[2.4] Rhox's Hardcore 14 Grand Spectrum [Insert skill gem here] Shaper Killer


Hey guys thought I should finally make a guide for this overpowered build that can 1 shot almost anything in the game. This build is based around the Grand Spectrum Viridian Jewel. Every single Grand Spectrum you have equipped gives you 5% elemental damage PER Grand spectrum so having over 11 or 12 is godly damage. My build used 14, which seemed like a sweet spot for damage/total es. 980% elemental damage is straight up broken.


https://www.twitch.tv/rhoxxx/v/94229833 Shaper on EHC at level 89



+ INSANE clear speed
+ Melt any boss up to t16s
+ Fairly simple to play
+ Makes great use of Elemental Equilibrium and Elemental Overload
+ Kind of a unique build
+ Shaper Viable


- You have to buy 12+ Grand Spectrums
- Struggles a little bit with Guardians solo
- Ignite immune bosses/maps
- Mana issues that can easily be solved



Level 92 Witch before dying to a disconnect

Bandits:Skill Point/Cast Speed/Skill point



Skill tree is pretty straight forward, you only need jewel sockets and energy shield. You get plenty of stats from pathing for gear/gems


This build is literally 100% based around the Grand Spectrum Viridian Jewel. I would recommend getting at least 12 for 720% elemental damage, more is better



Necessary elemental damage leech, great damage and cast speed/attack speed


Standard high es shield, obviously should have resist also if you need it. Crafted cast speed is nice also


Flameblast Damage is the helm enchant I went for and think is the best, radius doesnt seem to be needed. Could also go for reduced Disciple mana reservation or curse effectiveness. Standard stuff high es/res


Build is fine with a 5link, 6link is obviously great for controlled destruction


My 2nd characters name was MWMWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, Edict of Reflection is needed with a name like that


Rainbowstrides, cheap and good. I am not 100% sure if leech is necessary but it helps a ton with saftey and clearing maps


Stats, Energy Shield, Res. Could look for cast speed also


Valyrium for stun resistance, Eleron crafted ring for quality of life, this build has some mana issues


Look for high es, stats if necessary, res, flask mods


Atziri flask for leech and extra damage, staunching/warding/heat/adrenaline. Mana potion is 100% mandatory!


Main DPS Setup

Flameblast -> Faster Casting -> Chance To Ignite -> Fire Penetration -> Incrased AOE/Conc Effect -> Controlled Destruction

5link set up wouldnt use controlled destruction, also swap in conc effect for single target however I never needed it for anything but shaper/guardians

CWDT Setup

Level 4 Cast When Damage Taken -> Level 6 Immortal Call -> Increased Duration

Your standard CWDT setup

Mobility Setup

Lightning Warp -> Faster Casting -> Reduced Duration -> Repid Decay

4l lightning warp, great for mobility and also procs Mastermind of Discord


Vaal Discipline and Vaal Haste linked with Increased Duration

Blasphemy -> Temploral Chains for mapping, could use Warlords Mark if u want the leech.

Curse/Orb of storms

Orb of Storms-> Critical Stikes -> Curse on Hit -> Flammability. Insane damage bonuses from proccing Elemental Equilibrium, Elemental Overload and Mastermind of Discord.


I use Lightning Golem for the extra cast speed


I have leveled 2 witches with this build, one as firestorm and another as whispering ice, both of those characters used
and blue jewerly/belt/chest while leveling. Nothing too fancy but the Hidden Potential jewel adds a lot of damage for leveling


After dying on my 2nd go at this build to reflect I've had people say you need the reflect ascendancy for Elementalist. This just isn't true. I only died because I put in conc effect in for god knows what reason on a corrupted essence reflect rare.

While mapping you only use Increased AOE gem and with some leech you should be safe, you will take damage but you will never 1 shot yourself to reflect, also 10 stacking the flameblasts is not needed to clear maps, and obviously reroll elemental reflect maps.

Thanks to MoarPizza for the build template, Sposauc for all the build advice and everyone that watches my stream. Anyone that wants to check my stream out you can here https://www.twitch.tv/rhoxxx

follow the stream :)
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reserved, let me know if you find any big mistakes or want more information.

follow the stream :)
Nice build tech, sir
Nice 1000% incr Elem. damage pretty rich boy build, dude ^_- Not sure how you don't annihilate yourself to reflect without special Elementalist node though.
Hello , great build so far can I ask you what the order for ascendancy ? thanks
One of the best builds in the game.

One of the worst players in the game.

Wew lad.
I did this with mjolir juggernaut 8 end charges 9 grand spectrums. insane damage. But I moved on due to wanting to pursue a reflect proof build. The quest for the all-map-viable build continues.
You use temporal chains only during mapping, and take it off on bosses? cause u dont have additional curse on enemy, or u were planning to take add curse passive on 95+lvl? And about boots can i just take good es boots with ms and resists?
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Running this on low life with Dual Curse. Packs such a punch I'm able to 1 shot guardians (except Phoenix) with a 4link, and use the 6 link for FB. Also 15 GS :P Achieved 9K (w/o VD) ES wich is reasonable for a LL with a Shv's that urges for divines, run full defensive flasks so its pretty safe, Rumi's bring's me to ~70% block chance, Basalt and stuff.

Gratz on the build, cheers!

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Is this build still worth doing in 2.5 after the nerf? with 14 grand spectrum?

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