Marauder Builds List

Due to real life issues and severe lack of free time i'm no longer able and willing to take care of the Duelist/Templar/Marauder build lists. I've informed GGG's Support about this.

If anyone wants to continue where i left it i guess you should contact support and talk to them. To the guy/girl who wants to take care of the lists : If i can help you in any way feel free to message me and i'll do whatever i can to help you as soon as possible!

Thank you all for the kind words, i hope that i was able to help you even a tiny bit with these lists. I'm sorry for any inconvenience that my decision may cause! Good luck exiles !

Well this is a list thread of all up-to-date Marauder guides. ibugsy came up with the original idea with his witch builds list, which was later continued by Bada_Bing. I'll try to keep track of all new and old builds and add/remove them when necessary. If someone has a guide that i've forgot to add, please PM me and i'll add it! I hope you'll find this thread helpful!

Oh just to be clear ... i won't post "build" threads that consist of only your passive skill tree and your gear.

Theory craft builds will not be added.

I would appreciate it if the creators of the listed builds PM me with a short description ( 1-2 sentences ) of their builds. If they want to of course :)

Other List Threads:
Witch Builds List by Bada_Bing
Duelist Builds List by me
Scion Builds List by Bada_Bing
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Templar Builds List by me

Bauer's "Son of Kaom" Oro's Sacrifice build

Beginners Tanky Infernal Blow Marauder Build

Chieftan - Kongor's AoF Ele-Overload Infernal Blow

Cocotheone Righteous Fire Pure End Game Perfect Build

Electric Righteous Fire

Milky's Dual Righteous Fire Totems

"Righteous White walker" - RF based on self-freezing effect

RF Blade Vortex Marauder aka the 'Firetwister'

Chieftain Flame Surge + Righteous Fire

Atomic RF Essence Drain Berserker from Chernobyl

Righteous Fire Vortex Marauder

Ice Crash Crit Staff AKA "The Shaterring Karui"

SOUL FOOD Chuggernaut -- Soul Eater Max AOE Giant Ball of Icy Death

Ice Crash: Size does Matter

The Flame Crash Chieftain

How to smash Heads. Extremely detailed guide about the Facebreaker gloves and builds!
Very detailed newbie friendly guide for a Facebreaker build. It has a duelist and a marauder version.

Ancestral Chieftain - Triple Ancestral Warchief Facebreaker

Hit Once, Hit Hard - Shield Charge Facebreakers -

Shams 2h mace groundslam build endgame


Dualwield Groundslam Maurauder

stunslam juggernaut

TANKY 2H STAFF CRIT groundslammer

PoE Beginners Build: The Dual Flame Totem, Blood Magic Manly Marauder

Iron Will Dual Totem Bladefall

Essence Drain RF

RF Self Cast Discharge

Berserking Reverse SWT Searing Bonder

Battlecookie's FlameSurge RF Chieftain

ual RF Totem Chieftain Soul Mantle

EE Searing Bond Heirophant/Chieftain

Definitely a cockroach. 100% Chaos Ice Trap Juggernaught

Iron will golden shower bladefall

anti lag crash freeze build

c9q9md's Cast On Melee Kill WORM BLASTER

Chieftain Whispering Ice

ES CI Dual RF totems

One SAVAGE Blade Vortex leecher

Ben's GG No Re Essence Drain Atziri Farmer


Starfish of wraeclast - Incinerator boss killer version

Circles O' Death Juggernaut Build

Lysah's Beginner/Budget RF/Flame Surge Lab Farmer

Freezer Burn: AB AoF MoM EO

I Cast Magic Missile! - Cantrip's guide to Ethereal Knives.

Blade Vortex Blood Magic IW RF Build (dual essence worm)

Staff CoC Discharge guide (No voll's) Updated!

