[2.6] Fistan's Incinerate Elementalist - 130K tooltip - 9.5K ES - Guardian Viable

Do you want to kick ass with a caster build that doesnt cost 100 ex? Have you been searching for a good incinerate build? Well, look no further. This is the guide you are looking for.


.............Build Mechanics..............

So how does the build work?

We utilize the Vertex's %50 percent mana cost reduction to drop incinerate's mana cost down to 10. This allows us to manage incinerate with a single -8 Elreon jewelry. 2.4 patch added a very interesting new ring called Snakepit which adds another projectile to your spells. Two of these essentially becomes an LMP gem which in turn allows us to use the 4th socket in our vertex for another damage gem. And the +1 gems affix on vertex adds 2 more levels to our incinerate due to our use of empower, hence a 4 link setup becomes a 6 link or more in efficieny.

Consuming dark also adds a 7th link in the form of poison, and also removes any concern over reflect(with the help of Paragon of Calamity) and resistances(also thanks to Mastermind of Discord).


.............Build Requirements..............

The build itself requires 6 uniques to perform, all of which contributes immensely to cover our weaknesses and make the build strong. It also means that the build's stats are normalized, so you are not going to deviate too much from my stats. But we do benefit quite a lot from levels. Best thing is core gear can be bought for 6-7 exalts. Anyways, let's start with what we need.

-- Gear --

Required Gear

#1 Consuming Dark allows us to poison and bypass monster resistance easier. I'd say legacy piece is almost mandatory, a regular CD dagger would do as well but then this should be your first upgrade when you acquire some funds.

#2 Shavronne's Wrappings because we want to use all the beneficial auras and benefit from Pain attunement. Buy a 6 socket one, or at the very least 5.

#3 Vertex is what makes this build work. It adds 2 levels to our incinerate due to us using an empower gem, which makes it a pseudo 5th link. It also halves the mana cost of incinerate so we can actually maintain incinerate with just 1 elreon jewelry.

#4 Snakepit Rings. Greatest gift of patch 2.4. Two of these allows us to drop LMP from our setup and use Elemental Focus instead. Since shaper of desolation is nerfed greatly thus became very unreliable, we no longer have a reason not to use it.

#5 Lioneye's Paws makes us stun immune and fixes our stat problems. Albeit with a severe movement speed penalty but we get around that with whirling blades and flame dash.

#6 We need one -8 elreon ring. Just need resists with it. %ES is just a bonus.

Recomended Gear

#1 It's not required but this belt gives us almost everything we want. It gives us damage(which is rare for casters), strength, resists and finally leech. Granted its we only benefit from half that leech but even that much is useful.

#2 Now do not be alarmed. We do NOT need a spellpower shield. I repeat DO NOT BUY a spellpower shield. All we need is 400ish ES and resists. Resists are the most important thing, then go for ES. Never try to buy a shield with Spellpower, ES and resists, those shields cost exorbitant amounts. Even mine adds about 10-11% dps.

#3 Priority is again at resists THEN energy shield. A 150-200 ES shield with resists isn't too hard to come by.


#1 We NEED one of these 5% reduced mana cost jewels. It drops incinerate cost from 3 to 2 which is why we are able to cast it indefinately.

#2 We use an Energy from within for the jewel socket right next to melding cluster. It adds about 500 ES by itself.

#3 Cast speed is the best stat hoard them in the jewels if not any combination of damage/spell damage/fire damage/projectile damage/cast speed is good. look for cheap 3 stats jewels. I got my jewels for 10-20 chaos max.


#1 Atziri Flasks are our main leech source and they do add a significant amount of damage on top. We use 3 of these flasks so that it will last through any encounter. If not we can always drop empower for life leech although i never needed to.

#2 Stabnite in my opinion is the best defensive flask we can have, since we are immobile while channeling this potion adds a bit of evasion and creates a blinding cloud around us so melee mobs miss even more. Also only costs like 10 charges. I recommend a freeze or bleeding affix on it as we need protection from these 2.

#3 Last flask is all up to you, you can use a basalt flask to gain even more physical damage reduction, or silver for onslaught, or even bismuth if you lack res for ele weakness map. I personally enjoy having one quicksilver flask in all my builds. Its just a preferance here.

-- Gems --


This is where our incinerate setup goes. While neither lvl21 incinerate nor lvl4 empower are needed, a 20 quality incinerate is absolute MUST. 40% Projectile speed is so good, with all bonuses it allows us of reach the edge of the screen without projectile speed gem. I also highly recommend keeping a "Life Leech" gem in your inventory in case you attempt to kill a "Big Bad Wolf" and run out of flask charges. Also carry a "Reduced Mana Support" gem in case u attempt a No Regen map.


This is where our mana auras go. An enlighten 3 is mandatory.


This is where our Empowered Anger goes. Since 3R1B is very hard to roll elsewhere we put them here.

