[2.4] LL Scourge Necromancer crit Sparker / WIP

This build is WIP and may see a lot of adjustments. Also looking for feedback i rly want to get rid of my current neck and maybe boots?
tldr;Gear/Tree at the end of the post. Video guide with some runs later.

Whirl around cast spark on high speeds and corpses explode around us.

Build is playable and can clear maps upto T15ish but has an awful single target, and shines in linear maps like any other spark build.

The Scourge is the main focus of a build and is a fairy new and unexplored item. builds main focus is "Increases and reductions to Minion Damage also affects you".
Class: I have chosen Witch/Necromancer to utilize effect of our claw even more, and on top of that it lets us to completely ignore cast speed on our gear/passive tree since were getting a lot from our class.
First 2 points are going to be allocated to get 'Mistress of Sacrifice'. This node by it self grants us from 20% cast/movement/attack speed at lvl 1 of Flesh offering and scales upto 35% at lvl 25 (lvl21 gem + empower lvl4).
Next 2 we are getting 'Commander of Darkness' for some more cast speed/damage and +20% to all res is a pretty solid choice.
Points 5-6 are going towards 'Spirit Eater' same deal as before even more speeds/damage. Notable damage of this node is way to hard to calculate since we are going to blow corpses left and right, but its a lot trust me.
Last 2 we grab the small nodes that are left. Going for 'Beacon of Corruption' is fine to expasali if you want to be chaos res capped, but isnt so crucial for this build, also i cant find information on wolfs life, but its an option none the less.

Passive skill tree :
This is my current skill tree. I focused a lot on ES nodes since im currently using only 4rare items, and breaking 9.5k ES was my goal maybe later on ill drop some es nodes but for now its the way to go with double 'Energy from within' jewels.


main links

whirling blades/shield charge setup should go into our claw and make our wolfs at bit more useful

warlords mark on blasphemy for leach

swap blasphemy for wrath in hexproof maps

auto offerings/golem/desecrate this setup goes into our helm

auras on Blood Magic you will need at least lvl2 enlighten to run lvl20 clarity or skip enlighten and run lower lvl clarity, in some cases you can run lvl20 clarity without enlighten if reach 1548 HP

Cast When Damage taken setup i chosen to use tempest shield for some additional block, but you can go with inc. duration if you prefer that.

Gear Rant:
The Scourge is build main gimmick. "Increases and reductions to Minion Damage also affects you" This is the main reason build have chosen to use it, other stats are nice, but not anything to impressive. Also wolfs a fairly useless, they can a tank a hit or two, in the end they are getting easily wiped by any bosses AOE.
A lot of people who ever tried to play a non summoner necro knows much of a pain is to keep up your offering. Kitava's Thirst saves this situation by allowing us to automate offerings. Its simple we cast spark and have a chance to proc our offering.CWDT is an "option" instead, but this unique allows us to run offering at highest lvl possible and that's a lot of damage.
Voidbringer gloves is a solid option for any ES/crit caster, but we have to use it also for %increased mana cost to proc our kitava's helm.
Nothing much to say about this peace Shavronne's Wrappings allows us to safely go LowLife withour thinking much about our chaos res, and frees up a flask spot.
I really dont like Victario's Acuity. But this the only way we are getting frenzy/power chasrges and on top of that we are getting some proj speed/damage for our spark. Loosing crit rolls is pain tho.
Voidwalker boots free a gem slot in our shavs and saves a lot of points, with this unique boots we dont need to travel to pierce nodes on a tree. Lacks in es, but this much utility we cant pass.
First of build rare slots is a shield focus on getting as much ES as possible, then resists.Lastly stats/spelldmg/crit/mana regen are usable, but should not be prioritized over ES.

For rings look for a good mix of ES/resists and missing stats. Also look for %ES craft from Elrion.

A rare belt preferably crystal belt, focus on ES/Resists/missing stats. If you can get EW and get away with not getting some res on your belt, FLASK mods are super strong.

Double EFW jewel's place 1 under Melding wheel, second next to witches power charger

on rare jewels focus on getting ES, crit chance/multi, lightning/regular/minion damage,cast speed is fine but should not be a priority. If struggling with resists/stats they can also provide.

Flask Rant: Flasks are wery important and are 'build enabling' in our case.
Since we are not crit capped (with 4 power charges at 70%) its a huge damage boost.

Build enabling Catalysed Ethernal Mana flask even with Vinkatrs up and close and personal with warlords i didnt not find a way to sustain mana.

Vinkatars give us mana leach which HELPS A LOT, and our single target damage.

We run no stun immunities so Kiaras is a must have. Its primary role is to remove stuns, its also is on a silver flask base OnSlaught is handy for clearing even faster.

Rumi's is a solid defensive choice and we can use some even tho we are not block focused build having around 54% is still very strong and is noticeable.

Offence Stats in HO

Defence Stats in HO




I cant engrish.
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What bandits did you choose? I guess sp/sp/sp?
omegaghost wrote:
What bandits did you choose? I guess sp/sp/sp?

points normal/cruel
power charge in merc
But they dont matter as much as people make as people make fuzz about it. If you want you can take cast speed in cruel also or a point in merc.
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Nice build. It seems pretty interesting (I like minion/spark hybrid... even if the minions are wolves, there are still minion nodes picked up) even if the gear is expensive.

The thing I don't understand is you advertise the build as a crit sparker but list controlled destruction as a primary link to spark? Controlled destruction makes your crit chance 0%...so you don't crit off of your main spark ability..

Am I missing something?

Nevermind. Controlled Destruction is 100% REDUCED crit chance... which is kind of confusing but it's a multiplier just like things that say INCREASED crit chance.
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