Selfcast Discharge Burn Prolif - Juggernaught

Marauder Juggernaut burning Discharger 12 Endurance charge

Vanilla's Juggernaut Burning Prolif Discharge Build


Fire EK Berserker

Blast Avatar, Chieftain with Pure Fire Blast Rain

Crit JuggerShot/TornadoNaut Tank

Sando's Explosive Arrow Chieftain

Explosive Arrow Berserker

Non Crit Lioneye's Split Arrow

Auto-Cloaked in Savagery Voltaxic Marauder

Siege Balista Chieftan

Over´s EA Ignite build # EA/Ignite/Prolif/BM

Altha's EAZerker

200 Minions?!

zSavage's Life Based Crit Mjolner ('Savagenuke')

Mjolner done right

zSavage's Budget Voll-less Mjolner!

Donald Drumpf: Making Mjölner Great Again [With Vaal Molten Shell]

zSavage's Life Based Crit Mjolner ('Savagenuke') [Juggernaut]

::Invincible Juggernaut:: RF Max Block Discharger ::

Mjolner Voll's Juggernaut

[Lighty] 2H RT Cyclone

Beginners "End-Game-Viable" Tanky Cyclone Build

The Fireborn - Multipurpose Full Fire Marauder



"2H Cyclonus" Crit 2H Sword Berserker by fiqst

GGprime's Savage: Turn YOUR 2h build into an endgame cleaner

Oro's Super Cyclone Sacrifice of Cast on Kill Build By Wolf

Playing a spider.

2h Crit Flicker Juggernaut

Surt's Satanic Seizure ~ Oro's Infinite Flicker!

You only rip once, Hardcore Flicker strike

Crit Staff Flicker Strike Marauder

Dual Striker Atziri Leech Tank

RT Dual Strike with Rigwald's Command and Savagery

Shattered Chains Glacial Hammer Build

Berserker Earthquake

Maroh Erqi Earthquake Marauder

Chieftan: Earthquake Tank

Berserker Marauder - Earthquake

earthquake (not another boring champion marohi EQ)

I'm the juggernaut B*TCH! - Tanky 8 Endurance charges Earthquake build

Marauder - Earthquake + Vaal Ground Slam

Hellquake, elemental dw ignite Earthquake

Juggernaut Crit Staff Earthquake.

Bleeding Earth Berserker

Precipice - Earthquake Berserker

Axe Earthquake Berserker

Trypanon Earthquake - hard Critter - non CoC

dual wield Earthquake

Poisonquake Juggernaut

Double DOT Disfavour Earthquake Berserker


Physical Earthquake Juggernaut tank

NH's Juggernaut 2DOT Chilling EQ

Savage Pact Combo Build - Uses Static Strike, Remember That Skill?


Sunder Berserker build

The Sundernaut. Tanky/crit juggernaut.

Hateful Berserker Sunder build!

1H+Aegis IceCrash/Inf.Blow/StaticStrike Max Block&Spell Block Tank, Atziri Killer+a BoR version

Shams 2h Axe Crit Sweep Build

Hypercleave Berserker

Juggernaut Caged God


c9q9md's Abyssal Cry Berserker WORM DETONATOR

Baelrog's Abyssal Cry Berserker

[Chieftain]The Magmaquaker

Tanky RT Dual-Wield Varunastra EQ Berserker

Dyadus Firequaker

[Fury of Tukohama] Dual Ancestral Protector Melee Totem Marauder

CoC Vaal Molten Shell

Dual Curse CoC Cyclone Trypanon/Scolds Bridle Juggernaut

Cast on Hit Juggernaut

The Iron CoC Spin (w/Physical Spells) - Juggernaut

COCserker Panon Wielding Vaal Pact

the masochist - a self curse scold's juggernaut zerphi's soul taker build.

Unique only Juggernaut Trypanon Avatar of Fire

My Vaal Righteous Fire Build...Yea you read it Right!!

Self savagery perma flask uptime autocast Berserker

The Righteous Flicker Shell build

Yet Another Chaos Scold's Build

RT Dual Wield Berserker

The Vigilant Berserker

Revenge of Mickey Mouse - Pillar of the Caged God Warchief Totems.

Shield Charge budget Herald of Ash Full Fire Conversion Proliferator

HiltLess CWDT Berserker Build. Hit Yourself, destroy the enemy!