Again Enlighten 3 is mandatory. A +1 Lioneyes Paws(cheaper than lvl4 enlighten so) is required if we do not have 12% Mana Reservation from the tree but if u opt to go for charisma cluster in the tree, you can use regular lioneye's paws with just a lvl20 blood magic and an enlighten 3.


Standard Whirling Blades/Fortify setup, gives us free 20% physical damage reduction.


You need to color this with Vorici, costs about 100 chromes. Much less than what we would need otherwise. We use a lvl1 Cwdt because we need curses to trigger immediately. A quality Projectile weakness is highly recomended as it adds roughly 10% more damage in the end because of "increased damage taken" mechanic.


This is where we put all our utility spells and our golems. Great thing is we do not need a 6 Linked Shavs, but 6 Socket is highly recomended and 5 socket is mandatory. Golems need to be linked with reduced mana since they cost more than our unreserved. Orb of storms is good enough as is, but i linked an Increased critical strikes gem to have it proc our Elemental Overload faster. And flame dash is excellent spell to complement our whirling blades. Essentially it is a delay-free whirling blades, almost instant teleport with our cast speed.

-- Talent Tree --

This is the tree for budget builds. I used 3 points on charisma cluster instead of first 2 points in Leadership because it allows the use of regular lioneye's paws instead of the +1 version. Also selected to use Kraityn in normal instead of passive point because +10 all resists is great for cheap gearing. Feel free to remove bits like that if you can afford it. Also for lower levels remove what you feel you'd need less.

-- Regular Tree --


There is also a Grand spectrum tree for those who just have too much money.

-- Grand Spectrum Tree --


I think it adds 80% more damage from the tree itself. So it'd be possible to go beyond 200k tooltip dps with this tree. I dont have the money (or rather unwilling to purchase these) so i cannot confirm. Although only attempt this tree if u have a very good ES shield as it only adds 196%ES from the tree.

-- Bandits --

Normal = Kraityn (Kill all if you dont need the resists ie good gear)
Cruel = Kill All
Merciless = Kill All

-- Ascendancies --

First two points you should spend on Pendulum of Destruction, as they add quite a significant buff which is more pronounced in early levels. Then go for Liege of the Primordial it adds about 70% elemental damage and 20% cast speed from bonuses . Third one should be Mastermind of discord which lets us have 28% total fire penetration and let us be less bothered by resists. Last one is Paragon of Calamity. I dont think it is needed we can do reflect maps without it with a bit of care, but with this ref maps becomes a joke. We can not utilize Shaper of desolation(which is meh now) and beacon of ruin because of Elemental Focus gem.



-- Dps Calculation --

Lets assume our dps is 130k for the purposes of easy calculation. Since incinerate gains x2.5 multiplier for stage 3, our dps is 325k. Poison in 2.4 was nerfed so it only deals 16% of total physical/chaos damage. We deal about 55% of our damage in chaos with Atziri Flasks which has 100% uptime, so our base poison damage is 8.8% but since we have %121 damage from tree(chaos+projectile), poison becomes 19.5%. Since poison also double dips on projectile weakness(x1.43 with curse efficiency) the end result becomes 27.8%. So all we need to do is to add that to our 325k which in turn becomes 415k, and multiply that with projectile weakness again to end up with 594k total real dps. So the your real dps is 4.57x of your tooltip dps. Complicated, i know.

-- Personal stats with screenshots --

Defenses unbuffed

Hideout without Elemental Overload or Atziri Flask

With Elemental Overload and Atziri Flask

With Elemental Overload, Atziri Flask, Pendulum, Paragon of calamity

due to our high use of uniques, you'll still be able to do 90-100k dps with 10ex gear minimum i linked above with lvl20 gems and no spell shield, which is still more than enough to do all t15s. All you need is levels and i havent died in a long time with this build.



It's quite simple. We whirling blade through mob packs to gain fortify and drop Orb of Storms to proc Elemental Overload and Mastermind of Discord which happens instantly if we have inc crit strikes linked to it. Then just pop the Atziri flask and the Stibnite and start firing. Melee mobs won't be able to hit you properly due to stibnite and evasion. Even if they could you'll be having 39% physical damage reduction with Fortify/Arctic Armor/Endurance charge combo. When they could manage to hit you, you'll immediately proc your Warlords Curse and start leeching even more. Generally most packs just melt instantly before we could even get to 3rd stage. Also for those who wonder, Elemental Overload and Atziri Flask both has 100% uptime, even in staged bossfights like Col Daresso, atziri etc.

While this build is fairly tanky, it is NOT a tank. Do not expect to facetank all the hard hitting abilities. I did pretty much every red map though never attempted uber atziri (due to its cost/reward mainly). Though i'm sure we can do that map without a problem. Have every tool required to deal with her and definately have the dps for it. I'll try to put videos in the future, which is something i postponed quite often due to my own laziness though having a 5 year old computer did contribute to that. In any case, enjoy the build people; its the most fun and polished build i've ever made and played.



