[2.4] Two and a Half Curse Bladefall Trapper CI Occultist [HC/SC Viable][UBER ATZIRI DOWN!]

Hi, Florela here. I'm always late when it comes to meta builds and since GGG's nerf hammer struck the oldschool bladefall miner quite hard, I came here to make Bladefall great again! I am usually the guy mindlessly following guides and never coming up with my own ideas, but there wasn't much to follow when it comes to this build so i decided to share my experience.

Welcome to my Two and a Half Curse Bladefall CI Trapper Occultist guide!

All i did was that i took 2 build guides and put them into a single character with a little bit of my own ideas. So before we start, let me thank to Madzak and Justifi3d for their amazing builds!


I successfully managed to kill Uber Atziri and 2 out of 4 guardians!

You can't really beat Hydra or Chimera, because they are immune to poison and that's our main source of damage.

This build might be Shaper viable, I just didn't try. I might try before the league ends but i have different plans at the moment. JUST DO IT and let me know!

This build is a boss killer. Don't expect Vaal Spark level clear speed.


Our main damage comes from the poison applied by our Bladefall traps and it's double dipping mechanics.

My current single target tooltip is 23057 with potions up, but 3 traps (+ Lightning trap) are enough to kill a 500k HP boss in matter of seconds.


We have high effective HP by going CI. We also use Temporal Chains and Enfeeble Curses with maximum possible curse effectiveness to reduce damage of everything that stands close enough.


Mandatory gear:


My Current Gear:

My gear isn't minmaxed by any means. But who cares if it still can kill Uber. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ For possible upgrades, please read the Upgrades section.


For more damages!

And a little bit of utility.

Honorable Mentions:

This will be your main link until you can afford a 5l Atziri's Splendour. Please read the leveling section.

I used Bino's until level 90. But i wanted more dmg for the end game content. Deffinitely a solid weapon.

You can use something like that if you preffer survivability over damage. Same goes for your shield.

Passive Tree:

Occultist: Wicked Ward-Profane Bloom-Malediction-Void Beacon

Gem setup:
Main Links:

5l: Bladefall-Trap-Concentrated Effect-Trap and Mine Damage-Cluster Traps

For bosses replace Cluster Traps with Void Manipulation

Add Controlled Destruction as your 6th link.


Enfeeble-Temporal Chains-Blasphemy-Discipline

We get Vulnerability from the new Witchfire Brew Stibnite Flask

Other stuff:

Whirling Blades-Faster Attacks-Fortify

CWDT-Immortal Call-Increased Duration

3x Vaal Discipline-Increased Duration

Decoy totem-Vaal Lightning Trap

Leveling and gear progression:
For bandits take 3 skill points.

I copypasta'd this section from Justifi3d's guide linked above so you can read it there
1)Level as whatever you want until act 4 merciless. I leveled as self cast Hybrid Bladefall.
2)Get 4 Coated Shrapnel jewels and Deerstalker Deerskin Boots
3)Buy low tier ES gear, usually around 5c a piece and switch to CI.
4)Save up and buy a Heretic's Veil.
5)Save up and buy an Atziri's Splendour and atleast 5link it.
6)Your main setup is ready. Keep upgrading if you feel the need to.

Things that could push the build even further.

1)The biggest upgrade would propably be getting a 6l 4 off-color Shav's and go low life. Atleast in a softcore league.
2)Lv. 21 Bladefall and Discipline gems.
3)20% quality gems.
4)Getting a good lab enchant on your Heretic's.
5)Replacing your Splendour with a 900 ES Vaal Regalia.
6)Jewellery with flat and % ES and/or increased Chaos damage(Essence of Envy).
7)Generally better ES gear (500ES shield, 300ES gloves,300ES boots)

Why are there no questions?
I have no friends.

Good luck in Wraeclast and have a wonderful day!
Last bumped on Feb 10, 2017, 11:37:47 AM
no trap cooldown gem...oh my. Yes its proberly a really good stationary boss killer build, but no trap cooldown make in none essentiel map build
I tried this bladefall trapper and so far have mixed results. Playing in EHC (AgentClover) and I'd like to point out:

-Normal Atziri is of course trivial with a 5L, not really worth farming but you have to start somewhere and I wouldn't advice to take this character to maps.

-I'd stay away from sacrificial garbage and use a carnal armour or sadist garb instead. Roll with essence of woe.

-Use trap cooldown gem instead of trap & mine damage for trash, in conjunction with replacing Void manipulation with multi/cluster, it reduced my Atziri run time by about 25%

-Double vaal are by far the most dangerous part of Uber for this build, don't underestimate them

-Even though this build can be considered HC viable, the threat of death is constant. I would ultimately advise you to look for a different Uber farmer.
I'm going to RE trying this build in 2.6 if nothing will change on double dipping. Plying this in 2.3 and done uber many times. Is the change on % more dmg relevant on poison damage ? Is this good enough to clear uber and boss safe ?
maclarca wrote:
I'm going to RE trying this build in 2.6 if nothing will change on double dipping. Plying this in 2.3 and done uber many times. Is the change on % more dmg relevant on poison damage ? Is this good enough to clear uber and boss safe ?

I haven't really played this league so i can't really compare to today's meta builds. It was sure inferior to 2.4. BV builds, but everything was back then.

About the damage part. I was able to oneshot Uber split phase with 3 traps + vaal lightning trap. But right now i wouldn't take it to the Shaper fight.

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