Jagarnath, Destroyer of Maps (Cyclone-CoMK-Discharge)

Wildstrike Berserker Build Guide

Vigilant Juggernaut with Hyaon's Fury + Elemental Overload

Juggernaut 2H Vigilant Strike Tank

Ancestral Bersestral - The Mara - dona Warchief

Massive Leech and DPS OLDSCHOOL COC Barrage
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
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Infernal Blow

Spectral Throw

Righteous Fire

pre 2.2.0 builds

pre 2.2.0
Righteous Fire Blade Vortex, aka The Thermomix™

Captain WARLORD's "Righteous Fury"
pre 2.1.0
Niffler´s Endgame Righteous Fire Guide

North2's Triple-Curse Pure RF Marauder

pre 2.0.0
RF Iron Will Discharge

RF Discharge

HoGji's Bloodlines RighteousFire Marauder

Righteous Fire + Vaal Cyclone

Brambleblus's Righteous Fire build


Righteous Fire | Cyclone | Soul Taker | Resolute Technique | Marauder

105k dps, Triple Cursing Righteous Fire Flicker, Easy Atziri

pre 1.3.0
Oro's Righteous Fire Marauder

Righteous Fire - Block Tank

Righteous Fire Discharger

The faux Igna Phoenix build(ES/RF/BM/lowlife/fireball)

Cloak of Flame Righteous Fire 4.4k Tooltip flameblast Ignite build!

Master Exploder (aof/bm/discharge)

My spin on RF Incinerate - FireTank build

pre 1.2.0
Necro's The Mitigator marauder

18.2% Life Regen Righteous Fire EK

Another RF Build guide - with maths!

Colby's Cookie Cutter Righteous Fire Build

pre 1.1.0
McPillar 1.0.4 - Righteous Fire Buil Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Knight Of Fire (Righteous Fire + Cyclone Marauder) Not 1.1.0 Updated!]Actionpigeon 1.0.4 builds Tank RF / Flicker RF Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Willemoesium's Righteous Fire Build Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Hack's RF/Discharge Hybrid A.K.A Burnbarian. Not 1.1.0 Updated!

The Flaming Buffalo: Es based Rightheous Fire build with Cyclone and great IIR

| DistruttoreDiAnime | 1.0.4 - Righteous Fire Build Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Melkorr's Righteous Fire Manrauder Using Ondars Guile Nemesis Approved Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Zeno's MF Righteous Fire Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Ice Crash


Ground Slam


pre 2.2.0 builds

pre 2.2.0

Beginners Build: Magic Find Incininerate Block Tank


MorgNThorg's Iron Will Biohazarauder

Shockwave Talisman

King's "Righteous Fall" - RF + Bladefall + Iron Will


Righteous Surge, Hypertank

pre 2.1.0
Blood Magic Keystone Incinerate Marauder
Burn them all without ever running out of mana.

The Captain America Cold-to-Fire Ice Nova Marauder Tank

Slowly, but Surely - IW/BM high regen Firestorm

Hippopotta's BM Shockwave Totem


Iron Will 0 mana cost Incinerator

BM Cybil Incinerate

Iron Will Incinerate Totems

The Immovable Object [ IW BM EK ]

The Hexard Incinerate HEXA curser

Incinerate RF

STR IW RF Incinerate

Blood Magic Iron Will Incinerate

Doon Cuebiyari Incinerate Tank

The curse-on-hit-less dual curse-on-hit Incinerate Marauder

Magic Find Incininerate Block Tank

Cheep High Block/Spell Block Armor Incinerate

The Lazy Tanky Incinerate Marauder

Pantanos' Max Phys Mitigation Iron Will Incinerator

HeaT's Iron Will Blood Magic Incinerate Marauder

pre 2.0.0
BM Flame Totem solo MF/group culler

Munsie's Fire Trap Marauder

Not Another Flame Totem BM MF Marauder

Mon'tregul's Dual curse Minnion Master

Searing Bond - Beginners Self Found Path into 66 Maps/Piety Farm

The little marauder that could (clear every mapmod!) ~ Cold Crit Tank


Kungfooe's IronWill Glacial Cascade

Turmoils HC Flametotem Marauder

Daze (Arc-Stun)

