/Inc AOE
5L: + Concetrated Effect/Inc AOE
6L: + Fire Penetration/Fortify/Stun/Life Leech/

Leap slam + Faster Attacks + Blood Magic

Cwdt setup:
Cast When Damage Taken(lvl 4) + Immortal Call(6) + Molten Shell(12)(Optional) + Increased duration(Optional)

Anger/Determination - Blasphemy + Enfeeble.
Anger for more DPS OR Determination for defence(to mitigate Oro's increased damage taken).

Optional - Single target:
Heavy strike + Faster Attacks + Added Fire Damage + Weapon Elemental Damage + Stun/Fortify/Life Leech/Fire Penetration

5. Gearing

None of this are mandatory(except weapon):

Helmet: Best in slot - Devoto's Devotion.

Body Armour: Best in slot - Kaom's Heart, if you can afford it with 6L Oro's. :)

Gloves: Dex, Life, Resistances.
Boots: Life, Resistances.
Belt: Best in slot - Doryani's Invitation with Fire damage and leech.

Rings: Resistances, Life, Flat Fire Damage, Inreased Elemental Damage With Weapons.
Jewels: Mana Gained For Each Enemy Hit By Yout Attack(at least 1 or 2!) Attack speed, area damage, life,


6. Videos

7. Outro
I wasn't sure if this build would work, but the feeling when you regearing at level 67 and kill you first pack is awesome.
This is not meta build and it feels a bit clunky but I like it anyway.
Sorry for kinda low level, but I don't have much time lately but I wanted to do this guide anyway, just as achievement that I did something :)

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Skill tree ?????
gakkeroel wrote:
Skill tree ?????

yo, it's here :)
xdreams wrote:

3. End game skill tree and bandits

Bandits: Oak - Kraityn\Kill - Kraityn

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