Witchfire Occultist of Innsbury,EK chaos poison,quad curse

***Note Old build, if anyone has any ideas on updating it let me know. I made it around 2016.***

Brand new 3D art for Innsbury sword and Cospris will, looks great! GGG's new picture fits perfectly except its not dual wield.

Turn your physical damage to chaos and use deadly poison! Conversion of physical is the best way for big Chaos insanity damage! Why is Sin's Rebirth Flask going for 10ex? Well its because of physical to chaos conversion. Thanks to Innsbury Edge sword there is a cheap way! Fun and quick, hard hitting fat chaos!

Hexproof quad curse!, Enfeeble, Warlords mark(blasphemy), Projectile Weakness, Temporal chains (on gloves), and optional flask Vulnerability (witchfire brew!).

Use evasion, enfeeble , blind , acrobatics dodge, phase acrobatics , vaal grace, to avoid getting hit.

Slow them down with wither, maim, and temporal chains.

Use fortify, enfeeble,mind over matter, arctic armour, and endurance charges to take the edge off any incoming damage.

Ghoulish Dreams, too strange to comprehend!

Innbury sword in Insane! Yes the sword has a hidden insanity related affix! You will see things happen which will seem very odd...like leveling notice when your not close,loosing a level, your char has been slain, and other insane actions which dont really happen, or do they? (they dont so dont worry) Its crazy, and patch 2.3.2 added more insanity and multiple sources of insanity stack. New damage type Insanity?

Bandit Rewards:

Oak (life), kill all , kill all

Ascendency order:

1.Profane Bloom : Cursed enemies take 10% inc damage and explode.
2.Malediction : Extra curse! and gain 4% extra chaos damage per curse.
3.Void Beacon : Nearby enemies have -20 chaos resist, and have less regen.
4.Wicked Ward : 100 ES and ES recharge (acrobatics kills es but better than nothing)

Advanced gear with links:

I got this advanced gear in Prophecy league. Took me awile to upgrade but was worth it. A few things to note are, culling Innsbury, level 21 EK, EK damage enchanted helm, temp chains on hit gloves, level 21 projectile weakness, and regen when hit enchantment on boots.

For starting gear find equipment with life, resists and evasion. Rings and amulet, try and get life, resists, flat mana, cast speed.

Gem Links:

Main Chest links:

4 link: EK, controlled destruction, Void Manipulation, Added Chaos

5 link: EK, controlled destruction, Void Manipulation, Added Chaos, Poison

6 Link: EK, Controlled Destruction, Pierce, Added Chaos, Void Manipulation, and Poison

Note: With a Cospri Will armour drop poison for Faster projectiles.

***3.0 Update! replace pierce and added chaos with Brutality, and Efficacy, might try out "decay and Viel toxins also**
Other Links:

3 link: blade flurry or Whirling Blades to Fortify

3 link: Wither , Spell totem, faster casting

4 link: Orb of Storms, Curse on hit, Enfeeble, Projectile Weakness

4 link: Blasphemy, Warlords Mark ,Clarity, Enlighten

You get 4 jewel slots, nice for life and other needed stats etc. I like at least one jewel with reduced mana cost.

Some Offensive stats:

Sitting in Hideout with chaos Golem, nothing else.

total dps = 27k
casts = 2.68
phys damage = 2096- 3142
chaos damage= 5770- 8504 _______Fat chaos damage!

Some defense stats:
5.9k life ,223 ES
Evasion 44%
Dodge 40%
Dodge spells 46%

I am running 1 blasphemy, Warlords Mark, Arctic Armour and Clarity (lvl20). Using Orb of storms for 2 other curses enfeeble and projectile weakness.

Curse on hit Temporal Chains gloves can curse monsters outside the radius of your auras. Temp chains on hit gloves can be pricey, if you dont have them use the witchfire brew flask for your third curse aura.

Witchfire brew flask is deadly! It overides and cancels out one curse, not the blasphemy curse.

Heres the tree:level 93


For physical reflect maps you can sub in Physical to Lightning gem for added chaos. This will convert your damage to 50/50 lightning/chaos , no physical. Nice thing about EK is you only hit once so you can tell if its a reflect phys map and you wont die, just pop in your phys to lighting gem. If its a phys reflect and elemental reflect map use a Dyadian Dawn belt.

Note: This build is formerly know as Innsbury EK in the shadow forum.
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real fun build, I am now trying with a witch,
Yes witch is better than shadow for this build.

I really like evasion dodge, I've been playin an armour char and damm you get hit hard alot.
any video?
Maybe i am overlooking something but whats the point of wicked ward? you have no ES on gear and acro+phase acro, halfing even the small amount you gain, would be better to grab forbidden power for the powercharge gain from time to time. Also why not grab those two juicy critclusters in range, seems like a good overall dps improvement with barely any investing (doom cast and annihilation both together only 6 points)
Interesting idea, I just switched to Witch from Shadow and never really thought of crit, just tryin to get the most life out of life. 200 es is still better than nuthing and might find a helm with es later on.
I dunno if crit is worth it? This build doesnt lack in clear speed. I might try it out someday though.
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I might do some videos of this build, maybe some old school camera setup.

Fat Chaos EK!
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I have found chaos conversion to be very effective is scaling chaos damage.
I'd love to see a quick video of this too, maybe you could do a gorge run so we can see its clear speed? Thanks for taking the time to write this up! May use this as my league starter.
Clear speed is great with this build, one shot trash mobs, slay boss with chaos poison.

Just did a deathless Atziri run with a nice drop..
Will try uber soon.
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