pre 1.3.0
Actingrude's Blood-Arc Marauder, Ultra-Cheap, Ultra-Tanky

Mors' Max Str, Ironwill, Freeze pulse build

Dual Flame Totem Magic Find Marauder

Blood Magic Dual Flame Totem MF

Dual Flame Totems Blood Magic Marauder tanker

Iron Will Flame Surge + Vaal Molten Shell + Righteous Fire

Pingutz' RF Iron Will Incinerate

Milky´s RF Vaal-MoltenShell Firestormer

Avatar of Fire Burning Discharger

RF + Flame Surge + Doon Cuebiyari Marauder

RaizQT budget RF incinerator

✮The Phoenix Reborn ✮(ES/RF/BM/lowlife/fireball)

ANGRYAFRICAN's Fat Quad Curse Summoner.

Double Doon Cuebiyari _ Flame Surge + Fire Trap
pre 1.2.0
√ SeaHyper, Blood Magic Fireballer

The Artificial Sun™ [HC] Righteous Fire Incinerator Discharge Build Official Guide

Cheap Flame Totem build for Marauder/Scion: Crispy farming, leveling, and end game!

The Weaver - Dual Shockwave Totem

Molten Shell EK Marauder

Keltirs' Searing Trap Marauder

Aernil amazing Arsonist

Dual Flame Totem, Blood Magic, Dual Curse Marauder

Shockwave totem build guide

OneLyc's Double Shockwave Totem Build

Raiz's Vaal molten shell Build (100 % uptime on vaal molten shell)

[HC] Janitor's Echoing Firestorm Marauder! [BM]

Zaun's Level 100 Blood Magic Dual Crit Flame Totem

pre 1.1.0
Raiden - The Immortal Electric Marauder Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Realyn's release EK Marauder build. Tanky as Hell! Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Xeppy's tripple aura easy 6-link EK Marauder! Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Searing Bond Mara Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Searing Bond Marauder MOM/EB/IR. Easy, Cheap, Powerful, Fun Not 1.1.0 Updated!


pre 2.2.0 builds

pre 2.2.0
Blast Rain - Avatar of Fire - Koam's Hear
pre 2.1.0
The BoRauder

Raquinvil's Blood Magic Explosive Arrow Marauder

Poison Arrow Marauder

Fall of Arrows - Point Blank + Chin Sol

"Event Horizon"; TS Bowrauder

Coil, EE, Tri curse Explosive Arrow build

saphylfy's marauder ARMOR poison arrow

pre 2.0.0
Chin Sol trapper

[BotW]Havrd's Burning Arrow Marauder

SlightRedeye's Rain of Arrows 6 Man Support Build.

BM Explosive Arrow marauder

Poison Arrow build
The build is not overpowered or under-powered, it is simply balanced.
The build uses a skill that scales (Poison Arrow). Unlike other bow/melee skills that require either expensive gear or crit to scale, PA scales from the skill gem level directly, making the build suitable for new players and temp leagues. Please note that the build is not for Atziri killing or ultra high level maps, just for causal lower level yellow maps (high IIQ) and boss farming such as Piety.

pre 1.3.0
[Explosive Arrow][Blood Magic][Lightning Coil] marauder with a bit of IIR

Explosive Arrow Marauder by Slaydemkidz (lvl 96 HC) - For EXPERIENCED Players!

Tweety Explosive Arrow Marauder
pre 1.2.0
alba's Explosive Arrow Marauder

Panzers Corrupted Lightning Arrow Build

Vidal's wololo mara-summoner

pre 1.1.0
Explosive Arrow Marauder Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Level 100 - Arly's Aura based LA bow marauder Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Vigilant Strike
pre 2.1.0 builds

Molten Strike

pre 2.1.0 builds

pre 2.1.0
Magma Torrent Molten Strike Build

BoR Soul Aegis!