Incoming, some day ........

.......Proof of kill screenshots.......

T16 Chimera

Got inside blind hence the reason for blue map. The fight is easy enough if u know what you are up against. Chimera himself was to be honest a joke, until i got cocky and started to facetank his combos then it got dangerous as he can bring you down to sliver of health occasionally if try to tank the stuff that is meant to be dodged. I'll say this, any damage mod on the map and u'll die facetanking him. So dodge the charge and his red circle aoe attack and he wont be able to touch you. Dangerous part of the map oddly enough was the adds, particularly the first round; vipers that shoot projectiles. When they all attack at the same time, it hits like truck so dont play around and try to dodge them which is easy enough. The unique viper hits very hard but also easy to dodge when alone. After this part, rest of the fight is easy enough. One good thing to mention, golems serve as excellent decoys, quite often mobs&bosses will attack them which will give you several seconds to freely dps. You'll have to resummon them quite often but imo it's necessery for smooth run. Done deathless ofc, but used one portal for reflask.

I'll try to add more of these screenshots over time though im not really playing with this char that often. But i'll link uber + other guardian kills when the maps drop.


2.6 Update: Nothing changed apart from a small tweak in the tree. Also build got alot cheaper.

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fixed the math, apparently we deal even higher damage.

edit: Thanks teol037 for mentioning projectile weakness and shock stack additively since they are both "increased damage taken" completely forgot about that. One thing neither of us can answer is if projectile weakness does double dip the poison or not, though i highly doubt it. Hence formula will still be calculated as if it doesnt double dip.

edit2: There is also the possibility of poison double dipping on shock. If that is true(most likely it is) then end dps will be 365K.

Moral to the story is, we deal a crap ton of damage for a 4 link.
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still playing the build, i'll probably make an update for 2.3. Got myself an extra 6 link shavs so i think i'll revolve the next version of the build around that.

2.3 consuming dark nerf did hurt but we still survived. Leech is noticably weaker yet still enough, but on the other hand gained about 10% more damage, doing 55k tooltip with 9.4k ES. Will update as soon as im satistfied ( think i gotta kill me some uber for that, wanna see what happens ), atm i'll be lookin for some decent elreon rings.

edit : its 68k on 4l with last ascendancy points. Didnt think liege of the primordial would do that much.
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Mind adding a video for those who want to see the clearspeed and durability?
Looks interesting, maybe can replace my FA elemental that had max 70k dps.
thats been on my mind, though last time i updated my machine it was 4 years ago. I'm starting to have trouble playing the game as is, and i do remember what fraps did to my fps years ago when i tried the same for crysis 2. Still, i guess i can give it a shot after i finish revising the build. Clearspeed is really good for incinerate, everything just melts instantly. But there are higher clearspeed builds, the old spark, or high dps bow builds just one shotting off screen etc. We are somehow limited on that part because of how incinerate works.

Durability is fine, its plenty for most things in the game, but some red bosses will hurt you so do not try to facetank all of them. Thats all i can say, just try it. Keep in mind though, every little bit helps the damage, when i respecced earlier in the patch, i didnt allocate last 11 points to see whats the dps, it was 23k unbuffed tooltip, after spending the last ones it jumped to 34.5k.(now its 41.5k unbuffed with just LotP fire/lightning golem bonuses on 4 link) And these are all numbers without accounting for pendulum, EO or flask.

This is the current tree btw


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Hey Fistan!

Awesome build Mate! Been enjoying myself a lot on it and am doing my best right now to get a good shavs for it. Even with the consuming dark nerf I find the build very well done.

Quick question: Why place the two curses with cast when damage taken support and not curse on hit support? Perhaps I am missing something obvious but I feel that I would get more out of my curse.

I appreciate any feed back you can.

Thanks in advance!


CORRECTION!!! Holy derp. my bad. Please don't bother with a response. I figured it out... CoH does not without an ability... :D thanks wiki

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Glad you enjoyed it :) I had intended to update the build but delayed because i got family problems, my mother has cancer so dealing with it these days. Anyways i still occasionally play it. I'm doing 96K tooltip on 6 link atm, absolutely annihilates everything. I do have an alternate Grand Spectrum tree but since they cost a fortune i decided against using it, when their price is down to humane levels i'll buy then link the build, should do %40 more damage that tree, and at the very high-end gear i calculated it should do 180-200k tooltip though gear requirement for that would cost almost 2 mirrors. Still 150k+ would be possible with 30ex investment. I'll link all that with complete 2.3 guide when i have enough time, possibly with videos this time so check here occasionally. Cheers :)
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Many thanks for making this guide my friend, I am just a casual player but I can never find or afford a decent caster build, this one really did the trick for me, I was able to get everything I needed under 10ex!
You're welcome mate, i think i updated the build as well as i could. You can find 6L version which i currently use but my heart is still left at 4L, there is something alluring about cheap efficiency :)
updated for 2.4

edit: Screenshots added.
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