[2.2] Hypercleave Berserker - Video Guide - Easy Atziri

Video Guide: https://youtu.be/XUBFW_1sawY


Normal - Oak
Cruel - Kraityn or Oak
Merciless - Kraityn



Note that these values are significantly lower than the actual DPS, this is because Cleave tooltip does not properly account for dual wielding and because the diamond flask, which is a massive dps boost is not reflected at all on tooltip. This damage goes even higher on the atziri setup where I run no health flask and run a silver flask instead.
Increased AOE:

Concentrated Effect:

Last bumped on Jun 25, 2016, 9:56:15 PM
What do you think about the rigwald set for this build?
You could sure try it. Your crits wouldn't be as strong but I'm sure your DPS would still be just fine since there's no sword specific nodes you can dual wield whatever you want.
It is kind of "budget" version? I mean, how much will cost me making this build?
awesome. Really been missing my demon hand MTX. Cheers for showing its viable again. Leveling up now
Are the levels on the CWDT gems pictured what you recommend?
Very fun build. Actually quite reasonably priced as far as crit builds go. Second char recommended ofc. I've not spent 4 ex which is pretty insane for already owning a 6L. And the clear speed is great. The attack and movement speed more than makes up for the lower aoe, not to mention the single target damage. Cleave is one of, or maybe the, best single target spells in the game for builds that don't have a dedicated single target setup.

Need better jewelry still but it's certainly not holding me back. This build's about as fast as my much more expensive reaver from warbands.

Planning on replacing snakebite for accuracy gloves and possibly 2 points in finesse. The low frenzy charge duration is a pain for me. But that's literally the only criticism I could think of, apart from the obvious.
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Nastrun wrote:
It is kind of "budget" version? I mean, how much will cost me making this build?

You can do low level maps fine on a 4-link with a couple of sub-200 dps swords. So you can certainly do it on the cheap if you want and then expand from there.
Girig wrote:
Are the levels on the CWDT gems pictured what you recommend?

They are what seemed appropriate for me based on my max HP. I would definitely recommend having the blade vortex paired with a level 1 CWDT because you want that to go off super often to have the best chance of keeping up your power charges.

For the immortal call one it is up to person preference.
What would be best jewel suf/pri ? Becouse at moment im choosing them. There is option to have attack speed or dmg, what would be better ?

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