Meatball Diarrhea - Molten Strike

pre 2.0.0
The Community's Molten Strike, Face Melting Build!! By the community for the community.
A new player player, no currency required, build that runs molten strike to take advantage of the amazing synergies it has with the passives running through the Templar, Marauder, and Duelist section. This provides us with an ABSURD amount of damage and allows us to not have to invest in any damage nodes up front and lets us focus on as much defense as we wish without sacrificing damage.

Avatar of Fire 2H Leap/MS. HoA Overkill Prolif.

Unchained Build (PotCG)

pre 1.3.0

Molten Ash Marauder crit build

pre 1.2.0
TheForceIsStrong Molten Strike Build

Dmillz's Molten Strike Volcano Build (HC)

73 (Or 75)% Block Molten Strike Marauder

Pooky's Molten Strike Build

Another Molten Strike Build! in depth

Comprehensive Molten Strike Guide

Wabachaw's NEW RT/IG Marauder build and gear thread. Now with more Vaal Skills

Avatar of Fire Molten Strike

Molten Pillar

Dominating Blow

Wild Strike
pre 2.1.0 builds



Heavy Strike

pre 2.1.0 builds

pre 2.0.0
Baragwanath Elemental Heavy Strike Build

Ormsen's 2H Leapslam Heavystriker Permastun(PMS) build

Cocotheone Full stun Build - Heavy Strike -

pre 1.3.0
The "semi-tank": Aegis+Abyssus Heavy Strike build
Take the most defensive item in the game, but couple it with the least defensive one.
This still let's you tank quite a lot, but not brainless anymore, and you get some serious DpS in return. Ergo: semi-tank.

Two Hand Heavy Strike (RT and Crit version)

pre 1.2.0
Evantis's Afternerf Permastun Build and Stun Compedium

Double Strike

pre 2.2.0 builds

pre 2.2.0
Size doesn't matter - Double Strike Dagger Edition
If You are bored with playing the same skills over and over, this build is for You! Break the meta and dive into enemies with dagger and shield - representation of Tanky Assassin. 6k life and 40k armour with over 100k damage. Do Atziri! Do All Map Mods! Beat Reflect! Break the META!

Thief's Torment Claw Double Striker (RT, MoM
pre 2.0.0
pre 1.3.0
pre 1.2.0
Axe&Board Marauder Build

pre 1.1.0
The Berserker - Bloodrage Double Strike Axe & Shield Not 1.1.0 Updated!

The Big Nasty- BoR/Soul Taker Double Strike tank build Not 1.1.0 Updated!


Flicker Strike

pre 2.2.0 builds

pre 2.2.0
Crit 2h staff Life-based Flicker Marauder

Captain WARLORD's "The Eternal Juggernaut"

Ausverkauft Oros Flicker (German)
pre 2.1.0
Flickerstrike for men. Oro's Sacrifice endless madness.

Surt's Satanic Seizure ~ Oro's Infinite Flicker!

pre 2.0.0
Phaze's Flickering Fire

HoA prolif Staff Flicker

pre 1.3.0
VarthDaver's Flicker Ash Prolif Build

VarthDaver's 2H CI - Flicker Ash Prolif Build
This 2H Flicker Prolif build takes the strength of normal flicker, and adds CI to increase the single target damage threshold while becoming immune to chaos, and achieving critical strike chance upwards of 85%.
It's more expensive, higher level, and higher performance, but capable of dps well in excess of 500k.

pre 1.2.0
Oro´s Flicker Marauder

YORO - Oro's Sacrifice Perpetual Party Flickering (Fun and mini Heart-Attacks)

This build is a nice alternative to ci flicker dagger builds but its far inferior damage wise when compared to low life flicker dagger builds.
It also doesn´t make use of the overpowered and game breaking atziri gear.

pre 1.1.0
Death's Oath Staff Marauder - Flicker Strike/Cyclone Not 1.1.0 Updated!

Dual Strike

Glacial Hammer

"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
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nice compilation of all the working builds

Leap Slam

Static Strike


pre 2.2.0 builds

pre 2.2.0
Old school Sweep and Vaal ground slam build

DarkBurn: Chaos on Crit Burninator (CoC+RF)

Oro's Sacrifice Melee Sweep Build
pre 2.1.0

Hypothermal Cleaver

2H RT BM Axe cleaver

Blackdepp's 2H Mace AoE Marauder

Dekodr's HS/GS Permastun Setup

Empire's Slam - MorgNThorg's vaal ground slammer

Bringer of Entropy !

Can't Touch This: A Tempest Viable and Tested Reflect tank

The Public Party Prince - Introducing the Maraura-mancer
A cheap, but effect pacifist build for SC and HC alike, turning a 6 man party into 12 with ease. Great build for making friends, but requires other players to work!

The Dirt Devil- Cast on Crit staff Marauder

PowerFaust - Cyclone - CoMK - Discharge / Dual-Curser / Doryani's Fist

HeaT's Tempest IR SWEEPocalypse Build Guide - Sweepin' like a boss

Iva's Vaal Ground Slam Build

SaiyanZ's ShatterSlam

Hegemony's Staff Build

vacuum aura-mancer

Ash Crash, One Swing per Screen

WrinkleFace's 'Popsicles Everywhere'. Party support build.

Doryani's Fist - Unarmed Cyclone and Righteous Fire!

Cold Hearted Murderer Marauder

pre 2.0.0
Gellig's level 100 Aegis End-Game Boss Tank

Badass Barbarians - 2 Handed Melee Marauders

Dyz's School of Stun - Stunlock the game - farm Atziri
Wreaclast dance party? 2H Permastun Marauder will make even 78 Map Dominus twerk!

Marauder Face Charger - Captain America Build

The Most Broken Build... The Immortal Bomber

Hybrid-cleave Build

Hegemony's LLD Pillar of the Caged God Marauder

"Conan the Barista" 2H Sword RT Cleave with Doomsower by wraithe_au

Retaliation Tank

Elemental/phys 2H Cyclone weapon swap Dom farmer

[Bloodlines Flame Totem MF] How to become popular in league

Peterlerock's recreated builds (Sword&Board, Doryani Crit Proliferator, 2h Sword Cycloner...)

Budget Helicopter Marauder

Self Cast Scolds Discharge

pre 1.3.0
LMHTB's Physical Crit Staff Build!

TyroneJackson's Cheap Naked Marauder Build - 7.8k+ dps with no support gems required

Zar's Tri-Ele Crit Staff Knockback Yolo Stormherald

Some men just want to watch the screen burn (Dualwield Crit Herald of Ash build)
Use Dualwield Crit to inflict massive overkill damage on monsters which is then spread via a buffed up Herald of Ash.

Angry Pillar God (CoMK) Ground Slam & Fire Storms from Hell

My Beyond Two-Hander Molten Strike/Spectral Throw Build

Chaos Innoculation-Cleave-Marauder: "The Bloodless Heart"

Manly Man Mode Macho Marauder

NervoZzo's Marauder one handed - Aegis Lightning Strike

pre 1.2.0
~ LazyRunner ~ Low life RF 7 auras cast when stunned support

Ms CoC Fs Party Tank

pre 1.1.0
pure aura build (7 auras working on more) Not 1.1.0 Updated!
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
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Working on one.
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top.. sticky pls!
Dragon's Infernal Tank Guide is useless unless you have 250ex to buy the legacy items and even then with release tree changes it is not even good anymore. You will get to level 60 and can take hits, but you will not have the deeps to kill regen mobs.
I'm not here to judge which build is "good" or "bad". I'm here just to list all up-to-date builds. And that one is up to date... how expensive it is... how fast it clears... that is not my concern.

Atleast that's the way i see it.
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
The Big Nasty- BoR/Soul Taker Double Strike tank build
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"
Rilke's 45ks dps Dual Strike Face Tank Build
| DistruttoreDiAnime | 1.0.4 - Righteous Fire Build [40-60k]
"I'm going to show you pain you never knew existed, you're going to see a whole new spectrum of pain!!!!! Like a RAINBOW!"

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